Penis Plug Cleaning: Should You Do It?

Penis Plug CleaningPenis plugs are among the most popular urethral toys. They are great for beginners who wish to try urethral play for the first time. Also, penis plugs are great for users with more experience who appreciate all of the different sensations that these toys can bring. This is why it’s not surprising that so many people use penis plugs for urethral play. However, in order to stay safe during urethral stimulation it is important to keep your toys sterile. This is why penis plug cleaning and sterilization are a vital part of urethral play.

Penis Plug Cleaning vs. Sterilization: What’s the Difference?

Many people don’t understand the difference between cleaning and sterilization. This can be a serious mistake so it is important to differentiate between the two. Penis plug cleaning is never the same thing as sterilization so don’t confuse these two terms.

“Cleaning” can refer to any action of removing visible dirt and stains from penis plugs and other sex toys. This is important for removing some of the most visible problems but it is not enough to keep your adult toy safe.

Cleaning will make the toy look better but it doesn’t necessarily remove all of the harmful microorganisms. These microorganisms can stay on the toy and cause a lot of trouble during use. This is particularly alarming in the case of urethral toys since any microorganisms can get inside of the urethra and cause urinary tract infections.

In order to remove these microorganisms it is important to sterilize your penis plug and other urethral toys before use. Cleaning is not enough: you need to use sterilization. There are many different ways to sterilize your metal toys but the quickest one is boiling them in water. While this is not a perfect method, it does give you some security. If you want to be completely sure you need to use an autoclave or another type of a proper sterilizator but most people don’t have these devices in their homes. This is why so many users opt for boiling their urethral toys in water.

When to Use Penis Plug Cleaning?

Keep in mind that you need to sterilize your penis plugs and other urethral toys before each use. Yes, even if you keep your toys in a clean bag or a box. There are microorganisms that will get onto the toys between use so it is crucial to sterilize them.

If this is the case, you may ask, then why use penis plug cleaning at all? If cleaning cannot properly sterilize a toy and make it safe for use, then why clean your toys? Why not simply use sterilization all the time?

The truth is, there are some situations when you may clean your penis plugs rather than sterilize them. Keep in mind that this will not replace sterilization and will not make toys completely safe for use. However, penis plug cleaning still has its place and you need to know about it.

The first situation that comes to mind is cleaning your toys after use. It is important to remove any body fluids, lube and other materials from your penis plug after you are done using it. This will make the toy physically clean so you can store it. Of course, you will need to sterilize the same toy before the next use.

Another situation is when you want to remove any dirt and other visible agents from your urethral toys. It is not good to sterilize such toys without cleaning them beforehand. For this reason, any dirty urethral toy should be cleaned before sterilization.

You can do penis plug cleaning in various ways. Many people choose to simply wash their toys with anti-bacterial soap. Others prefer to wipe the toy with alcohol. Both methods work well for cleaning your toys just keep in mind that this doesn’t equal proper sterilization. Also, it is important not to use harsh chemicals on your urethral toys because it can cause damage.

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