Piercing Aftercare for Germ Freaks

~ Ivy Baker

Body piercing isn’t something I know a lot about. But I have been thinking about getting a few lately. I liked that you pointed out that you should only clean your piercing the exact amount of time you are told to. I am a germ freak and would want to clean it even more than suggested so that is good to know.

Piercing AftercareIt is very important to get informed about all aspects of body piercings before you decide to get your own piercing. There are many people who rush into this without thinking, which is a bad way to go.

Piercing aftercare is one of the most important aspects of piercing care so it is good to be informed about it before you get your piercing.

There are many germ freaks who think a lot about cleaning and this might actually go against the piercing aftercare advice. If you are a germ freak it is vital to remember the advice from your piercer about cleaning and potential over-cleaning.

Do Germ Freaks Go Overboard with Piercing Aftercare?

Piercing is essentially a wound on your body and you need to take a good care of it during the healing time. One of the main things about piercing aftercare is to clean your piercing properly. There will be a lot of dirt and other things accumulating around your piercing and these things need to be removed. Germ freaks know all about it and don’t have a problem cleaning their piercings regularly.

However, germ freaks also tend to go overboard with piercing aftercare. This is particularly true for cleaning their new piercings. Some germ freaks will feel the need to clean their piercing every hour or maybe even more often. Others will obsess about their piercing becoming dirty so they will clean it whenever they get the chance. Some even go as far as checking their piercing over and over again and removing any traces of potential dirt or accumulation around the jewelry even before it really appears.

While proper hygiene is very important for your well being and for piercing healing, it is also important to know that there is such a thing as “too much”. While it is good to take a good care of your piercing and while it is good not to be lazy about it, there is such a thing as over-cleaning. Germ freaks often fall into the trap of over-cleaning their piercings, which can lead to numerous problems.

Problems with over cleaning

Here are just some of the issues you can cause by over cleaning:

  • Your new piercing is sensitive and can get easily irritated if you clean it too much. Even the mild saline solution can get too harsh if you do it all the time.
  • Your new piercing can become very tender due to constant cleaning and applying water to the area. Cleaning, rubbing, moving the jewelry – all of this can make your new piercing very tender.
  • Remember, your new piercing is very sensitive and you can hurt it easily. You can actually prevent a proper healing process if you insist on cleaning too much. Migration, rejection and infections are just some of the problems you can cause through over cleaning.

Tips for Germ Freaks

If you are a germ freak with a new piercing, here are some advice that will help you take a proper care of your new piercing:

  • Listen to your piercer. Your piercer is a professional and knows how to do proper aftercare. Your piercer will tell you how many times per day is good to clean your piercing. So stick to this regime. Also, listen to your piercer about the types of cleaning products you should use. Don’t assume that you know more about how to clean a new piercing than your piercer.
  • Remember: your piercing is not dirty. Your new piercing is not dirty and doesn’t need constant cleaning. Yes, it is important to remove any accumulation around the jewelry and to clean your piercing a few times per day. But this is enough to keep it clean. Don’t think of it as something dirty or a source of bacteria. In fact, it is probably one of the cleanest parts of your body!
  • You can actually make your piercing worse by constant cleaning. Keep in mind: over-cleaning actually hurts your piercing and can make it prone to problems. It can actually make it easily infected, which means more bacteria to the area.

In order to prevent these issues you need to resist the urge to over-clean your new piercing. Speaking of which, you should also resist the urge to touch or manipulate your piercing in any way. Just clean it a few times per day and leave it alone. This is the best way to have your piercing heal in a short amount of time and without any problems.

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