Penis Piercings: Problems for Uncircumcised Men?

Many uncircumcised men wonder about penis piercings. Are they troublesome for people who are not uncircumcised? What kind of a genital piercing can you get if you are uncircumcised? These are some of the most common questions uncircumcised men ask about penis piercings.

Is Foreskin a Problem for Penis Piercings?

Genital PiercingThe good news is that foreskin doesn’t pose so much of a trouble. It is definitely less problematic that you might think. On the other hand, keep in mind that a lot depends on your individual situation. The results will vary from person to person.

However, chances are that you can get at least some penis piercings even if you are uncircumcised. And guess what? There are certain piercings that only uncircumcised men can get.

First of all, those with a foreskin can opt for a foreskin piercing. While not among the most popular of all penis piercings, foreskin piercings can be very effective. These are basically made for uncircumcised men, so why no use it?

Other types of penis piercings will depend on your anatomy. The length and tightness of your foreskin tend to play a major role. The good news is that many men have a loose enough foreskin that can accommodate a piercing. It means that uncircumcised men can get almost any penis piercing that exists.

However, it doesn’t work the same for everyone. It might happen that you can get certain types of penis piercings but not the others. The only way to know for sure is to consult a piercer who has plenty of experience performing penis piercings on uncircumcised men. Remember, foreskins come in different lengths and shapes, so it is important to evaluate your individual case. Just because your uncircumcised friend got a nice penis piercing doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to get the same one. However, chances are that there are numerous penis piercings you can get even if you are uncircumcised.

What if My Foreskin is Tight?

A tight foreskin might pose a problem for a piercing. However, the only way to know is to consult your piercer. As usual with these things, it is crucial to find someone who has plenty of knowledge and experience with penis piercings and uncircumcised clients. Book a consultation and let your piercer examine you. This is the only way to know.

The good news is that even men with a tight foreskin can get certain types of penis piercings. For example, foreskin piercings, such as Kuno piercing, are basically reserved for uncircumcised men. Depending on the placement, you might also enjoy piercings such as Frenum and Lorum.

Many uncircumcised men can get at least one of the popular penis piercings, such as Prince Albert, Reverse Prince Albert, Apadravya and Ampallang. Some of this is possible even with a tight foreskin, though your piercer might opt for unusual placement or for a specific gauge or jewelry choice. In any case, chances are that there are options for you, so it is important to ask. Again, this is why it’s so vital to find a piercer with plenty of experience: it is the only way to get a proper, successful piercing for your anatomy.

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