Why Piercing Guns Should Never be Used

Earlobe Piercing with a GunPiercing guns are dangerous and they should never be used. There are several important reasons why you should never allow to be pierced with a gun. The dangers are numerous, and they usually include two important risk factors: inadequate procedure and unprofessional piercers.

The Dangers

Here are some of the main reasons why piercing guns should not be used:

  • Piercing guns cannot be sterilized properly. You are risking infections with this type of piercing tool. Piercing guns have many plastic parts and these can’t be sterilized properly using an autoclave. While piercing guns are cleaned using an antiseptic or an alcohol, it’s important to know that it’s simply not enough. You can’t sterilize a piercing tool properly this way. It is just a recipe for a disaster. Not to mention that piercing guns can spread viruses, such as Hepatitis or HIV. They cannot be trusted. You shouldn’t put yourself to risk.
  • Piercing guns don’t pierce properly. The way their mechanism works, they fire jewelry at great speed through the skin. It often crushes sensitive tissue and may lead to further complications. This is a very invasive procedure, compared to proper piercing done with a specially designed needle. Unlike guns, needles are made to cause the least amount of damage to tissue.
  • Crooked piercings. Since it’s impossible to tell how the gun will pierce the skin, it’s almost impossible to predict the angle or shape of the piercing hole. It means many guns produce crooked piercings. Such piercings are difficult to heal and are more prone to migration, rejection and other problems. This is particularly dangerous for cartilage piercings. In case they are crooked they may never heal properly and they can cause a lot of pain or long-term damage to the cartilage.
  • Unprofessional piercers. Another big problem with piercing guns is that they are never used by professional, knowledgeable piercers. Piercers who use guns show that they don’t know what they’re doing. A professional, reliable piercer will never use a gun, even if you ask. Guns are used by people working at mall kiosks and department stores and they don’t really know what they’re doing. Keep in mind that professional piercers take years of training. That’s right, years. Compare that to a few weeks of training a mall worker gets. Not to mention that piercing guns can be bought legally by basically anyone. You don’t need to have any form of training or to know what you’re doing in order to purchase a piercing gun.
  • Unsanitary places. Piercing guns are typically used outside of professional piercing studios. You see them in department stores, malls, and small kiosks. None of these places are professional studios. Most of them sell other things and offer other services. They are usually situated in places that can’t be properly sterilized and that don’t adhere to all the health safety norms professional studios need to follow. You don’t want to be pierced in a place like that.
  • Inadequate jewelry. Jewelry used with piercing guns is usually too short to be used for new piercings. It can’t account for swelling and it may lead to complications. Not to mention that jewelry you can get at these places is often made of materials that may cause allergic reactions and other problems. Another problem are butterfly ends on jewelry studs. These ends press snugly against the skin, so your new piercing can’t breathe. Another problem is that the butterfly end itself has numerous little crevices that can easily trap dirt and bacteria. It’s not uncommon to have you hair tangled inside of these things. It increases the risk of infections and other problems.

Why People Get Pierced with a Gun?

Since piercing guns are so dangerous, how come many people allow to be pierced with them? There are a few possible reasons. None of them is an excuse to be pierced with a gun, but it may offer an explanation on why it’s happening.

Here are the common reasons why people still allow to get pierced with a gun:

  • They are uninformed. Many people don’t know about dangers and problems piercing guns can bring. They simply don’t understand the difference between a needle and a gun, a professional piercer and a worker at a mall. Since places with piercing guns are often more common to see than professional piercing studios, for many people, this is the only type of piercing procedure they know of.
  • Piercing guns look less scary. Many people are scared of needles and piercing guns look less intimidating. They also seem like they will be quicker and cause less pain. All these things make piercing guns seem safer and less intimidating. None of this is true, but many people don’t understand that piercing needles are actually less traumatic than needles.
  • Cheap price. Piercings offered with a gun and a stud tend to be cheaper than those offered at professional studios. Under these conditions, many people think it would be nice to save some buck on a piercing and get a bargain deal. This is a dangerous thinking. Same goes for cheap jewelry they offer. Getting pierced by a professional is worth the money. You should not risk your health just to save a few bucks. Also, you should always stick to high-quality jewelry.
  • Kid friendly? Last but not least, many parents see guns as more “kid-friendly” way to get your earlobe piercing. While piercing minors and especially young children, is a somewhat controversial topics, parents who wish for their children to get earlobe piercing will often ask for a piercing gun. While it’s true that piercing guns are less complex, it doesn’t mean they should be used on children. If you wish your child to get pierced ears, you should ask for professional piercing, if it’s legal in the place where you live. If a child is not old enough to go through procedure, it’s best for procedure not to be done at all than to use a piercing gun. Plus, the whole issue of piercing minors is a complex one and there are many piercers who refuse to perform piercings on children, even if it’s “just” earlobe piercing.
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