How to Make Your Jewelry Fit

how to make your jewelry fit

Gauge Wheel for Measuring

In order to wear jewelry that fits, you need to obtain proper measurements. You should only use jewelry that is nicely fitted to your piercing. Wearing jewelry of the wrong size can cause a lot of discomfort and other problems. This is important to remember when you wish to order and buy your jewelry.

For example, too large jewelry may tear your skin and cause irritation. On the other hand, jewelry that is too small can dig into your skin, causing discomfort and further problems.

All these issues can lead to infection, migration and rejection.

For these reasons, it’s vital to always wear only appropriately-sized and nicely fitted body jewelry.

Measures to Take Into Account

When we say “proper size”, we actually mean on several different things. There are some measurements you need to take into … read more

Guide to Water Operated Penis Pumps (Hydropumps)

Water Operated Penis PumpsPenis pumps are popular devices for penis enhancement. Many men use these pumps for penis enlargement or to improve their erections. Penis pumps are not difficult to use: you simply insert your penis into the tube and start pumping. The pump creates vacuum, which makes the blood flow directly into the penis. This makes the penis enlarged and erection stronger. While these pumps are not a cure to erectile dysfunction, they can help with penis enhancement. Typical penis pumps create suction with the use of air. However, there are also penis pumps that work in different ways. Hydropumps are water operated penis pumps that are used in the shower or a bath. These create a powerful suction using the water and have some great advantages to traditional penis pumps.

What Are Water Operated Penis Pumps (Hydropumps)?

Hydropumps are sex toysread more

Using Enemas before Anal Sex

Using Enemas before Anal Sex

Smooth Oblong Shower Enema

Many people wonder if enemas are necessary to do before anal sex. There is no one good answer to this. Some people do not do it, while others claim it’s important to be truly clean before attempting any anal activity. It is important to know if you should really have enemas before anal sex.

The truth is perhaps in the middle, but it’s important to remember that enemas can be very satisfying. They will make anal sex cleaner, but that’s not all: they can be very fun and arousing. A perfect foreplay before you move to the main thing!

Why it’s Good to Use Enemas

Enemas are a great way to clean yourself and your partner before anal sex or any other type of anal activity. There is only so much you can achieve … read more

Top Questions about Urethral Stretchers

questions about urethral stretchers

Vibrating Urethral Stepper

Urethral stretchers, also known as urethral trainers and urethral dilators, are special urethral toys. These toys have one specific purpose: to enlarge your urethra and make it ready to accept larger toys. Training and stretching your urethra is necessary if you wish to practice urethral play regularly. It is also a must if you want to be able to use larger urethral toys. There are many questions about urethral stretchers that people ask since these toys are not as common as other urethral devices.

Questions About Urethral Stretchers

While it is possible to stretch your urethra in different ways, it is best to use special stretching toys that will allow you to train your urethra in a safe and gradual manner. There is no pain and discomfort with these toys!

Here are the top questions about urethral … read more

What is the Most Comfortable Ball Stretcher?

most comfortable ball stretcher

Donut Ball Stretcher Weight

Ball stretching can be a very intense experience. While some people like to use ball weights to experience pain, most users of ball stretchers simply want to achieve low hangers. These people are not into ball stretching for pain and discomfort. On the contrary: most users prefer ball stretchers that are comfortable and easy to use. This is why it’s not surprising that there are so many people wondering about the worlds most comfortable ball stretcher weight. Most people want their ball stretchers to be good and not to cause any discomfort or other problems. What is the most comfortable ball stretcher you can use? How to find the best one? These are some of the important things to discuss.

Ball Stretching and Comfort

Many people don’t realize that ball stretching and comfort can go … read more

Real Diamonds for Body Jewelry

real diamonds for body jewelry

Genuine Diamond Double Prong Set – Curved Barbell

Body jewelry pieces are often stylish, bold and attractive. However, these jewelry pieces are more than just something for keeping your piercing. They are there to enhance your style and make your piercing super eye-catching. Some exquisite piercing jewelry pieces can even add a luxurious touch to your piercing. There are very elegant and stylish body jewelry pieces you can use. The most luxurious ones use real diamonds for body jewelry. Diamond body jewelry is ideal for those special occasions and for those who want their jewelry to be fully luxurious. This is why many people want to use real diamonds for body jewelry.

Why Use Real Diamonds for Body Jewelry?

It may seem unnecessary to use real diamonds for body jewelry. After all, piercing jewelry is something you wear every day, … read more

Unusual Butt Plugs

Unusual Butt PlugsThere are many different butt plug designs you can choose. This is a common male sex toy but there are also many ladies who enjoy high-quality butt plugs. Depending on your experience level and preferences, you may choose soft and flexible anal plugs for sensual feelings or big and massive butt plugs for a more intense experience. Unusual butt plugs are there to provide some new sensations and an intense experience.

These are also excellent couples toys that you can use to have a great time.

What Are Unusual Butt Plugs?

A typical butt plug design is slightly conical, with a tapered tip and a wide base. The tip is smooth yet tapered to make for easy insertion. The body slightly widens on the bottom and the wide base prevents the butt plug from disappearing inside of the anus.

This … read more

Penis Elektro Pain Tools

Penis Elektro Pain ToolsThere are many people looking to take their sexual pleasure one step further. Those who are into painful pleasures may wish to try penis elektro pain tools.

Electro stimulation, or E-Stim for short, is an exciting thing but it is very important that you follow all the safety requirements. This is the only way to avoid problems and to have the best estim experience imaginable. 

What Are Penis Elektro Pain Tools?

Penis elektro pain tools are special sex toys made for electro stimulation of the penis. These penile toys are typically shaped just like other male sex toys for the penis, but with some additions. Regular penis toys are there to stimulate penis in various ways. E-Stim penis toys, on the other hand, work by producing deep vibrations and tingles using electrical current.

There are many different types of penis … read more

Can You Recommend Household Items for Urethral Play?

~ Anonymous 

Why don’t you recommend household items for urethral play?

Household Items for Urethral PlayThere many questions about urethral stimulation and how to perform them. People want to know more about this type of sexual play and how to do it properly. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that this can be a very exciting experience, but it carries certain risks. In order to enjoy urethral play, you need to stay safe. This is why it is so important to use proper sounding devices and not household items for urethral play.

Household Items for Urethral Play

People often wonder about household items for urethral play and it is easy to understand way. After all, random objects around the house are cheap and chances are that you already have these items. This is why many people first thing of … read more

What Are New Trends for Navel Jewelry?

Trends for Navel JewelryNavel piercing is among the most popular piercings in the world. While its popularity lessened a bit in the last few years, navel piercing is getting trendy once again. This time, there are some changes to the popular jewelry styles for navel piercings. There are new trends for navel jewelry that you might want to follow to make your old (or brand new!) belly button piercing super fashionable. Also, new jewelry is a great way to change something and to make your piercing fresh and attractive again. This is why it is important to know the current fashion for belly button jewelry.

New Trends for Navel Jewelry: The Basics

Curved barbells are a standard for navel jewelry. They are very popular and practical for this piercing type. It is therefore not surprising that curved barbells are still a popular … read more