Is Organic Body Jewelry the latest Fad?

The tradition of adorning body with beautiful jewelry came into practice during the time of early civilizations. They carved attractive shapes out of organic material such as wood, animal bones, ivory, horns, stones, jade, etc. Therefore, in a way organic body jewelry is a predecessor of metal and surgical steel body piercing jewelry. However, today it is gold, titanium and surgical steel that has gradually become the dominant material for producing body jewelry. So much so, that organic body jewelry is more or less viewed as a symbol of obscure tribal sensibility.

The question then ‘Is Organic Body Jewelry the latest fad?’ then becomes more relevant. How can something that led to the inception of body jewelry, get sidelined (initially) and then be incorporated into mainstream of body piercing jewelry, making it the latest fad. Well that is exactly what has happened to organic body jewelry. It is a type of body jewelry that has caught the fancy of many people who indulge in body piercing. The exotic designs, mysterious symbols and signs, arcane drawings and the natural material such as horns, bones, wood, vegan, ivory, etc all seem to have impressed more and more people, as many have started opting for organic body piercing jewelry.

Apart from aesthetics, another reason for adopting organic body piercing jewelry is the fact that it is uses eco-friendly and natural material for its production. Organic body jewelry is made up of wood, horns, ivory, bones of animals, materials that are naturally available. However, care has to be taken that no animal or living being is hurt during the process of manufacturing. Generally, manufacturers obtain organic material from animals that have died. Other materials such as stone are readily available in the environment. These organic materials do not harm the environment in any way and are recyclable. No wonder they are becoming popular in an environmentally conscious world.

body piercing jewelryMoreover, organic body jewelry with its tribal orientation offers a uniqueness which the shimmer of gold or diamond is unable to provide. Organic body jewelry represents a cultural identity and evokes the traditional past. Also it goes very well with ethnic and tribal tattoo designs.

Organic body jewelry is definitely gaining popularity but to call it a fad would be reducing its own worth. It is more of acknowledging a glory of the past!

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