Pierced Nipples: What they Indicate?

Nipple JewelryNipple piercings are among the most popular piercings in the world, even if it doesn’t seem so. While they are certainly not as common as some less extreme piercings, such as earlobe or navel piercings, nipple piercings are certainly more popular than some people think. Nipple piercings are great way to enhance the look and feel of your nipples. They are also a great way to achieve an edgy look and to try something new. Since nipples are a private and sensitive area, it is not surprising that nipple piercings do seem powerful, mysterious and edgy.

Since these are not very conventional piercings it is not surprising that there are many misconceptions about nipple piercings. Some people wonder about the meaning of pierced nipples and people who choose to have this sort of a body modification. One of the most common questions is: pierced nipples, what they indicate? What do pierced nipples say about the person, their personality and attitudes?

The Meaning of Pierced Nipples

There is an easy answer to the above questions: pierced nipples do not tell anything about the person. Well, other that the person in question likes this type of a piercing and jewelry on the nipples. All people who choose to get this piercing have their own reasons, be it aesthetics or functional. After all, pierced nipples do look very beautiful and pronounced, and there are many gorgeous jewelry pieces to go with them. Also, they can enhance the sensitivity of nipples and make them more responsive to stimulation. It is therefore not surprising that so many people choose to have their nipples pierced.

However, nipple piercing does not say anything about the person’s character, attitude, likes or dislikes. Many different people choose this piercing type. In fact, people of all ages, genders, professions and socioeconomic backgrounds choose nipple piercings. You can simply tell nothing about the person based on their choice to have or not to have a nipple piercing.

If you are interested in this piercing type but are reluctant because of an uncertain reaction from the public, don’t be. This is your body and your choice. You will need to adhere to the dress code in your company if you wish to keep your job, though, so this is something to keep in mind. That being said, nipple piercings are the so-called “hidden” piercings that are worn under the clothes so they are usually invisible in regular social situations. Just make sure not to wear huge jewelry that shows under your clothes if you don’t want people to know that you have nipple piercing. Simple as that. There is no need to skip an enjoyable piercing just because some people might not approve of your choice.

Pierced Nipple: What They Indicate?

One of the common questions about nipple piercings relates to sexual orientation. In other words, the fact that a piercing on one side (but not the other) may indicate that the person is gay. This sort of thinking is not new and it’s not unique to nipple piercings. It is also sometimes discussed in relation to earlobe piercings, for those who choose to have only one ear pierced but not the others.

The reality is that the choice of the side (left or right) doesn’t really say anything. While these things might have had a meaning in the past, the choice is generally lost today, with huge popularity of nipple piercings and other piercings. With people from many different groups and of different ages choose nipple piercings it is impossible to keep any code or specific meaning. Today, with nipple piercings becoming more and more popular among general population, people choose to pierce their nipples based on preference so it is all individual.

In other words, do not assume anything based on the side of someone’s nipple piercing, and do not stress too much about it if you wish to get pierced. Of course, if a specific side does have a special meaning for you (in relation to your sexual orientation or anything else), you should choose that side. The point is for you to choose what feels good for you and not based on vague general opinion on where a piercing should be located, especially if the opinion comes from people who are not familiar with body piercings at all.

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  1. well which side is that which tells the person looking at you that you are gay and want their attention? I need to know………………. thanks,

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