Orgasms from Urethral Sounding

What are orgasms from urethral sounding like? Many people who are interested in urethral play want to know this. Those who are familiar with sounding claim that the orgasm is heightened with a toy inside of the urethra, but in what way? Is such an orgasm worth the trouble needed to learn urethral insertion?

What are Orgasms from Urethral Sounding Like?

A toy inside of the urethra massages some of your most sensitive spots in a new way. It massages your penis from the inside, which is not something you can otherwise experience. For women, a toy inside of the urethra puts a pleasurable pressure on the clitoris and the vagina in a new way, from places that are not possible to reach otherwise. 

This changes the whole stimulation and provides for some very new, very exciting moments. You get to reach your sweet spots in a new way, and you get to discover new places for pleasure. All of this heightens the pleasure and makes the buildup more powerful.

Furthermore, the orgasm itself is more powerful. When a penis is filled up with a toy, it makes for a barrier for the semen coming up. This barrier puts a pleasurable pleasure and a more explosive orgasm. Many men also claim that a toy makes the orgasm last longer. Just make sure to remove the toy as you orgasm: leaving it in will lead to retrograde ejaculation, and this is yet another thing you might or might not want to experience.

As you can see, urethral sounding makes for a very new experience. More sensitive, more explosive. Not all people like this sensation but those who do, claim that this is one of the best ways to reach the orgasm.

However, keep in mind that this is not for everyone. Some people just don’t like the feeling of a toy inserted into the urethra. Others find it too discomforting. Some find the whole urethral play too intense and extreme.

As you can see, this is definitely not something for everyone. You might enjoy it immensely, or you might not like it at all. In other words, orgasms from urethral sounding can be amazing, but only if you are into that sort of a thing.

If you are intrigued by the idea of urethral play, do try. You might be pleasantly surprised, and you might find a completely new path to pleasure. On the other hand, if the mere idea of inserting things into the urethra makes you shiver in fear, this might just not be a thing for you. If you dislike even the idea of it, and if you find it painful even to try, chances are that you won’t be able to reach those amazing orgasms.

Are Orgasms from Urethral Sounding Worth the Trouble?

Another important thing to ask is: are orgasms from urethral sounding worth the trouble? After all, it is not always easy to learn how to insert toys properly. It does require some time, patience and effort. It might be uncomfortable or even painful at first. This is definitely not something you want to do just for nothing.

So, are the orgasms worth it? For people who are into urethral play, the answer is a resounding “yes”. Yes, urethral stimulation does make orgasms more powerful. If you are someone who enjoys the idea of urethral play, it is definitely worth the trouble.

There are many people who love the feeling of a toy inside of the urethra. It is a powerful, highly elevated feeling. If you appreciate this type of stimulation, then learning a good technique and perfecting your urethral play skills is worth it. It will lead to stronger and more enjoyable orgasms. Just make sure to go slowly, be careful and always perform all safety precautions. Invest some time and effort and it will pay off with mind-blowing orgasms.

Happy sounding!

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