Clit Piercing Pain

clit piercing painClitoris piercing is one of the most extreme female genital piercings in the world. While it is not as complex as some other extreme body modifications it is a serious piercing. It is also one of the most sensitive piercings a woman can get. This is why many people wonder about clit piercing pain. How bad it really is? Should you get a clit piercing if you are scared of the pain? These are just some of the questions you may have about this piercing type.

Is Clit Piercing Pain Truly Bad?

Clitoris piercing has a reputation of being painful. This is why one of the most common questions about it is whether clit piercing pain is truly bad or not. It is important to be realistic and realize that yes, this is a very painful piercing.

Unlike the more … read more

What Diameter are Urethral Sounds?

One of the most important things in urethral sounding and other types of urethral play is to choose toys of appropriate sizes. Any urethral toy you use needs to fit your urethra in order to avoid injuries and other problems. This is why many people wonder what diameter are urethral sounds that they can buy and what diameter of a sound they need to use.

Urethral Sound Sizing

What Diameter are Urethral SoundsThere are many reasons why you need to buy urethral sounds of appropriate sizes. Your urethra is of a certain size (width) and can accept only urethral toys that are about the same diameter as the diameter of your urethra. Using toys that are too thick or too thin can be very dangerous. This is why you need to be very careful when it comes to the sizes of urethral toys to … read more

What is French Scale of Urethral Toys?


Pratt Urethral Beginners Sound Kit. Sizes: 3 to 18 French (Fr)

French scale, also known as French catheter size or French gauge system is a measuring system for  urethral devices. Sometimes, the sizes of urethral toys such as penis plugs, urethral sounds or catheters are given in French scale (Fr).

This is why it is important to understand this measuring unit and to know how these sizes correspond to millimeters and inches.

French Scale Explained

French scale is not the most popular measuring system but those who want to deal with urethral toys will encounter it often. Since the diameter and thickness of urethral toys are very important for making a perfect fit, it is vital to be familiar with the French scale and to know how these units correspond with millimeters and inches.

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What is Implant Grade Titanium?

Implant Grade TitaniumMany people wonder about the safest jewelry materials you can use for your piercings. After all, allergies and other problems are serious issues and you want to avoid them.

However, it is not always easy to choose. You may know that titanium is a safe material and that is very good for piercings, but you may not fully understand it.

What is Implant Grade Titanium: A Quick Answer

Implant grade titanium is a special type of titanium that is approved for medical use. This goes beyond the simple body jewelry, though this is definitely an important use for this material. Implant grade titanium has a wide use in medicine. This is what various implants are made of.

Since implant grade titanium goes into the body, you can see it is perfectly safe. Only the safest materials out there are allowed … read more

What is the Best Hafada Placement to Avoid Pain?

~ John

I had multiple hafada piercings using 6 and 8 gauge CBR’s. I can’t attest to the painlessness that others mention, but I had no swelling and no intense bleeding. I am very happy with the result and the relatively quick healing time. Placement is important.

There are many genital piercings that are not particularly painful. While some genital piercings are among the most painful piercings you can get, it is also true that there are many genital piercings that do not hurt at all. This is great news for those who want to have a genital piercing but without too much pain. In this sense, Hafada piercings are a great choice. However, it is important to choose a good placement. This is why many people wonder about the best Hafada placement you can get.

The Beauty of Hafada

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Cumming into Bladder: How To

Deep urethral stimulation is an extreme form of urethral play. Many people love prostate stimulation and some even insert their urethral toys into the prostate. Rare people truly love very extreme forms of urethral play so they go even further and insert their urethral toys into the bladder.

Those who wonder about cumming into bladder sometimes ask if it’s mandatory to go this deep to experience retrograde ejaculation. The answer is that no, you don’t need to go this deep, but you need to be very careful.

Retrograde Ejaculation: Cumming into Bladder

How does one achieve retrograde ejaculation? Is cumming into bladder easy? The truth is that this is something that you can achieve with various types of urethral stimulation. Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t need to go very deep to achieve this. You don’t need to practice … read more

Top 10 Most Painful Piercings

There are many painful piercings one can get. While beginners will probably find any piercing painful, people with more experience know that there are certain body parts, like genitalia, that are much more sensitive than the others. This is why there are certain painful piercings that are worse or more extreme than the others.

The Most Painful Piercings: How to Judge

It may seem very simple to make a list of the most painful piercings out there, but it is more complicated than it sounds. First of all, pain if highly individual so what is very painful for one person might be almost painless to the other. This is why people often disagree about the most painful and least painful piercings out there.

Another problem is the fact that certain piercings are generally seen as very painful by default. Genital read more

Choosing the Best Guiche Placement

~ Jason2you2

I am considering to have a guiche piercing soon. What is the best place between the ballsack and the anus which give you the most pleasure?

Guiche PlacementGuiche is among the most popular male genital piercings, but there are still some unclear things about it. Since it is not a penis piercing it may seem that it can’t bring much sexual pleasure, but this is a mistake. If your piercer knows how to place a guiche piercing correctly, it can bring a lot of pleasure for the wearer. This is why many people want to know about the best guiche placement. What is the best spot to have a guiche?

The first thing you need to understand that there is no one good way to get a guiche piercings. There is no one placement that works. A guiche read more

Is a Side Bottom Lip Piercing Better Than a Labret Piercing?

Is a Side Bottom Lip Piercing Better Than a Labret PiercingThere are many different lip piercings you can get. Some are more common than the others and you can see them everywhere. On the other hand, certain lip piercings are relatively rare and there are not many people who have them. Your choice of a lip piercing will depend on many factors, such as you anatomy and your preferences. Sometimes, a lot depends on the piercing’s popularity. For example, there are many people who wonder is a side bottom lip piercing better than a labret piercing. There is no easy answer to that question, but there are some guidelines you should take into account.

Various Types of Bottom Lip Piercings

There are many different types of bottom lip piercings that you can get. In some ways, these are all a variation of the basic bottom lip piercing, called labret. Labretread more

Using Cock and Ball Rings

~ Mike11

I have been using a cock ring and have never had a problem. But the ring only goes on the cock not over my balls.

Rainbow Triple Cock Ring

Rainbow Triple Cock Ring

There are many different types of cock rings. It is always important to choose the one that suits your needs and preferences perfectly. Not all penis rings work in the same way. While it is vital to always get a perfect fit and to measure yourself carefully, it is also important to understand that not all cock rings can provide the same things and sensations.

For example, there are cock rings that only go around the base of the penis. If you want to have  a cock ring that goes around the balls you need to get a special cock and ball ring. Using cock and ball ringsread more