Piercing Guns: Good or Bad?

Piercing GunThere is an easy answer: piercing guns are bad. You should never allow to be pierced with one.

Piercing guns are common tools in department stores and other non-professional piercing settings. For many people, piercing gun is the first thing they encounter, usually through earlobe piercing at a young age. There are many mall kiosks and basic jewelry stores offering “quick piercings”. Most of the time, these piercings are performed using a gun.

Guns are also used in numerous dubious piercing studios, mainly by unprofessional personnel. These people do not know what they’re doing, so they use piercing guns to perform piercings. Most of the time, these piercings are done on earlobes, but there are examples of piercing guns being used for other types of piercings, such as nostril, ear cartilage, septum, and other types of piercings.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to know that piercing guns are harmful. They should not be used to perform piercings and they always do more harm than good. You should never allow to be pierced with a gun. Never.

Why Piercing Guns are Bad

There are numerous reasons why piercing guns are bad. In fact, they are so harmful that professional piercers fight to get them banned. Piercing guns are already illegal in some states, and there is a serious effort to ban them in the remaining states as well. Also, there are some countries that forbid the use of piercing guns.

It’s clear something is really wrong about piercing guns. They can’t be properly sterilized so you’re risking an infection whenever you get a piercing this way. There is no way to perform the procedure properly so it all depends on luck. You don’t want to risk complications, inflammation and other problems that may arise from using a piercing gun.

Another major issue is lack of professionalism. Whoever wants to pierce you using a gun simply shows that they don’t know how to do piercings properly. Well, what can you expect from a kiosk at a mall? Professional, reliable piercers with years of experience don’t work in such places. Do you really want to risk your health in the hands on someone who doesn’t know how to perform a piercing?

How Piercing is Done with a Gun

Piercing guns are made to perform earlobe piercings quickly and they don’t require much skill from the person doing the piercing.

Technically, piercing guns are designed not to come in contact with customer’s skin or blood. However, as the stud is being pushed to the skin, the tissue breaks and blood shoots from the wound. While the wound is small, it’s large enough to spread tiny blood particles all over the place. There is no way to clean these particles properly or to sterilize a piercing gun.

As the gun is fired, it fires jewelry through the skin. The jewelry itself rips the tissue to make room for itself. When jewelry is in place, the back of the gun presses the closing butterfly end of jewelry snugly against the skin. It doesn’t allow the skin to breathe and your new piercing can’t heal properly. During the procedure, there is no way to know what kind of a hole the jewelry makes, and there is no way to tell later, since jewelry is inserted immediately in place.

Another problem is that customers are told to turn (rotate) jewelry a few times a day, which only furthers the problem and pushes even more bacteria into the wound. It is no surprising there are so many infections that happen as a result of using piercing guns.

Piercing Needles are Better

Even though they may seem a bit scary, piercing needles are much better tools for performing a piercing. In fact, this is the only way to do a piercing properly and to minimize any risk associated with the procedure.

A piercing needle is specially designed to cause least damage to the tissue, so it’s actually less painful than a piercing gun. There is no blunt force that pushes a stud through your skin. A needle is very sharp and hollow, so it goes easily through the tissue. It makes for a very quick process that doesn’t cause damage. The pain is severely reduced under these conditions.

The use of a needle also allows the piercer to control the angle and shape of the piercing hole, which is impossible to achieve with a piercing gun. This way, a piercer can give you just the type of a piercing you want, and even account for certain jewelry types you may want to use.

Furthermore, being pierced with a needle also means that you are pierced by a professional. Unlike workers at malls and department stores, professional piercers are trained on all the aspects of a procedure. They learn not only how to sterilize their equipment properly and how to adhere to the safety standards, but also how to do least damage to the tissue. Professional piercers learn about the ways piercings affect the body, including tissue and the circulatory system. Professional piercers learn how to avoid hitting important nerves that may cause more pain and endanger customer’s health.

Another advantage piercing needless bring is the choice of jewelry. With a piercing gun, the only jewelry type you can get is a stud. This isn’t the best initial jewelry you want for your new piercing during healing time. Captive Bead Rings and various barbells are much safer jewelry choices for a new piercing. They allow for full movement of the jewelry, so it means it won’t get stuck even if you don’t touch it, which is important, since you want to avoid touching your jewelry during the healing time. Materials professional piercers use for initial jewelry are all body-friendly so they will not endanger your health.

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  1. Thanks for another informing blog. I read every one, and enjoy it. From experience, another problem with piercing guns is that they have to be removed properly. Not having the benefit of this information, I went to the local mall to get my first ear piercing at age 59. Things went fine until the pierce r was ready to remove the gun. It got stuck. Two of my granddaughters and my wife were with me. I actually saw all three cringe before I realized that the pierce r was attempting to remove it by puling it off. I survived, but it was painful.

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