Is Outer Conch More Painful than Inner Conch?

Outer Conch More Painful than Inner ConchConch piercing is a beautiful ear cartilage piercing. While not as popular as some other piercings, such as Industrial, earlobe or helix, conch piercing is sure common enough that there are many people who want to have it. There are actually two different types of this piercing: inner conch and outer conch. Since cartilage piercings can sometimes be painful, many people wonder about these piercings. Is outer conch more painful than inner conch?

Two Types of Conch Piercing

Is outer conch more painful than inner conch? Before answering this question, it is important to discuss these two piercing types in more detail. The thing with these piercings is that they are in many ways similar but they can look very different. Because of this difference, there are many people who prefer one or the other. There are also people who have both an inner and an outer conch piercing.

Generally speaking, inner conch is a much more popular variant. It is so popular that people sometimes call this piercing simply “conch piercing”, while they always refer to the other variant as the “outer conch”. This is important to remember: when people talk about conch piercing and how much it hurts, they typically mean on the inner conch piercing.

Inner conch piercing is done on a specific spot on the ear cartilage, right at the center adjacent to the ear canal. You will notice a small, cup-shaped area here. This is the precise spot that is pierced. Keep in mind that ear cartilage is somewhat thick here, which can contribute to the pain during piercing procedure.

Outer conch, on the other hand, is done on the flat part of the ear cartilage. Typically, it goes between the helix and the antihelix. It is important for a piercer to know where to mark this precise spot because otherwise you get a different piercing type. It is best to position an outer conch piercing away from the rim of the cartilage.

Outer Conch More Painful than Inner Conch: Yes or No?

Is outer conch more painful than inner conch? The first thing you need to understand about these piercings is that they are cartilage piercings. They do not go through soft tissue like most of the other piercings. Cartilage is harder and less elastic. It means that it is a bit more difficult to pierce. Of course, this is not a problem for a piercer with experience but it does make cartilage piercings more sensitive. It means that they are somewhat more painful than regular piercings such as earlobe, nostril, lip or eyebrow piercing.

Which one is more painful, though? It will largely depend on your pain level, the piercer’s skill and the size of the hole. For example, if you get your conch piercing with a dermal punch, it tends to be more painful than with a needle.

When it comes to inner vs outer conch pain, it is important to know that inner conch piercings tend to produce a pressure and a “crunching” noise when the needle goes through cartilage. This is audible because the piercing spot is near the ear canal. This noise is the first thing people complain about and it makes the procedure seem worse than it actually is. Because of this, many people claim that inner conch piercing procedure was more painful than the outer conch.

However, this is not a rule. Some people actually claim that the outer conch hurt more. A lot will depend on the sensitivity of your ears and which parts of the ear are the most sensitive. Whatever you do, keep in mind that the procedure is over quickly. It means that the pain doesn’t last long and then you have a wonderful new piercing to be proud of! Both inner and outer conch piercing can be a bit uncomfortable but this shouldn’t prevent you from getting them if you like the piercings and the jewelry you can use.

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