Prostate Milking Toys

Prostate Milking ToysProstate milking is a special type of prostate massage mainly used for the purpose of exercising control. It is a popular form of activity among some BDSM practitioners, which doesn’t mean other couples can’t engage in milking if this is what they desire. Prostate milking has a goal to drain the prostate out of its fluid without providing orgasm to the man. This is very different from regular prostate massage, in which pleasure, arousal and orgasm are a desired outcome.

Since prostate milking is not just a typical P-spot massage it requires special skills to do right and it includes special toys designed for the purpose.

Why Special Prostate Milking Toys?

Since prostate can be easily reached with a finger, some people may wonder if special milking toys are needed in the first place. After all, it is not so difficult to insert a finger in the anus and find the prostate. Many men can do it all by themselves, and to their full enjoyment. However, since prostate milking is not meant to bring pleasure, and since it is done as a part of power and control dynamics, it is important that the milking is done by another person. While fingers can be used for the purpose toys work much better for all milking activities.

It is important to understand that milking is not easy to perform, at least not until you are experienced. It is actually recommended to learn how to do it with your finger first, because you will know how to perform the massage and what kind of movements are needed to produce the best results. Once you are familiar with the process you can use toys to improve and speed up the process.

Toys are more powerful in many ways, so their pressure and targeted massage are ideal for milking, once you know how to do it right. Keep in mind to never apply too much pressure – toys, particularly metal ones, are powerful enough to provide massage without much force.

One of the main advantages of the toys is that it makes the job easier for you while providing a memorable experience for your sub. There is something about anal penetration with a toy that screams vulnerability for the receiving partner. This is another reason why toys work so great in the context of dominance and control.

Prostate Milking Toys to Use

There are several types of toys you can use for prostate milking. It is interesting to note that there are toys specially designed for the purpose, but you do not have to use those. Some other sex toys will provide the same effect. That being said, it is advisable to use toys specially designed for prostate milking since they are made with milking in mind and have all the features needed for a successful and comfortable milking experience.

Some of the toys you may use for milking include:

  • Milking sticks. Milking sticks are specialized prostate milking toys made for ease and comfort. They are the best milking toys on the list since they are specially designed with milking in mind. Milking sticks have a long, thin handle made for easy insertion and comfortable grip. The head of a milking stick is typically pointed to allow for precise targeted stimulation of the prostate. Recommended product: Milking Stick.
  • Prostate massagers. These toys are designed for a different type of prostate stimulation. P-spot massagers are made to provide arousing and pleasurable prostate stimulation that leads to orgasm. As such, they are not made for milking. However, they are designed to hit the prostate so they may be used for milking purposes if no specialized milking toy is available. If you choose to go with a regular P-spot massager, keep in mind that you will probably need some practice since these toys are made for a different type of stimulation. Recommended product: P-Spot Stimulator.
  • Anal probes and other anal toys.Regular anal toys, probes or even some butt plugs can be used for milking if they are pointy enough to massage prostate. The success will depend on your skills and the design of the chosen toy, but this is an option if you don’t have a specific milking toy at hand. Also, some people prefer these generalized anal probes to specialized milking toys so it all depends on your preference. Recommended products: Pleasure Pod Probe, Beaded Handle with Stick, Anal Ball Beaded Toy, Butt Tap.
  • Regular dildos. Many dildos and vibrators designed for women and vaginal use can be great for milking, especially if they have a pointed tip. Just like with other toys that are not specially made for prostate milking, you will probably need some practice and adjustment, but many of these can be used to achieve the milking goal. Recommended products: Solid Dildo, Eleven Dildo, Rooster Tail Dildo, Julian Snelling French Lover Dildo, Mamba Cock Sheath.

Additional Tips

  • Milking toys require some practice to handle properly. You should allow some time for trial and error to see what works best. Never attempt to do milking unprepared: gather as much information as you can and then proceed with caution. Chances are that you will need some time to practice. This is particularly true for the person performing the milking but also for the man who is milked. Once you get used to it, it becomes a routine.
  • Prostate milking is often used by those who practice male chastity to drain the prostate for health reasons. As such, it can be said that milking toys are used in a combination with chastity toys (such as male chastity cages and other devices). They allow the man to drain the prostate without achieving erection and orgasm. It is important to empty prostate every week to 10 days for health reasons. This is why it’s advisable to those practicing male chastity to always have a milking toy at hand.
  • When handling a milking stick or another prostate milking toy, make sure to be gentle. These toys typically have a pointed tip made for targeted massage, but it also means that they can hurt tissue if you go too rough. Prostate is sensitive so you should never use excessive force. Even if your play involves pain and punishment it is not advisable to exercise those games on the prostate.
  • If you notice blood in the fluid or if the man reports pain and significant discomfort, stop immediately. This may be a sign that you are going too rough. It is also advisable to seek medical attention.

Measuring for Ball Stretchers

mIn order to enjoy your ball stretchers to the fullest and to get the best results, it is crucial to choose a correct size. This is particularly important if you wish to go with metal ball stretchers and ball weights. It is vital to wear only ball stretching devices of appropriate size to ensure safety and satisfaction. Wearing ball stretchers that are too small or too big will not only ruin the experience but also put you at a significant risk.

Stretchers smaller than your size will be too tight, which will significantly constrict the blood flow and lead to injuries. The grip will also be too strong and uncomfortable to allow you to enjoy. Stretchers larger than your size will be too loose to provide adequate stimulation. Furthermore, they can make your testicles simply slip off. Keep in mind: an ill-fitted stretcher is not only useless but also dangerous.

To prevent these problems it is important to know your proper size. The proper size cannot be guessed – in order to know how big your ball stretchers should be it is necessary to measure yourself. Measuring yourself for a ball stretcher is not difficult but it requires some patience and precision.

Things to Keep in Mind

Choosing an appropriately-sized ball weight or another stretching device is mandatory to ensure safety. Not only that, but it will also provide the best results and the most effective stretching. This is why you should pay special attention to measuring.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you can probably wear ball weights of different sizes comfortably. That is, for every penis there are a few comfortable ball stretcher diameters. The goal is to know the sizes (diameters) that suit you perfectly.

Ideally, your ball stretcher should be tight enough to provide effective results and to prevent testicles to slip through. At the same time, it has to be loose enough to be comfortable and not to restrict the blood flow.

There is an ideal diameter (ball weight size) you are going for. At the same time, keep in mind that there will probably be several diameters (sizes) that fit you. As such, measuring will determine your ideal diameter but also the minimum and maximum diameters you can use. You should never wear a ball stretcher with a diameter smaller than the minimal one that suits you, nor the one with a diameter larger than the maximal one that suits you. Proper measuring will determine all three of these sizes, so you can use them as a guide when buying ball stretchers.

That being said, keep in mind that each person’s anatomy is different. There are no “standard scrotum sizes” to go for. It is also possible that your size will change depending on the circumstances, such as sexual arousal, temperature and stretching degree. Remember, scrotum becomes somewhat thinner when stretched, so men with low hangers will probably need smaller ball weights than the beginners. However, this is not a rule and all will depend on your individual anatomy.

Therefore, measuring for ball weights is more about determining a comfortable range of sizes rather than one specific size.

Measuring for Ball Stretchers: How To

Measuring yourself is not difficult, but you need to have some patience. In order to get the most accurate results, it is advisable to take several measurements, preferably at different times. Many men choose to perform measuring after a warm bath. You may also wish to try different “extremes”: when you are flaccid and when you are aroused, when it is hot and when it’s cold, etc. For each of these, perform several measurement and not the results. Discard any measurement that seems a bit “off” (too small or too large compared to other measurements). The average measurement of all will give you your ideal diameter for a ball stretcher.

To measure, you will need a flexible measuring tape you can easily wrap around your testicles. You should measure at the point just between the root of the penis and top of your testicles. If needed, pull your testicles down so you can wrap the measuring tape.

Once the tape is in place, make sure to wrap it tightly enough so your testicles cannot slip through. However, do not make it too tight or else it will be dangerous. When the tape is wrapped properly, mark the spot on the tape where it comes together. Make sure to mark it and not simply place your finger on it because you might move your hand, which can lead to wrong results.

When it’s marked, take the tape off and read the result. Note it: this is your circumference. This is NOT your diameter, nor the ball stretching size you need. However, this is the only thing you need to measure, so make sure to note your results on all repeated measurements.

The average result will give you the circumference. The next step is to convert this number into diameter, which is the base size of a ball stretcher you need. To get the diameter, simply divide your circumference by 3.14 (the rounded-up value of pi). The number you get this way is the base diameter.

In practice, however, this base diameter will be too large. If you buy a ball stretcher with this diameter, chances are that the testicles would slip through. In order to prevent this, it is best to order ball weights that are a bit smaller than the base diameter you get. For most men, this diameter should be about 20-25% smaller. In order to calculate the ball stretcher diameter to order, multiply your base diameter with 0.8 and 0.75. These numbers will give you the biggest (loosest) and smallest (tightest) ball stretcher diameter that will fit you.

However, keep in mind that these are just general indicators and all will depend on your individual anatomy. Some men, particularly those with large testicles, will find these numbers too tight. Some may find them too lose. When in doubt, go with general instructions and test a ball stretcher to see if it fits you. If it is too tight, order a bigger size. If it’s too loose, order a smaller size.

One thing to keep in mind when ordering ball stretchers: pay attention to measurements. Some ball stretcher sizes are marked in millimeters and some in inches. It is therefore important to know your diameter in both millimeters and inches and to pay attention to the measurements displayed in product description. This is the only way to ensure that you’re ordering a correct size.

Ordered a wrong size with us? No problem: just return your ball stretcher within 30 days and we will exchange it for the appropriately-sized one!

Measuring for Ball Stretcher Thickness

Another thing to keep in mind: ball stretchers do not vary only by diameter, but also width. There are very thin, ring-like ball weights, but also very thick, almost tube-like stretchers. Some stretchers are oval or come in other designs and shapes. You may wonder how to determine the ideal width for your needs.

While there is no one rule to follow, keep in mind that a comfortable width will depend on the distance between the base of your penis and the top of your testicles. Men with stretched balls can accommodate very thick ball weights, and they can even pile many ball stretchers on top of one another.

As a beginner, you should stick to thinner ball stretchers, the ones you can fit between your penis and testicles. In order to determine this size. Simply measure the distance between the base of your penis and the top of your testicles. Keep in mind that this distance will change and become bigger as your balls begin to stretch. Once you achieve those low hangers you will be able to wear any type of a stretcher you like. As a beginner, however, it is best to go with those ball stretchers you can comfortably fit between your penis and testicles.

A Guide to Male Vibrators

The Vibrating Urethral Sound - Male Vibrator

The Vibrating Urethral Sound – Male Vibrator

In order to enjoy urethral stimulation to the fullest you need to choose the best urethral toys. There are many men who enjoy urethral massage and deep urethral stimulation – it is truly a one of a kind experience.

While urethral stimulation is more popular among men it is also important to note that there are also many women who enjoy this type of massage.


There are many urethral toys to choose from, based on your experience level, preferences and a desired effect. Penis plugs, urethral sounds, stretchers and other urethral devices come in many shapes and sizes.

A specific and highly arousing type of urethral toys are vibrating urethral toys, also known as “male vibrators”. They are specifically designed to provide that little extra that will make you aroused in no time. These toys come in many different designs so it’s possible to choose the one that suits you best. The best of all? Male vibrators toys are so varied that there are those for every experience level. It means that both newbies and experienced users can enjoy vibrating urethral toys.

Vibrating Urethral Toys: The Advantages

While regular (non-vibrating) urethral sounds are great and widely used, vibrating devices can sure bring something new to the table. In case you are curious about vibrating toys, here are some of the main advantages they can bring to your urethral stimulation experience:

  • Added stimulation. Vibrating toys will provide added stimulation during use. They are ideal for those who enjoy urethral toys with additional features. Just like ribbed or wavy texture, vibrations will provide additional stimulation for your urethra and bring pleasure to a completely new level. Vibrating toys are particularly great for those who like to move their toys up and down during use. Vibrations will send nice tingles down your urethra and make you super-aroused.
  • Vibrating toys add a new intensity to urethral stimulation. It means that even a shorter toy can bring much more. This is a great solution for beginners who can take only toys for newbies but would like to add some intensity to their routine. It also a good way to go when you are in the process of stretching. Even more experienced users will benefit from added stimulation and new intensity vibrating toys can bring. Let the deep vibrations hit all the sweet spots and make you cum like never before!
  • Something new. Vibrating toys are a great way to add something new to your usual routine. If you enjoy urethral stimulation but you feel a bit tired of always doing the same, you can add a new twist. Vibrating toys produce specific sensations so it feels like a completely new experience.
  • Vibrating toys are great for teasing, so they make ideal companions to any games between couples. If you like to perform urethral stimulation in pair, vibrating toys will add a new excitement to your sex life. They can be used for teasing or even punishing your partner, depending on the type of games you like to play.

Popular Types of Male Vibrators

There are many different types and designs of vibrating urethral toys. They vary by size, thickness and vibrating intensity. Here are some common designs:

  • Starter vibrating toys. These are smaller and shorter urethral toys ideal for those who wish to try vibrating urethral toys for the first time. They are great for all fans of urethral plugs and beginner urethral toys. These starter male vibrators will add something extra to your experience without ever becoming uncomfortable or too intense to take. Recommended toys: Small Vibrating Sound, The Vibrating Urethral Sound.
  • Vibrating urethral stretchers. These are tapered urethral toys made for training and stretching your urethra. Before you can take larger and bigger toys you need to stretch your urethra properly. While there are many excellent non-vibrating devices specially designed for this purpose, why not add something new to the experience? Vibrating stretchers bring a new level of pleasure to your urethral training. Recommended products: Tapered Urethral Stretcher Male Vibrator, Vibrating Urethral Stepper.
  • Vibrating penis plugs. These are specially designed penis plugs with added vibrating functionality. Ideal for those who prefer plugs over sounds and want some additional stimulation during use. Recommended toy: Vibrating Penis Plug.
  • Ribbed male vibrators. These urethral toys offer several additional features. They not only vibrate but also have a textured exterior made for additional stimulation. These urethral toys are ideal for those who like intensity and powerful massage for their urethra. Recommended toys: Vibrating and Ribbed Sound, Beaded Ball Male Vibrator.
  • Male vibrators with a bulbous tip. These vibrating urethral toys are ideal for targeted stimulation. They have a specially designed tip that will provide both intensity and some nice, targeted teasing. Recommended toys: Olive Shaped Male Vibrator, The “Firecracker” Male Urethral Vibrator, The “Roman Candle” Urethral Male Vibrator.
  • Long male vibrators. These toys are made for deep and intense urethral stimulation. This urethral sound is specially designed to reach deep into your urethra and send pleasurable vibrations to the most sensitive hidden spots. Since it is so long, this male vibrator is recommended for more experienced users. Recommended product: Extra Long Male Urethral Vibrator, Smooth Vibrating Urethral Sound.

Rare Genital Piercings

Rare Genital PiercingsGenital piercings are not among the most popular piercings in the world, but there are many people who enjoy them. Actually, genital piercings are probably more popular than people think. That being said, certain types of genital piercings are more popular than the others.

For example, Prince Albert (PA) piercing is the most popular male genital piercing while VCH (Vertical Clitoral Hood) is the most popular female genital piercing in the world.

There are also some genital piercings that are very rare, even among genital piercing enthusiasts. Reasons are numerous. Some piercings are rare because they are located at a very sensitive spot so they are very prone to migration and rejection. Some are rare because the placement itself is not very useful: it doesn’t contribute to pleasure during sexual activities, so these piercings cannot be considered functional.

Rare genital piercings are often purely decorative, even though there are people who can enjoy them in different ways. It is also interesting to note that some of the rare genital piercings are only variants of more popular piercing types.

Here are some of the rare genital piercings:

Layne Piercing

Layne Piercing is a rare female genital piercing performed on the pubic mound. This is essentially a horizontal version of a more popular Christina Piercing. Christina is a surface piercing located between the pubic mound to the spot where outer labia meet. Layne Piercing is a horizontal variant and it’s typically performed on the pubic mound itself. This is a surface piercing and as such, it’s prone to migration, rejection and other problems associated with surface piercings.

Female Guiche

This is a female equivalent of a male Guiche piercing. Just like the male variant, this piercing is placed on the perineum. Male Guiche piercing sits just under testicles. Female Guiche piercing is located horizontally on the perineum. It may resemble a Fourchette piercing, but Fourchette is placed a bit higher: it sits on the rear end of the vulva. Since this placement resembles male Guiche a lot, it is often called “female Guiche”. However, there is a separate female Guiche piercing, placed on the perineum itself. This piercing is located at a sensitive spot so it’s prone to migration and rejection. Female Guiche is a very rare piercing. If you like this placement and would like to have a piercing on the bottom end of the vaginal opening, it is better to choose Fourchette.

Foreskin Piercing

This is a rare male genital piercing, done on men who are not circumcised. It is done through the man’s foreskin and doesn’t go through the penis itself. Since foreskin is soft and relatively thin, the piercing is not particularly complex. In fact, this is probably the easiest and least painful genital piercing you can get. Foreskin piercings are usually done on the outer rim of the foreskin (the part covering the top side of the penis head), but it can be located elsewhere. This piercing is also quick to heal. Some men consider it a functional piercing since the jewelry can stimulate the penis head but it is typically not considered a particularly effective functional piercing.

Shaft Piercing

Shaft piercing is a male genital piercing type done on the penis shaft. This is not one specific piercing but rather a group of different piercings done on the shaft. Penis piercings are typically done on the penis head or at the base of the penis, but it is possible to pierce the shaft itself. Some more popular piercing types, such as Frenum and Lorum, are done on the shaft, but the difference is that these piercings only go through the surface skin. True shaft piercings, on the other hand, go through the length of the shaft. The most popular types of shaft piercings are shaft Ampallang (done horizontally through the shaft) and shaft Apadravya (done vertically –from upper side of the penis to the underside). These piercings are very complex so they have to be done by an experienced and knowledgeable piercer, ideally the one specialized for genital piercings.

Surface Piercing Aftercare

oberflaechenpiercingAs you probably know, aftercare can make or break your piercing. What does it mean? It means that a lot depends on proper aftercare and how much attention you give to your new piercing. Healing is a sensitive time for all piercings and you need to take a special care in order to ensure that your new piercing heals properly and without problems.

This is why all reliable studios will provide extensive information on aftercare and this is why your piercer will instruct you how to perform aftercare for your new piercing so it can heal without infections and other problems.

While aftercare is always important, it is particularly crucial for surface piercings. Here are some reasons why:

Surface Piercings are More Sensitive

Keep in mind that surface piercings are, by their nature, more sensitive and prone to problems such as migration, rejection and other issues. While these problems can occur with regular (non-surface) piercings, it is important to remember that surface piercings are more vulnerable. This is not a general rule (indeed, some regular piercings are very sensitive), but it’s something you need to keep in mind.

Another major issue is the placement. Many surface piercings are located at areas that are covered by clothes or that get touched a lot, such as back, neck, fingers, finger web, chest, legs, and more. These placements make surface piercings even more vulnerable.

Also, surface piercings are not permanent: sooner or later they will need to be retired. This is one major difference compared to regular piercings. While some regular piercings need to be retired at some point, this is a rule for surface piercings. Appropriate aftercare can ensure that your surface piercing lasts longer.

For all these reasons, it is important to perform adequate aftercare. With good aftercare, your surface piercing will have more chances to stay healthy and to last you longer. This is why aftercare becomes particularly important in the case of surface piercings.

Surface Piercing Aftercare Tips

Luckily, there are some important aftercare tips you can follow to make your surface piercing as healthy and long-lasting as they can be. Keep in mind that in the case of surface piercings, “aftercare” means more than the usual cleaning regime you need to perform for any new piercing in healing.

Some important tips to remember:

  • Choose placement carefully. Unlike standard piercings, which typically have their pre-defined placements (such as earlobe, lip, nostril, nipple, navel, etc.), surface piercings can be performed almost anywhere. Some of these places are better than the others in terms of preserving your piercing. For example, eyebrow piercings are among the most popular surface piercings because they are located at a relatively safe area in terms of disturbance. Some other surface piercings are more problematic. For example, those surface piercings that are typically covered with clothes can suffer a lot from friction and other problems. Therefore, the first advice – which begins even before aftercare – is to choose placement carefully if you want your surface piercing to last.
  • Be patient. Surface piercings often take a lot of time to heal. Or, more precisely, surprisingly long, considering the fact they are often less complex than some other piercing types. What makes surface piercings more complicated, however, is the fact that they are often done in pairs and groups. It all contributes to the long healing time. In order to preserve your surface piercing be prepared to perform cleaning and other aftercare instructions for months.
  • Perform adequate cleaning. As you probably know, proper cleaning is the most important aftercare instruction you need to follow. With surface piercings, cleaning has to be not only complete but also very careful. Since surface piercings are extra sensitive and prone to migration and rejection, cleaning has to be performed in such a way not to disturb the piercing in any way. When cleaning, try not to touch or move jewelry at all (twisting and turning jewelry is a major mistake for any piercing!) and try to disturb the skin around the piercing as little as possible.
  • Wear appropriate clothes. The goal is to reduce friction between the jewelry and clothes. Less friction means less chances for your surface piercing to be hurt. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid super-tight clothes whenever possible. On the other hand, fabric that is too loose may also cause problems by snagging on the jewelry. Simple cotton clothing items seem to work the best. If possible, do not wear any clothes on top of your surface piercing, at least during the initial healing time.
  • Protect your piercing. Since surface piercings are so sensitive, you need to do your best to protect it from any disturbance, particularly during the healing time. It means avoiding any unnecessary contact with your piercing. Keep your clothes, fingers, hair and any other object away from your surface piercing whenever possible. Let it breathe freely and make sure it’s not disturbed. Special care should be taken during the night. To prevent the jewelry from catching on the bed linens, place a gauze over your piercing. Perhaps the best practice is to be aware of your piercing at all times. This way, you will not forget about it, which means there is less risk of accidentally scratching it or hurting it in some other way.

How to Reach Prostate for Stimulation?

P Spot StimulatorProstate stimulation is very arousing and rewarding. A bad thing is that prostate gland is not easy to reach, since it’s located inside the body. However, there are some very easy ways to reach your prostate or to have your partner do it for you. All you need to know where to touch!

Here, we will describe two main ways to reach prostate for stimulation. They are very different and they require different level of skills and equipment, but both can be used for that mind-blowing prostate massage.


In order to enjoy effective prostate stimulation you need to know your anatomy. This is the only way to know how to approach your body and how to get that targeted and proper P-spot massage. The good news is that prostate can be stimulated in many different ways so you have many options!

The prostate is located below the bladder and it makes an integral part of human urethral system. It is about of a size of a walnut and it’s positioned in front of the rectum, which means it can be felt during anal penetration.

The urethra passes from the bladder, through the prostate and all the way to the penis. This is how the urine flows from the bladder and out of the body. Prostate plays an important reproductive role: it secrets a fluid needed for nourishing sperm. The part of urethra inside of prostate is merged with two ejaculatory ducts coming from testicles via vas deferens. Sperm comes from testicles and is mixed with seminal fluid to form semen. About 10 to 30 percent of seminal fluid is produced by the prostate itself. During ejaculation, prostate muscles contract and pass semen to the penis, where penile muscles expel semen out of the body.

The main things to remember from the anatomy lesson is that, while prostate plays a reproductive role and is connected to testicles, it is much easier to reach in ways that do NOT include testicles: through urethra and anus. It’s all due to the position of the urethra within the body.

Massaging prostate can be very pleasurable and arousing. Some people compare it to stimulation of a female G-spot. The exact feeling and intensity of experience vary from men to men but it is true that P-spot massage can greatly benefit your sex life and orgasms. Perhaps the best thing about prostate stimulation is a special kind of orgasm, the one that does not require any form of genital stimulation. While this requires some practice it sure pays off a big time!

How to Reach Urethra?

The location of urethra is very important for P-spot stimulation, because you need to know where it’s positioned in order to know how to massage it. As you can see from the above explanation, prostate is located deep within the body so it’s not always easy to reach directly (though it’s possible!) Luckily, its relative position to the rectum makes things easier!

There are two main ways to stimulate prostate:

  • Indirectly: Through the anus. Anal stimulation can be used to massage prostate through the anus. This sort of massage doesn’t touch prostate directly but it’s still very effective since anal walls are relatively thin and prostate is positioned very close to the rectum. This is also the easiest way to reach your prostate gland for stimulation.
  • Directly: Through the urethra. Prostate can be reached directly, all the way down the urethral canal. Since urethra passes through the penis and then prostate, if you perform deep urethral stimulation and if you insert your urethral toy deep enough, you can reach prostate. (You can go one step further and stimulate your bladder, too). This is a more difficult way to proceed because it requires special toys and some skill and experience, but it’s possible to reach prostate directly.

There are also some other ways to stimulate your prostate. For some men, even perineum massage (between testicles and anus) can be beneficial, especial if a vibrating toy is used. The vibrating waves go beneath the skin to reach prostate.

Men who do not want to go too deep into urethra to reach prostate can still enjoy a bit of that special feeling but just using a shorter urethral toy. Some sounds and plugs, especially vibrating ones, will send the waves of pleasure to your prostate.

Keep in mind: “indirect” here means anything where the device made for stimulation does not touch the prostate directly. Many people, however, count anal stimulation as direct because you do reach prostate to massage it, even though there is your anal wall between the prostate and the toy, and even though you do not actually go inside the prostate. In these cases, only external stimulation (such as stimulation of the perineum) counts as “indirect”.

However, there is a reason why only urethral stimulation is direct – it not only makes a direct contact between the device and urethra (and thus, provides a different sort of sensation) but also allows the user to actually go inside the prostate (and further, to the bladder), which also provides many different and intense sensations, most of which cannot be achieved in any other way.

Different Types of Massages

Since the two main ways to reach prostate (through anus and through urethra) are very different, they require a very different set of skills. Anal massage is definitely an easier choice, since it doesn’t require much of training. It doesn’t even require special devices: all you need is your finger!

The prostate can be felt as a walnut-sized gland about a finger deep into anus. You will need to bend your finger slightly to reach prostate. Not even first timers should have any problems finding the gland through the anal wall. You will need a bit of practice to make it pleasurable and to find your “sweet spot”, but it’s a fun exploration!

Of course, this is just basic prostate stimulation. It feels even better with an anal toy, especially a vibrating one. There are also specialized anal toys, prostate stimulators, made just for the job! These P-spot massagers are designed to stimulate your prostate and make you moan in pleasure.

All beginners who wish to try prostate stimulation are advised to try the anal route or other forms of indirect stimulation (such as perineum massage). Urethral stimulation of the prostate is reserved for more experienced users and requires a good knowledge of urethral stimulation and urethral sounding. However, once you are experienced enough and well-versed in urethral sounding you can try deep stimulation to massage your prostate and experience pleasure in a completely new way.

Auricle Piercing

auricle piercingAuricle Piercing is a piercing done at the middle part of the outer rim of the ear cartilage. It is located under the ear’s helix. This is a highly sensitive spot rich in nerve endings, which makes auricle piercing one of the more painful ear piercings. However, it can look very effective so it is not surprising there are so many people who choose to have this type of piercing on their ears.

Placement and Procedure

Auricle piercing is positioned on the middle of the outer rim of the ear. As noted above, it is a very sensitive spot rich in nerves, so the procedure can be uncomfortable and painful. Because of this, and because auricle piercing is not among the most popular piercing types, it is important to find an experienced piercer who is familiar with this piercing type. You need a reliable individual who has experience with this particular piercing type – someone who knows how to perform only earlobe piercings will simply not do!

The piercing is done using a piercing needle, typically at 14 gauge. However, your piercer will decide if smaller or larger gauge is best for you. The procedure itself does not last long, but it may cause sharp pain and burning sensation even when it’s completed.

After the procedure you may experience some soreness, bruising and swelling. Minor bleeding is also possible. However, they should go after a week or so. If problems persist, make sure to consult your doctor.

After getting your auricle piercing done, it is important to perform proper aftercare in order to prevent infections, migration, rejection and other problems. To clean your new piercing, use a simple saline solution twice per day. Make sure not to overclean your piercing because it may irritate the skin and cause problems.


Auricle piercing typically requires relatively small but attractive jewelry. There are many different jewelry types to choose from. Some people prefer simple labret studs for their auricle piercing but with richly ornamented beads. This is one common choice for auricle piercing.

However, other options are also possible. For example, some people opt for circular barbells or Captive Bead Rings for their auricle piercing. Like in the case of labret studs, it’s best to choose ones with shiny and ornamented balls to make your piercing look extra attractive and noticeable.

Additional Tips and Info

  • Auricle piercing takes about 3 to 9 months to heal.
  • To prevent problems during healing, make sure to use only a mild soap when washing your ears and face. This will prevent irritation.
  • Try not to sleep on your piercing during the initial healing time.
  • During the initial stages of healing, avoid heavy shampoos, lotions and other chemicals that may irritate the piercing.
  • Don’t twist or turn your jewelry. It will only cause problems during healing.
  • It is important to keep your hair away from your ear during the initial healing time.
  • Another word of warning: never, under any circumstance, should you allow to be pierced with a piercing gun. Auricle piercing is a cartilage piercing and it simply cannot be done this way properly. That being said, piercing guns are generally bad so no piercing should be done using them.
  • Auricle piercings are often done in pairs and groups. Therefore, you can have a double auricle piercing, a triple auricle piercing or a multiple auricle piercing. These are all separate piercings done close together. If you choose to go this way make sure to use identical or matching jewelry for the each piercing so it’s clear they form a group.

How to Choose Urethral Training Toys

Urethra Training Wand

Urethra Training Wand

Urethral stimulation is a rewarding and enjoyable experience only if you do it properly. This type of sexual activity cannot be done in a rush. Urethral stimulation requires patience, trial and error.

One of the first things beginner users need to know is that urethral teasing and small toys can be enjoyed even by newbies, as long as you proceed with patience and care.

However, in order to fully perform urethral stimulation and to enjoy it to the fullest, you will need to stretch and train your urethra.

Moving from Small to Bigger Things

Most men have a naturally narrow urethra. It is large enough to accommodate some toys, as long as they are not too thick or long. This is why it is possible even for beginners to use some smaller toys. However, keep in mind that you should not use urethral toys that are too thin – they are actually reserved for more experienced users.

Stretching and urethral training will make your urethra bigger and more accommodating of urethral toys. This is the only way to go if you want to practice urethral sounding. As you probably know, urethral sounds are long toys and many of them are very thick, so it’s important to use them only if you have a properly stretched urethra.

Urethral stretching also trains your body to get used to the feeling of urethral stimulation, which means that you will be able to enjoy urethral toys to the fullest. Again, this is the only way to properly enjoy this type of stimulation.

Urethral Training Toys and Devices

In order to stretch and train your urethra it is important to use proper toys. While some stretching can initially be done by using a finger (some men like to start this way), it is very much advisable to use proper training devices. Never attempt to insert any random object into your urethra! It is dangerous and irresponsible.

While you may train your urethra with regular toys, such as penis plugs and shorter urethral sounds, it is best to use specialized training devices. These are specially designed urethral toys made precisely for urethral stretching and training.

The biggest advantage of these toys is that they are specifically made with stretching and training in mind. It means that they are designed for the purpose of training your urethra gradually and without discomfort. This is a very important thing, because beginner users do not always know when to stop and how deep or rough they have to go. Special training toys allow you to go one step at a time.

Most of these specialized toys have a graduated shaft to help you go step by step and to prevent you from inserting them too deeply. You start with the tip of the toy, which is the thinnest part of the stretcher and once you are comfortable with it, you can move to a thicker section. As usual, it is important to take time. Chances are that you will not be able to insert the whole toy straight away, but this is the point of training: you need to stretch your urethra gradually. This is the only way to prevent injuries, pain, discomfort and other problems.

Recommended Toys

Here are some recommended urethral training toys to use:

  • Smooth Training Stretcher. This is a basic stretching device and probably the one to start with. It is small and smooth, so it ensures perfect comfort. Keep in mind that this is a short urethral toy so it is ideal for absolute beginners. It can also be used to stretch your penis piercings.
  • Tapered Urethral Stretcher Male Vibrator. This is a bit longer toy than the previous one but also very smooth. It provides great comfort with good results, so it is a logical next step in the stretching process. This one comes with a nice bonus: it vibrates! The vibrations are strong enough to enhance the experience but comfortable enough not to cause problems for beginners.
  • Urethra Training Wand. This is a great graduated stretcher with soft waves. The texture is not too pronounced so it provides comfort during use. At the same time, it is a good choice for those who like to try graduated training toys. The waves feel very smooth so this is a great stretcher for beginners.
  • Graduation Stretcher. This is a classic urethral training toy. It has a graduated surface designed as a nice middle ground between waves and beads. It provides comfortable training and it makes a perfect toy for those who like to train their urethra for bigger toys. One of the best things about this stretcher is that it can be used even by fully trained men: the texture works great during use and it provides added stimulation for those who enjoy textured penis plugs.
  • Devil’s Pitchfork Urethral Stretcher. This is a good stretching device for those with a bit of experience. Once you have passed the initial training you will need a toy to take you to the next level. This stretcher has a defined but comfortable threaded texture. The texture is smooth enough to ensure comfort and effective results. This is a good trainer if you wish to stretch by screwing the device in rather than inserting typical waves and beads. It also makes a great urethral toy for more experienced users.
  • Urethral Stretcher Spike with Through Hole. This stretcher is long, big and has defined beads. It is specially designed for those people who already have some experience and wish to train their urethra further. As such, it is ideal for men who have passed the first phases of stretching and can move to more demanding toys. It is relatively long, so it’s perfect for those who wish to train for deep urethral stimulation. At the same time, this is still a training device so it provides good comfort and graduated shaft. It allows you to stretch slowly and comfortably. It can also be used by more experienced users as a good textured penis plug. The beads provide excellent added stimulation during use. As a bonus, the plug has a cum through hole so it’s ideal for prolonged wear.

What is Prostate Milking?

Milking Stick

Milking Stick

Many people who are interested in prostate stimulation are also intrigued by prostate milking. If you wish to know more about prostate milking and its unique aspects you need to understand this practice in its unique context. Keep in mind that prostate milking includes prostate massage, but not all prostate stimulation is prostate milking in the strict sense of the word.

Prostate milking is a specific sexual activity, mainly done in fetish and BDSM communities to exercise power and control. It is also used by people who engage in male chastity. While you may not wish to use prostate milking in this sense, it is still important to understand what this practice is about.

Differences Between Milking and Massage

For some people, prostate milking is the same thing as prostate massage or prostate stimulation in general. Sometimes, these terms are understood as synonyms: prostate stimulation and prostate massage are often called “prostate milking”. In a way, this is understandable: prostate stimulation is not a common practice for everyone and some people might think that there is not much difference between different activities. Also, prostate orgasm can sure make the man ejaculate so it can be understood as “milking”. If you wish to understand prostate milking in this sense you may treat it as just a regular form of prostate stimulation.

However, it is important to know that prostate milking is a special practice often associated with various fetish and kink communities. In this sense, prostate milking is not simply any prostate massage, but the one done with a specific purpose of “draining” the prostate slowly and consistently and not as part of regular ejaculation.

In other words, prostate milking is used to “milk” the gland out of the precum and seminal fluid without bringing a man to orgasm or traditional ejaculation. The fluid milked goes slowly and in small amounts. This is very different than regular ejaculation and it brings very different physical and mental effects.

Physically, prostate milking does not produce traditional orgasms and therefore there is no usual sort of arousal and pleasure that can be experienced. The feeling itself is more of a teasing without actual satisfaction. This is why the main effect of prostate milking are psychological and used in fetish communities to achieve different goals. Brining your slave to the edge but never satisfying him. Milking a caged man so prostate is drained and thus kept healthy without allowing the man to achieve erection, orgasm and pleasure. Teasing your partner while he’s begging for release. Prostate milking can be used for many different things and it is a very powerful game between couples. It produced both practical results (the fluid being released) and powerful psychological effects.

In essence, milking is a targeted prostate stimulation done with the purpose of draining the prostate. The massage is done until cum is released, but without orgasm. If done correctly, the fluid can flow slowly and in small amounts.

Why Perform Prostate Milking?

Prostate milking can be done for various reasons, the main one being drainage. The man’s cum is simply drained instead of being ejaculated during orgasm. So, why do this?

Here are some common reasons:

  • A forced experience. Prostate milking drains the seminal fluid out of the body without orgasm. As such, it is a forced experience that does not bring pleasure to the man. In fact, it can often leave him frustrated and vulnerable. As such, this is a desirable scenario for specific BDSM activities and a good way to control the submissive partner.
  • Teasing and punishment. Prostate milking can be used for specific teasing and punishment purposes. While it is not particularly painful or uncomfortable it can be used to cause frustration for the submissive partner.
  • Prostate health. A man’s prostate has to be drained every ten days or so. If the man is not allowed to ejaculate, the accumulation of seminal fluid in the prostate is damaging. To prevent health problems and illnesses it is important to empty the prostate from time to time. Since men in some situations are not allowed to achieve arousal and orgasm (such as men practicing male chastity) prostate milking is necessary to allow the prostate to drain and to prevent health problems. If you engage in male chastity make sure to also perform milking at least once per week or ten days at most.

How to Perform Prostate Milking

Prostate milking requires some practice to get right. As with other forms of sexual stimulation, you need patience and enthusiasm. Since this is an activity for couples, both people need to be relaxed and ready to engage in this practice.

Prostate milking is best done by applying targeted yet subtle pressure onto prostate. Those who know prostate massage should not have a problem finding the sweet spot. However, it is important not to bring a man to full arousal and orgasm when doing the milking. Sometimes, this is the hardest part, especially for those who enjoy prostate stimulation on a regular basis.

For prostate milking to work in practice, it is important for massage to be subtle. Quick yet subtle movements seems to work the best. It is also important for massage to be targeted to a specific spot. This is why it’s often done with special toys: milking sticks.

A milking stick is a toy specially designed for prostate milking. It has a long, thin base and a head with a slight tip. The tip can be used for targeted prostate stimulation. It can be used for teasing and massage.

When using a milking toy, however, make sure to proceed carefully. The massage should be done without force and roughness. The toys make the process quicker but you need to be careful in order not to hurt the man in the process.

If you notice any blood in semen it is a sign that you’re too rough. If this happens, stop immediately. If bleeding continues, make sure to seek medical attention because it is a serious warning sign.

Also, keep in mind that prostate milking comes with the same health and safety warnings as regular prostate stimulation. Both include prostate massage, and it should not be done on men who have certain conditions, such as acute prostatitis and some other conditions. If in doubt, make sure to consult your doctor. It is important to stay safe during your sexual activities!

Male Pubic Piercing

pubicPubic piercing is a surface piercing performed on the pubic mound, right above the penis. It is a relatively rare piercing even though it’s not a complicated one, so there are men who choose to get it. This is one of the lesser known male genital piercings, so there are often some misconceptions about it.


The Pubic piercing is performed on the pubic mound, at the place where the body meets the penis shaft. While some people believe that “pubic mound” refers only to female anatomy, it is true that all people have it. In this sense, it is possible to talk about male pubic piercing or pubic piercing for men.

This piercing doesn’t have a specific colloquial name, but it is analogous to Christina piercing in women.

This is a very interesting spot for a piercing because it is very visual and can be done for aesthetics. It may also serve as a functional piercing by enhancing sexual experience, even though it’s not as effective as some other forms of genital piercings. In fact, pubic piercing can enhance the experience – but mostly for the receiving partner during intercourse.

Women are particularly at advantage here, since a man’s pubic piercing can rub on the clitoris and make the experience more arousing and pleasurable.

About the Piercing

Keep in mind that this is a surface piercing, and as such, it comes with all problems associated with surface piercings. At the same time, it is relatively easy to perform, so it doesn’t cause much pain and other problems.

One of the main problems is sure migration and rejection. While it’s possible to have a pubic piercing without any issues there is still a high risk of problems commonly associated with surface piercings. Also, as a surface piercing, male pubic piercing is not permanent. You should not expect it to last forever, but with a good care you can make it last long enough.

The placement itself can cause some problems during healing. This part of the body is typically covered with clothes. The clothes can rub on the skin, which makes healing more difficult and pose a specific risk for migration and rejection.

This sort of piercing is usually done with a needle that is slightly bigger than ordinary piercings: 12 or 10 gauge. It makes the piercing go through more tissue and thus reduces the risk of migration, rejection and other problems.

You can expect pubic piercing to be healed in about 3 to 4 months, but it can be longer or shorter and a lot will depend on how careful you are with it.


As said above, initial jewelry for pubic piercing is typically 12 or 10 gauge. It might stretch a little, but it’s not wise to put so much pressure on the area since it can cause tearing and other problems.

The same can be said for jewelry: it should not be too heavy or long, but it should be large enough not to cut through the tissue, which is why it’s not recommended to use small gauge jewelry for this piercing.

Typical jewelry for this piercing type is a surface bar or a circular barbell. Some people choose to wear different jewelry types, such as curved barbells or Captive Bead Rings.

Keep in mind that the jewelry will play a role during intercourse, so if you wish to use pubic piercing for stimulation it is important to pick a jewelry piece that will be both comfortable and arousing for the receiving partner. Jewelry with smooth but pronounced beads might be the best choice.