Penis Plugs vs Urethral Sounds Guide

Urethral toysIt is well known to all fans of urethral stimulation that the most popular urethral toys are penis plugs and urethral sounds. In many ways, these are the toys you will be using the most, unless your preferences and requirements call for different toy types.

Also, it is fair to say that some people prefer one type over the other. Some like penis plugs while others only use urethral sounds. This is okay: all people have their own needs and requirements about what a good urethral toy should be.

Penis Plugs vs Urethral Sounds: Quick Facts

It is clear that both penis plugs and urethral sounds are very popular among fans of urethral stimulation. That being said, many beginners who wish to try urethral stimulation are unsure which toys to use: penis plugs or urethral sounds. Both have their advantages and benefits, as well as things that may not suit everyone. Also, each of these toy types is made for specific sensations, so this is something to think about.

In order to decide which of these toy types if best for you, it is important to understand the main features of both penis plugs and urethral sounds, as well as their main differences. This is the only way to tell which toy type is the right for you. Of course, you may decide that you like both or none of them. This is okay – urethral stimulation is all about being informed and making choices based on the information you have.

Here are some quick facts about penis plugs vs urethral toys that will help you decide what to use:

  • Penis plugs tend to be shorter than urethral sounds and thus not suitable for deep urethral stimulation. If you want to go really deep, you need to use urethral sounds. On the other hand, there are some penis plugs that are very long, so this is not an absolute rule.
  • Generally speaking, penis plugs come in more varied designs than penis plugs. Keep in mind that urethral sounds are generally modeled after the real medical instruments and thus have a certain design that is easily recognizable to all fans of urethral stimulation. Penis plugs, on the other hand, come in many different shapes, sizes and textures. Some of them have glans rings. Other have ribs. There are many different ones to try. That being said, there are some urethral sounds that come with a texture and with a bit different design, so it all depends on which sound type you wish to use.
  • Generally speaking, penis plugs, especially shorter ones, are seen as great toy for beginner users. Urethral sounds, on the other hand, require some experience to use or at least a stretched urethra. However, this is not an absolute rule (see below). There are penis plugs for experienced users and urethral sounds made for beginners. It all depends on the exact design and toy type you wish to use.

Penis Plugs vs Urethral Sounds: What is Best for Beginners?

In general, beginners are advised to try penis plugs first. With so many different kinds of plugs, it is easy to find the smallest and most comfortable ones. Penis plugs are generally shorter than urethral sounds so this is why so many beginners like them and wish to use them at the start of their exploration of urethral toys and urethral stimulation.

On the other hand, there is no reason not to try urethral sounds if this is what you prefer. Keep in mind that these sounds are, in many cases, modeled after real urethral sounds used for medical examinations. As such, they are made to be safe, smooth and comfortable. Even beginners can use them without a problem.

However, it is very important to choose just the right type of a urethral sound that is suitable for beginners. Not all sounds are made for newbie users, and we don’t mean here on just the size. Some sounds are curved or otherwise made unsuitable for beginners and unexperienced users. For these reasons, it is vital to only go after urethral sounds that are ok for newbie users to try.

Good examples of urethral sounds suitable for beginners include Hegar sounds, Rosebud sounds and Dittle sounds. All these sound types can be used by beginners and experienced users alike. However, make sure to go slowly and carefully if you wish to use any of the sounds while you’re not experienced enough.

The same warning could be said for penis plugs, too. It is important to choose only those that are suitable for beginners. Do not assume that a penis plug is good for a newbie user just because it is a penis plug and not a urethral sound. Remember, there are many long penis plugs that are reserved for experienced users. There are also many penis plugs that are heavily textured or ribbed, so they are too intense or dangerous for newbies. For these reasons, it is important to stick only to the shorter and preferably smoother penis plugs. These are the right ones for the beginners.

Good examples of penis plugs suitable for beginners are tiny penis plugs. These toys are made for newbie users who wish to try urethral stimulation in a safe and comfortable manner. At the same time, tiny penis plugs are varied and there are many different designs available, so you can sure find a good starter plug for yourself.

Whatever you do, make sure to never use urethral toys that are too thin. Both penis plugs and urethral sounds can be very dangerous if they are too thin. These toys are difficult to control so they are suitable only for the most experienced users. Beginners should never use them. Remember, a “small toy” doesn’t mean a “thin toy” – when you hear small urethral toys being recommended it refers to the toy’s length, not diameter. In fact, an ideal diameter of the toy is the one that is about the same as the diameter of your urethra, not smaller. Keep this in mind when choosing a beginners’ toy for yourself or your partner.

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