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Princess AlbertinaThere are many popular female genital piercings women choose to get, mainly for the purpose of enhancing sexual pleasure. On the other hand, these piercings are very attractive and visually striking, so it is not uncommon to have them just for the pure visual effect.

It is important to note, however, that most of these piercings are not, strictly speaking, vaginal piercings. They do not go through the vagina itself, nor do they affect vaginal tissue. Most of these piercings are done on the thin layer of skin around clitoris or on the labia. As such, it is not possible to talk about pierced vagina jewelry.

On the other hand, there is one piercing, Fourchette, that partially goes through the vaginal tissue and could be considered a vaginal piercing. Jewelry used for this piercing is not much different from jewelry used for other female genital piercings.

If you are interested in jewelry choices for genital piercings, here are some common choices for women:

Fourchette Jewelry

Fourchette piercings are done though the lower rim of the vagina. As such, the jewelry sits on the perineum, between the vaginal and anal opening, typically closer to the vagina. Out of the all piercings mentioned on the list, this is the only that could be called a “vagina piercing”, since it does affect part of the vaginal tissue. It is not done inside of the vaginal canal and it affects only the entrance, but it could still be considered a vaginal piercing in a way.

Typical jewelry for this piercing type is a curved barbell or a Captive Bead Ring. Keep in mind that this is a very delicate piercing because it makes the woman sit on the jewelry. For this reason, the jewelry should be small and comfortable enough not to cause troubles. Fourchette piercings are usually done at 12 gauge or 10 gauge, but they can often stretch.

As mentioned above, most women wear either curved barbells or rings through their Fourchette piercings. Curved barbells are a bit more common and many women find them more comfortable than the rings, but rings are often proved to be more secure, especially for women whose Fourchette piercings stretch on their own.

Piercings Done Around the Clitoris

While not vaginal piercings, many female genital piercings are done around the clitoris. In fact, these are the most popular female genital piercing types. Many people don’t really make a difference between them and vaginal piercings, so this is why you often find requests for pierced vagina jewelry while people actually think about piercings done around the clitoris.

The first thing you need to know is that these piercings are very common, but they typically do NOT include clitoris itself. In fact, clitoral piercings (in which the clitoris itself is pierced) are very rare. This is an advanced and complex piercing that not many women choose to get, be it because they are not anatomically suited for them or because of the associated pain.

As such, most of the piercings done on the area around clitoris are performed on the clitoral hood or go under the clitoris without affecting clitoral tissue. These piercings are less painful and typically heal easily so it’s not surprising they are so popular. Another important reason for their popularity is the fact that they can enhance sexual pleasure and make sex more exciting for the woman. This is particularly important for women who have a problem reaching orgasm or sexual pleasure in general.

Here is the most common jewelry for popular types of piercings in this area:

  • Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing (VCH). This is probably the most popular female genital piercing in the world. Typical jewelry for this piercing type is a curved barbell, although many women choose to wear rings, such as Captive Bead Rings. Some women even opt for banana barbells (J-bars), depending on their anatomy.
  • Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing (HCH). Another popular choice, though this one is less of a functional piercing than VCH. Typical jewelry for this piercing type is a circular barbell or a ring, usually a Captive Bead Ring.
  • Triangle Piercing. This is a very attractive piercing that enhances the feeling and looks very attractive. Typical jewelry for this piercing is a circular barbell.
  • Clitoris Piercing. Unlike the choices mentioned above, this is a very rare piercing. It is a piercing through the clitoris itself and thus is very painful and relatively complex. Not many women opt for this piercing, but there are those who do have it. Usual jewelry choice for a clitoris piercing is a Captive Bead Ring, though other options are popular.

Other Piercings

Here are some other common female genital piercings and their typical jewelry. Just like piercings around clitoris, these are not vaginal piercings so jewelry styles mentioned are not, strictly speaking, pierced vagina jewelry. However, these are very popular genital piercing choices so it’s worth mentioning typical jewelry that goes with them:

  • Inner Labia Piercing. These piercings are often done in pairs, one on the each side. Jewelry is typically chosen to be identical on the both sides. Usual jewelry for this piercing type are rings, typically Captive Bead Rings.
  • Outer Labia Piercing. Another common piercing that is done in pairs or even groups. Usual jewelry style for this piercing is a Captive Bead Ring. Women who enjoy outer labia piercings usually have a pair or a group of rings positioned on both sides.
  • Christina Piercing. This is a piercing done below the pubic mound and above the clitoris. It is a very stylish piercing choice that can attract attention to the area, even though it cannot really be used to increase sexual pleasure. Typical jewelry for Christina piercing is a curved barbell.
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