Oval Gem Hybrid D Ring

Oval Gem Hybrid D Ring

The Oval Gem Set Hybrid D Ring has a Setting made out of 14k Gold and the D Ring is made out of Surgical Steel. The Oval Gem is 8x6mm in size and is permanently attached to the D Ring.

The setting is permanently attached “Fixed” to the D Ring on one side. Being “Fixed” means that you will not have to worry about losing the charm, or fumbling with loose beads, like you might with a captive ring. Also it will always be facing the same way instead of spinning around backwards.

It can be set for a horizontal like for a nipple piercing which the D-Rings are really great for, or any vertical piercing like for a navel piercing. The Gem Setting can be made in either 14K White or Yellow Gold which ever you prefer, and in a wide variety of gem colors.

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