Penis Piercings for Uncircumcised Men

Genital PiercingMany uncircumcised men are interested in genital piercings but are unsure which ones are suitable for them. The good news is that most genital piercings, even penis piercings, are okay for men who are not circumcised. If you wish to know about the best genital piercing for uncircumcised men, it is important to know what the choice is and what are some things you need to consider. This is the only way to make the right choice and to like your genital piercing.

The truth is that penis piercings for uncircumcised men are not rare. These men can enjoy many genital piercings. However, there are certain things to keep in mind if you want to have a penis piercing if you are uncircumcised.

Genital Piercings and Uncircumcised Men

The first thing you need to know is the difference between a genital piercing and a penis piercing. Many genital piercings are not penis piercings and do not affect your foreskin in any way. In other words, it is not important whether you are circumcised or not since the piercing doesn’t come in touch with the foreskin.

These genital piercings are not penis piercings but can be very popular and sexually fulfilling. The most popular piercings of this kind include:

  • Pubic piercing. This is a piercing on the pubic mound, typically just above the penis, on the base. This one doesn’t really affect your foreskin.
  • Hafada (and other scrotum piercings). These are piercings on the scrotum. They don’t go through the scrotal tissue and testicles so they are not particularly complex. (For a more complex form that does go through the deep tissue, see Transscrotal procedures).
  • This is a piercing on the perineum, between the scrotum and anus. This is a very sensitive spot so it’s a pleasurable piercing. Since it is not a penis piercing it doesn’t affect your foreskin in any way.

Also, depending on the placement, Lorum piercing can be considered the one that doesn’t affect foreskin much. This is a lower variant of a frenum piercing, and it is positioned very low on the penis, near its base. This placement doesn’t affect your foreskin as much as other penis piercings.

Potential Problems with Penis Piercings

What about regular penis piercings? The ones that do come in touch with your foreskin. Are there certain problems with these piercings for uncircumcised men? The good news is that no, it doesn’t have to be like that. Chances are that an uncircumcised man will be able to wear any penis piercing just like a circumcised man. This includes even such piercing types as Prince Albert and others that affect the penis head.

However, there are certain problems that may arise so it is important to understand them. An uncircumcised man with a penis piercing will have the piercing jewelry between his penis and his foreskin. As such, the jewelry will rub against his foreskin. This is the main issue uncircumcised men may have with penis piercings.

The main problem arises when a man has a foreskin that is too tight. Such a foreskin doesn’t allow for any space between itself and the penis. It sits too closely to the penis and it is very tight. In this situation it is difficult or even impossible to fit a jewelry under the foreskin.

If such a man has a penis piercing the jewelry can make the foreskin permanently retracted or even stuck. Both of these scenarios are bad. You should be able to slide your foreskin over your piercing and jewelry without a problem. The jewelry should never make your foreskin permanently retracted.

Getting stuck is yet another problem that may cause swelling or other serious problems. If you experience any of this make sure to consult your doctor immediately. This is something you should prevent at all costs.

In other words: the foreskin needs to be loose enough. If you can’t fit your jewelry under the foreskin so it can slide up and down comfortably, you can’t wear a specific penis piercing.


This is a general rule. Some men have a very tight foreskin so they cannot get any penis piercing. However, this is not true for all uncircumcised men. For some men, only certain piercings are an issue while other piercing types are okay. In some cases, a slight variation of the placement can make it possible to slide your foreskin up and down.

In such situations, it is important to find a good piercer who is experienced enough. Such a piercer will know how to find just the right placement that will allow you to enjoy a penis piercing of your choice. Of course, this is not always possible but this is why it’s important to find a knowledgeable individual who can tell you if you can get a penis piercing or not.

The best way to avoid problems with penis piercings is to have a smooth and flat jewelry. Typical barbells and Captive bead Rings have round beads. These beads can be bigger or smaller. It is best to choose jewelry pieces with microbeads or small, flat ends. These are easier to fit under the foreskin and will cause less problems for the uncircumcised men.

Popular Penis Piercings for Uncircumcised Men

There are several popular penis piercings that both circumcised and uncircumcised men can enjoy. If you are uncircumcised, make sure that your foreskin is loose enough. Consult your piercer to see if you can get a particular penis piercing.

Popular penis piercings include:

  • Prince Albert.

    This is a popular penis piercing that uses the urethra hole while a small piercing hole is on the underside of the penis. Uncircumcised men typically don’t have a problem with the upper part of the jewelry (the one in the urethra hole) but the jewelry on the underside has to be small enough to accommodate foreskin.

  • Reverse Prince Albert. This piercing goes through the pee hole and on the top of the penis. It doesn’t come in touch with the foreskin as much as some other penis piercings, though this depends on the shape of your foreskin.

  • Apadravya. This is a vertical piercing through the penis glans. An uncircumcised man can get this piercing if his foreskin is loose enough. It is also best if the jewelry ends (beads) are not too big. This way, it is easier to fit the jewelry under the foreskin.

  • Ampallang. Similar to Apadravya, though this one affects the foreskin on both left and right (since this is a horizontal piercing thought the penis head). In order to accommodate this piercing it is important to have a very loose foreskin. Also, make sure to choose jewelry with small, flat or smooth beads.

  • Frenum. This is a piercing on the underside of the penis, typically on the center of the shaft. Many Frenum piercings are located down the shaft. If the placement is too low, this is a Lorum piercing. It is possible to enjoy this piercing type if you are uncircumcised but your foreskin has to be loose.

  • Dolphin.

    This is one of the trickiest penis piercings for uncircumcised men. These piercings sit on the side of the penis and go to the underside, which affects foreskin a lot. It is possible to have this piercing if you are uncircumcised but it is important that your foreskin is very loose and that your piercer finds the right placement.

Piercings Made for Uncircumcised Men

Penis Jewelry for Uncircumcised MenThere are actually certain genital piercings specially made for uncircumcised men. These are the so-called “foreskin piercings”. These are piercings on the foreskin and not the penis itself. Since the foreskin is relatively thin, foreskin piercings are not particularly complex nor painful. In fact, certain men see them as perfect “first genital piercing” since they don’t cause much trouble. These are piercings ideal for uncircumcised men since only men with foreskin can get these piercings. It is possible to pierce foreskin at many points, so a lot depends on the agreement between you and your piercer. Most foreskin piercing placements don’t have a specific name, so they are all called “foreskin piercing”.

The only exception is the Kuno piercing. Kuno piercing is a specific foreskin piercing on the tip, near the end of the foreskin, near the penis head. Jewelry with Kuno piercing sits on the top of the penis when you don’t retract the foreskin. This is one of the best genital piercings for uncircumcised men, though you may choose other foreskin piercings, too.

Keep in mind that even though these piercings are designed for uncircumcised men, it doesn’t automatically mean that they never cause problems to anyone. We are all individuals, with slight anatomy variations, different preferences, not to mention different piercer and jewelry choices. All of this can cause varied experiences.

In other words, while Kuno piercing and other foreskin piercings are made for uncircumcised men, you still need to find a good piercer to perform such piercings and you still need to perform adequate aftercare. These piercings can migrate, reject or cause other problems. It means that you need to take a good care of them just like any other piercing type. However, these piercings typically don’t cause much trouble, though you need to keep in mind that they do migrate or reject from time to time.

So, what’s the Best Genital Piercing for Uncircumcised Men?

There is no one great piercing for uncircumcised men, just like there are no specific genital piercings that are absolutely unsuitable for these men. Of course, there are certain piercings made specifically for men who are not circumcised: foreskin piercings. If you wish to get a Kuno piercing or another foreskin piercing of course you need to be uncircumcised. These piercings are ideal for uncircumcised men.

When it comes to other piercing choices, it all depends on your foreskin. A loose, flexible foreskin can accommodate almost any penis piercing type. You should not have any problems with these piercings. In other words, if you can slide your foreskin over your genital piercing without a problem, everything is okay. Such a piercing is good for you. It doesn’t matter that you are uncircumcised.

Some uncircumcised men will find that certain piercings feel better than the others. This is okay. Not all piercings will suit you perfectly. Sometimes, it has a lot to do with your foreskin and its flexibility. Other times, it is all about your individual preferences.

In other words, it is impossible to tell what is the best genital piercing for uncircumcised men. It all depends on your individual case. If you want to know more about genital piercings or just one particular piercing type, make sure to consult your piercer. It should be someone who has a lot of experience with genital piercings. Book a consultation and see what your piercer has to say. This is the only way to find the best piercing for you and to determine the best placement. Remember, a good piercer can find a great placement that will not interfere with your foreskin’s natural function.

Find a Great Piercer

Uncircumcised men who are interested in genital piercings should find a reliable piercer with plenty of experience. Make sure that this person knows how to perform genital piercings: general piercing experience is not enough. This is true for everyone seeking a piercer for genital piercing, but it becomes particularly urgent in the case of men who are not circumcised. Since jewelry can sometimes interfere with the movement of the foreskin, it is absolutely crucial to get the best placement for your piercing and also the best jewelry that will not hurt your foreskin.

A good piercer is essential here because almost all genital piercings have several different variations and placement possibilities. A good piercer can find the one that will suit you best and that will not harm your foreskin in any way. Also, a good piercer can determine the right gauge and jewelry shape. Certain jewelry types are more intense on the foreskin and they pressure the foreskin. This is why it’s best to opt for smaller beads and jewelry with super-smooth endings. These things will make for a safer and more comfortable experience.

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