Orbital vs Conch

There are many different ear piercings you can get. Of course, earlobe piercing is the most popular, but those looking for something more striking and unique have a wide range of piercings to choose from. Some of the most striking ear piercings are conch piercings and orbital piercings. Sometimes, people confuse one for the other. Orbital vs conch: how to tell the difference?

Orbital Ear Piercing

Before you get to the dilemma of orbital vs conch, it is important to understand the important similarities and differences between these piercings. Both are ear piercings, although orbital piercings can be done on other body parts, too. The main thing about an orbital piercing is that it is not related to a body part itself. Rather, it is simply defined as two different piercings connected by the same jewelry piece, namely, the same piercing ring.

It means that orbital piercings are basically two piercings in one. There are two piercing holes at the precise distances. Many times, in order to make healing quicker, these piercings use two different jewelry pieces during the healing time. Only later you connect them using the same piercing ring.

You can get an orbital piercing on many different body parts; it does not have to be on your ears. Whenever you can connect two different piercings by the same ring, you get an orbital piercing. Of course, this is most common for the ear piercings.

On the ear, orbitals can look very striking, because it may seem that a ring orbits the ring. This creates a very striking effect. Typically, the ring goes vertically and orbits the ear from up to down, but there are other placements possible. You can get this effect on many different parts of the ear cartilage. In this sense, orbitals can be very varied and you can get them at many different parts of the ear.

Conch Piercing

Conch is a bit different situation. Conch piercings have their specific spots on the ear cartilage. There are two types of conch piercings: inner conch and outer conch. Typically, the outer conch is used to have a ring going around the edge of your ear.

This is where the confusion of orbital vs conch typically comes from. Because you can have a ring circling your ear with a conch piercing, it can look very similar to an orbital piercing. However, there is a notable difference. Conch is just one piercing and has one piercing hole. The ring simply goes through that hole and around the edge of the ear to go back to the hole. There are no two separate piercings like with the orbital piercing.

If you’re wondering where the name comes from, conch is the term for a large shell, and since this section of the ear kinda resembles one, the name was repurposed for this type of cartilage piercing. Now, you may be wondering why I, a self-proclaimed fan, haven’t gone for a conch piercing yet. Well, erm, have you actually ever taken a moment to feel that inner section of your ear? It’s solid cartilage, so basically yes, fear is what’s holding me back.

Orbital vs Conch: The Verdict

Orbital vs conch, what is the verdict? This depends a lot on what kind of piercings you like and what you wish to achieve. Both piercings are very beautiful and striking. Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to one: many people have both the orbital and conch piercings, sometimes on the same ear.

What you need to understand is that there is a difference between the two. Orbital piercing is basically two piercings connected by the same ring, so you get two different piercing holes. If you are still a beginner at ear piercings, you might want to limit yourself to just one piercing in the cartilage. In this situation, getting a conch piercing (inner or outer) might be a better way to go.

Ultimately, both orbital and conch piercings are beautiful, and it all depends on your preferences and anatomy. If you still have doubts, you may wish to talk to your piercer to decide which piercing type is the right choice.

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