What if Urethral Sound Goes Too Deep?

One of the most important things to remember about urethral sounding is to know your limit. This is the only way to have an enjoyable time and to keep yourself safe. What if a urethral sound goes too deep? This is definitely one of the problems you may encounter during urethral sounding.

What If a Urethral Sound Goes Too Deep: A Solution

What if a urethral sound goes too deep? This can cause many people to panic, but don’t worry. It is actually not possible to lose a urethral toy inside of the body. Whatever happens, chances are that you will be able to retrieve your sound from the penis. Of course, if this proves out to be difficult, make sure to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

The fact that you cannot lose a urethral toy is not … read more

Can You Do Ball Stretching 24/7?

Ball stretching is an intense and powerful activity. Men have different reasons for stretching their balls: some want to achieve those impressive low-hangers, while others simply love the feeling of ball stretching. Whatever your reasons may be, it is important to know how long you can wear your ball weights. Is it possible to do ball stretching 24/7?

Can You Wear Ball Stretchers 24/7?

The first thing you need to know is that yes, it is possible to practice ball stretching 24/7. This typically includes wearing ball stretching devices for long periods of time. You will not be taking your ball weights for days, or more. Depending on your experience, preferences and anatomy, you can wear ball stretchers for longer or shorter periods of time. Some people can only withstand ball stretching 24/7 for a short period of time: … read more

How to Retrieve Sound from Penis

Urethral sounding can be extremely powerful and pleasurable. It is not unusual to get lost in the moment. Or to push your toy a bit deeper into the penis than you want. In these situations, a sound might simply slip down the pee hole and get lost inside. How to retrieve sound from penis? Is this a huge problem?

Is It Difficult to Retrieve Sound from Penis?

If your sound or another urethral toy slips down the penis, do not panic. While it may seem that a toy is lost, it really cannot go that deep. A toy cannot get lost inside of the body because urethra has a beginning and an end. The end is your pee hole, even though it is an entry when inserting sounds. The beginning is the bladder. A sound cannot go deeper than … read more

Is Silicone the Best Type of Anal Plug to Use?

Silicone anal plugs offer numerous advantages, particularly for newbie users. They are flexible, comfortable and not so intimidating as solid anal plugs. It is not surprising that so many people prefer a nice silicone anal plug. However, keep in mind that there are many other excellent materials for butt plugs you might wish to choose.

Silicone: The Best Anal Plug Material?

A great thing about a silicone anal plug is that it is flexible. It provides perfect comfort even for beginner users. Unlike sturdy, solid butt plugs, a silicone anal toy can accommodate your body easily. It is not too overwhelming, and it is not intimidating.

It is clear why so many newbies love silicone anal toys. However, this type of a butt plug is not just for beginners. There are many experienced users who prefer silicone anal plugs. … read more

How to Prevent Piercing Rejection

common piercing problems

One of the most common and most annoying problems you may encounter with your piercings is rejection. When a piercing rejects, it essentially means that your body will not support it. It pushes the jewelry out and closes the piercing hole. This can be very disheartening, particularly if it is a piercing you really like. How to prevent piercing rejection and what to do if your piercing starts to reject?

What Happens With Piercing Rejection?

If you want to prevent piercing rejection, you need to understand how it actually happens. It is important to know that your body works to prevent infections or foreign objects entering the body. To your body, a piercing hole is a wound, and jewelry is a foreign object. With a piercing that is placed properly, you can trick your body into not going against the … read more

Surgical Steel or Polished Titanium?

Surgical Steel is one of the most popular body jewelry materials. Another common material is titanium. Along with 14k nickel-free gold, these are probably the most popular jewelry materials for your piercings. So, how to choose between them?

Titanium and Surgical Steel: Which is Better?

Surgical Steel or polished Titanium? Which one is better for your piercing jewelry. The truth is that both of these materials are great, but only if they are truly of high quality. This is particularly important in the case of Surgical Steel. As you probably know, steel often contains alloys, including nickel. In order for steel to be safe for body jewelry, it has to be of specific high quality that traps the alloys inside of the metal. It means that these alloys can never come in contact with your skin.

This is incredibly … read more

Thick Urethra Plugs

There are many different types of urethral toys you can use for pleasure. Thick urethra plugs are ideal for those users with plenty of experience and those who want more intense, extreme toys. While these penis plugs and urethral sounds are not for everyone, it is important to remember that these can bring a lot of satisfaction for people who are really into those intense sensations.

Are Thick Urethra Plugs for Me?

If you want to try thick urethra plugs, you need to ask yourself whether those toys are a good choice for you. While these can be very powerful and pleasurable, it is also important to understand that they can be too overwhelming and too intense for some users.

Furthermore, it is a matter of anatomy. If your urethra is not wide enough, thick urethra plugs will simply … read more

Ashley Lip Piercing Healing

Ashley piercing is a striking lip piercing done on the lower lip. A rare variant of a vertical labret, this piercing goes through a lot of tissue. This can pose a problem for Ashley lip piercing healing. If you want to get this piercing, you have to be prepared for rigorous aftercare and a somewhat long healing time.

How Long is Ashley Lip Piercing Healing Time?

Ashley lip piercing is a rare piercing, and one of the reasons is its relatively long healing time. However, keep in mind that there are still many facial and oral piercings that take even longer to heal. If you really want to get an Ashely piercing, healing time itself is not the biggest problem against this piercing.

So, what is Ashley lip piercing healing time? Typically, Ashley piercing will heal in 8 to 10 … read more

What are the Best Toys for My Pee Hole?

If you wan to enjoy urethral play, you will need appropriate toys. It is very important to only use toys that are designed for urethral stimulation. What are the best toys for my pee hole? They will depend on numerous factors, such as your experience level, your anatomy and your preferences.

Insert a Toy into the Pee Hole

What if I want toys for my pee hole? You need to understand that it is not actually a toy for your pee hole. A pee hole is just an entrance (or, more correctly, an exit) of the urethra. You will be inserting toys through the pee hole, yes, but those toys will go into the urethra. This is a canal that leads from the pee hole all the way to the bladder.

Why is this distinction important? Because urethral play … read more

Perineum Piercing and Anus Piercing: What’s the Difference?

There are many different types of male genital piercings you can use for aesthetics and pleasure. Most of those piercings are done on the penis and, rarer, on the scrotum. However, these are not the only male sensitive spots. Some piercings work great on the perineum and around the anal opening. This is a very sensitive spot that many men like to stimulate. There are two main piercings on this area: perineum and anus piercing. It is important to know the difference between the two, so you can choose the best one for you. Perineum and anus piercing: which one should you choose?

What is the Difference between a Perineum Piercing and Anus Piercing?

Both the perineum piercing and anus piercing are done around the similar spot on the body. However, there is a big difference between the two. A … read more