Penis Pumps: An Ongoing Debate

penis pumps

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Several weeks ago, The Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee made a surprising reveal about penis pumps. According to her findings, penis pumps are federally funded and regularly paid by Medicare. Judging by the newest development, the debate about penis pumps and federal funding won’t be settled any time soon.

There’s also an ongoing debate over oral contraceptives for women and whether they should be federally funded. There are still many of those who believe contraceptives shouldn’t be paid by Medicare. It makes Samantha Bee’s reveal even more shocking. Not many people know that penis pumps are, indeed, federally founded. According to these findings, Medicare has spent $172 million on penis pumps in the last give years. That’s about $360 per pump.

While the discussion about oral contraceptives is still ongoing, the reveal about penis pumps is also interesting. There are many men who would otherwise be unable to afford a penis pump, so this information is very valuable to them.

What is important to understand that the crux of the problem is not whether it’s inappropriate for Medicate to pay for penis pumps, but that the same isn’t true about birth-control pills. When it comes to penis pumps, it’s undeniable that they are valuable devices made to improve the quality of life for many men.

The Importance of Penis Pumps

Penis pumps may seem like a luxury, but they can help many men live a better, fulfilling life. These pumps may not be the most necessary items, but they sure contribute to a man’s quality of life.

What can a penis pump do? A vacuum-powered penis pump is an excellent device made to improve erections and enable a man to have a fulfilling sex life. Penis pumps are effective in two ways. First of all, they provide almost immediate effect, so a man can achieve a strong and long-lasting erection that will allow him to have a full intercourse.

Another benefit penis pumps can provide is a long-term effect and improvement. Using a penis pump regularly can help a man cure erectile dysfunction and achieve stronger and longer-lasting erections. Another advantages penis pumps can bring include preventing premature ejaculation, correcting weak erections and curing a wide range of erectile dysfunction problems.

For these reasons, it’s clear why penis pumps are so important for many men and why so many men use them to improve the quality of their sex life and achieve overall satisfaction.

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