What Size Penis Plug is Good for a Beginner?

What Size Penis Plug is Good for a Beginner?

What Size Penis Plug is Good for a Beginner?

Many beginner users wonder about the best size of urethral sounds and penis plugs to start experimenting with urethral stimulation.

While it is impossible to give exact rules about the best beginner toys there are certainly some guidelines that you should follow in order to ensure safety and comfort.

What Size Penis Plug is Good for a Beginner: Overview

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that “size” can mean many things when it comes to urethral toys. Also, some safety guidelines about the size of urethral toys may seem counter-intuitive at first, so it is important to get informed about all aspects of urethral play and safety.

All beginners who wish to try urethral toys for the first time should think a lot about the size of the toys they wish to use. Most beginners do think about this aspect, so this is good. It is not a secret that big, massive toys look intimidating so many beginners rightfully understand that these toys are not for them.

Luckily, there are many smaller and less intimidating penis plugs and other urethral toys you can try. However, before you choose a toy based on its size, it is vital to understand what “size” may mean in terms of penis plugs and other urethral toys.

The main meanings of “size” are:

  • The length. This is the total length of the toy. Some urethral toys, such as urethral sounds made for deep stimulation, tend to be very long. Other urethral toys, such as small penis plugs, tend to be very short.
  • The thickness. Urethral toys are made in many different diameters. There are thin ones and thicker ones. Contrary to what it may seem logical, beginners should stay away from toys that are too thin.

However, this is not all. Size is not the only thing you should keep in mind when choosing a penis plug for yourself. Some other aspects, such as the material, smoothness and additional features also play an important role when it comes to deciding whether a penis plug is the right toy for a beginner or not. Generally speaking, smooth penis plugs with a slightly pointed tip and without a pronounced texture tend to be the best. These are usually those penis plugs that fall under the “classic” penis plug design. However, there are so many different penis plug designs so there are many different penis plugs that make good beginner toys. Just follow the outlined guidelines, pay attention to size, use a lot of lube and be careful. This is the recipe for a successful urethral stimulation experience.

The Size: Length

Length is self-explanatory, though not always in the way you may thing. Generally speaking, the longer the toy, the deeper it can go. This is not something most beginners want. It is also important to note that this is something that beginners should not experiment with until they are more experienced, even if they are intrigued. You need to stretch and train your urethra before you move on to deeper urethral stimulation and more demanding toys.

In this sense, ideal size of a penis plug for beginners is a short plug that is not very long. These tiny penis plugs can be used even by the newbies. They are short enough so they will not go too deep, and they are typically made to be non-intimidating. In fact, these tiny penis plugs are the best penis plugs for beginners.

Keep in mind, however, that the length is not necessarily so much of a problem on itself. A long urethral toy doesn’t have to be inserted all the way down. You can use only the upper few inches of the toy or even less.

At the same time, this is something you don’t want to play with. It is very easy to get caught in a moment and to insert the toy deeper than what is safe and comfortable for your experience level. This is a recipe for a disaster. For these reasons, make sure to stick to short penis plugs only until you get some experience in urethral play.

The Size: Thickness

Thickness is another problem you need to worry about. Beginner users are often rightfully intimidated by overly thick toys. Indeed, a toy with a big diameter cannot fit into a beginner’s urethra because it is not stretched yet. Attempting to do so will cause pain, injuries and many other problems.

Luckily, there are many toys that are made for beginners without a stretched urethra. Penis plugs are often made to be thin enough and comfortable for beginners.

On the other hand, you do NOT want your urethral toy to be too thin. Yes, there is such a thing as “too thin”, especially for beginners. Toys that are too thin can slip right inside and make a lot of trouble. They can be sharp and they are usually difficult to control. This can lead to numerous injuries and creation of false passages, which is something you definitely want to avoid. So, make sure to stay away from toys that are too thin. These are actually reserved for the more experienced users.

So, which size to use? Ideally, a urethral toy should be about the size of your urethra, not thinner (and not thicker, for that matter). For most beginners, this will not be the thinnest urethral sound in the kit, but the one a bit thicker than that.

What about penis plugs, then? Luckily, many of the penis plugs are made with beginners in mind so they are thick enough not to cause problems. Also, the classic penis plug design is made to be safe and comfortable to insert, so this is a good choice for those who wish to start experimenting with urethral stimulation.

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  1. I bought an 8km penis plug and it was to small and this was my first time I am wondering if going to an 11mm would be to large.

  2. As a plug diameter I would just take the diameter of the largest dilator that I can introduce. After about 2 to three weeks, the plug will fall out and you can introduce the next largest. As low a plug has been found with an olive shape and a slender neck, of course, with longitudinal bore. The plug slides in and then you can no longer feel in because it fits perfectly into the urethra navicular fossa.

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