Piercing Outer Labia: How to Enjoy Better Sex

Piercing Outer LabiaThere are many great female genital piercings you can try if you want to enhance your sexual performance and aesthetics. Labia piercings are among the most striking genital piercings for women, even though they typically do not bring much sexual pleasure on their own. However, piercing outer labia can bring a lot of joy, so if you want a fantastic lady piercing to be proud of, this may be a great choice. Plus, with a bit of a creative touch, you can make your outer labia piercing feel arousing and pleasurable. This is a great addition to a beautiful piercing!

Outer Labia Piercing and Sexual Pleasure

If you are thinking about piercing outer labia it is important to know some basic facts about this piercing. It is a genital piercing that is done on the outer labia (outer lips), typically in pairs. Many women choose to have a row or a ladder of outer labia piercings going from the top to the bottom of their outer lips on both sides.

This piercing is very striking visually and typical jewelry people use for it are Captive Bead Rings and other types of piercing rings. It is also not the most painful genital piercing you can get, which makes many women choose this piercing for themselves.

The one potential problem with outer labia piercing is that is does not enhance sexual pleasure. It is simply not made for that purpose. However, there are ways to make this piercing bring you a lot of sexual satisfaction. Do not rule pleasure out just yet.

Why is Piercing Outer Labia a Great Thing?

Piercing outer labia can bring you a lot of joy, even if it doesn’t seem so at the first glance. While it is true that outer labia piercing is not generally functional (meaning, it does not provide sexual pleasure), you can sure make it work in your advantage.

The first thing you need to know is that there are many different placements you can choose for your outer labia piercing. Most people choose to have it in the middle of the labia or down, closer to the perineum. However, keep in mind that it is possible to have piercing outer labia very high. This high position will sit near the clitoris and your genital jewelry will rub you nicely. This is a perfect way to increase pleasure during sex or masturbation. This is also a great way to include your outer labia and your genital jewelry in your sexy moments.

However, make sure to always choose super-smooth jewelry pieces! The genital area is very sensitive so you can damage it easily with jewelry that has any sharp points. Also, this high placement may not be comfortable at all times because it is so near the clitoris. To minimize the discomfort, make sure to wear super smooth jewelry with relatively small beads. You can always change your outer labia jewelry to something more exciting when you want to use your piercing to enhance sexual pleasure.

Enjoyment for the Partner

A great thing about the outer labia piercing is that it can also bring a lot of joy to your partner. While this is not often seen as a perfect genital piercing for partner’s satisfaction, there are ways to make it work for you.

For example, rubbing their genitalia on your vulva with labia jewelry will bring a lot of joy to your partner. If you engage in vaginal penetrative sex, your partner may be able to feel your jewelry. It can rub nicely against the penis. This can enhance pleasure for both of you during sex. This is a perfect way for both of you to enjoy your outer labia piercing.

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