Painful Urination after Female Sounding

~ Anon

Hello, I’m a female and I tried sounding last night and now it burns like hell to pee! Is this normal ?!

Urethral Stimulation ToysSounding is an exciting and enjoyable thing but it also brings certain risks. Both men and women who engage in this sort of a thing need to be aware of the possible risks. It is important to note that women are particularly sensitive in this case. Painful urination after female sounding is not a rare thing, particularly for beginners.

Stopping Painful Urination after Female Sounding

Painful urination after female sounding is one of the most common problems with female urethral stimulation. While it doesn’t happen all the time, it is something you should think about before trying urethral play.

The thing with female urethral stimulation, or urethral play regardless of gender, is that it’s an activity that typically requires some preparation. It brings certain risks so you need to always be aware of this. The only way to minimize these risks is to be careful and follow all the safety guidelines.

This means that urethral stimulation can’t always be spontaneous. You need to sterilize your toys and prepare your lube. You need to be ready and relaxed. Most men and women usually find that they need their urethra to be stretched at least a little before they start to enjoy urethral play. Stretching your urethra and getting used to urethral toys take time. This is something you need to keep in mind if you want to try girl sounding.

Is it Dangerous?

How dangerous is the burning? In many cases, it is not alarming. It should go away quickly, in the next few days or so. In a way, burning is inevitable while you are getting used to urethral stimulation and having your urethra stretched for the first time. However, this should not be too uncomfortable or prolonged.

If you notice that this problem persists, make sure to consult your doctor. You might have a urinary tract infection, which is a common issue for women who practice urethral stimulation. This is particularly common for those who use toys that are not sterilized properly or those who use random objects that are not real urethral toys.

In order to prevent or minimize this issue in the future, make sure to only use high-quality, proper urethral toys. Clean and sterilize them before each use. Make sure that you touch them only with clean hands. To make the experience more comfortable, always use plenty of lube.

These tips should help you avoid further problems with burning. It is also highly advisable to get as much information as you can about sounding, various types of urethral toys and how to say safe during urethral stimulation.

Another thing: make sure to wait until the burning has completely stopped or you cure the infection before trying urethral play again. You should never engage in urethral stimulation if you have medical problems with your urethra. Sticking toys in your urethra will only make the matters worse.

Girl sounding can be very exciting but it is also an activity that brings certain risks. The only way to stay safe and to enjoy urethral stimulation is to know how to minimize these risks. This is why it’s so important to follow safety guidelines for urethral stimulation.

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  1. The Women’s urethra is relatively short, therefore, one is fast in the bladder and there the risk of infection is very high. In the area of the vulva, it is almost impossible to work sterile. As be careful. In men, a meatus external and urethral stretch is relatively safe because the urethra to the prostate is about 19cm long. If one does not penetrate into the urinary bladder is the risk of infection is not high. Because the urethra can always rinse with sterile urine.

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