Is Pee Hole Large Enough for Urethral Toys?

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I am seriously thinking about trying this. I was once told the hole I piss out is small and the doctor told me they can make it bigger by surgery and I said no thanks. If I were to try this what would you recommend to me as a beginner? TT

Urethral sounding and other types of urethral play can be very pleasurable and rewarding. In order to enjoy this type of sexual stimulation you need to be able to insert toys into your urethra. This is why many people wonder is pee hole large enough for urethral toys. Is it possible to insert things into such a small hole?

Beginner Steps

Pee Hole Large Enough for Urethral ToysIf there is any doubt about the size of your urethra or is your pee hole large enough for urethral toys, the safest way is to approach this topic carefully. It is for the best to seek a consultation with a kink-friendly doctor. Such a doctor can examine you and tell you if your pee hole is large enough. Also, this doctor can tell you if urethral play is safe for you or not.

You may find it difficult to locate a kink-friendly doctor in your area. If this is the case, even a regular urologist can help. Such a doctor might not be willing to help you with advice on how to practice urethral play but can sure examine you and tell you if your anatomy is okay and if you are healthy. This is the best way to go if you want to practice urethral stimulation in a safe way.

Some good thing to observe at the doctor’s is whether you are able to take instruments for examining the penis. These instruments are actually very similar to urethral sounds. In fact, most urethral sounds are modeled after these instruments. If you are able to take these chances are that you have a pee hole large enough for urethral toys.

The only way to know is to consult a doctor. Never go into urethral play without this important first step! This is particularly true if there is even the smallest doubt that you might have a narrow urethra. This is the only way to stay safe.

At the same time, keep in mind that most people are able to take urethral toys and to enjoy urethral play so chances are that you will be able to do it, too. However, you won’t know for sure before you consult a doctor to examine you.

Pee Hole Large Enough for Urethral Toys

Most men and women have urethra that is large enough to accept urethral toys such as sounds and penis plugs. However, chances are that it is impossible to insert most of these toys “out of nowhere”, that is, without stretching and training your urethra first.

This is why most people who want to enjoy urethral play focus on enlarging their urethra first. It is not so much about the pee hole itself but the width of the urethral canal as a whole. Luckily, there are special toys, urethral stretchers and trainers. You can use these toys to gradually stretch and train your urethra to be able to accept larger urethral toys.

However, keep in mind that this is true for most people but not all. Depending on the anatomy, there might be people who are unable to insert even the smallest urethral toys or those who simply cannot train their urethra.

This is why it is so crucial to get an opinion from an urologist. Only a doctor can tell you if your anatomy is completely healthy and if your urethra and pee hole are of the appropriate size. It is always best to seek a kink-friendly doctor who can help you with advice for urethral play. However, if it’s impossible to find such a doctor even a regular urologist can help you determine if your anatomy is typical and healthy or if there are some things you need to cure.

If your pee hole is large enough for urethral toys it is okay to start using urethral stretchers and trainers to widen your urethra. If the pee hole and urethra are not large enough you will need to consult your doctor and solve this problem before you can enjoy urethral play in a safe and successful way.

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