Nose Studs that Don’t Fall Out

nose studs that don’t fall outNose piercings, particularly nostril piercings, are extremely popular. For many people, a nostril piercing is the first piercing they get. That’s why it is not surprising that some aspects of the piercing procedure or jewelry are unclear.

However, even seasoned users and piercing enthusiast can have a problem finding appropriate jewelry. In the case of nostril piercing, one of the most common issue is jewelry falling out of the piercing. Is it possible to find nose studs that don’t fall out?

What Are Nose Studs that Don’t Fall Out?

There are many different nostril jewelry designs to try. Keep in mind that the same jewelry piece may work for you but to be useless for someone else or vice versa. That is okay. A lot will depend on your anatomy and the exact placement of your nostril piercing.

Generally speaking, some nostril jewelry styles are more likely to fall out than the others. While all nostril jewelry can slip out, it happens mostly with straight jewelry pieces. These nose studs and nose bones can be very easy to insert but it also makes them easy to slip out. This is something to keep in mind when choosing your nostril jewelry.

Nose studs that don’t fall out typically have a larger ball on the bottom (the end that goes inside of your nostril). This will make them less prone to falling out but it is also what makes the stud more difficult to insert.

However, if you want a jewelry piece that is not likely to fall out, it is best to get jewelry with a curve. Nose Screws are popular because they look gorgeous but are less likely to fall out. These nostril jewelry pieces have a special bend and a curve which makes them more secure. They don’t slip out easily. Unfortunately, it also makes them more difficult to insert but this is a small price to pay.

Also, there are other designs, such as the L-bars and fishtails. All of these nostril jewelry designs have their own mechanisms to prevent slippage. You may wish to test them all to find the best Nose Screws and nose studs that don’t fall out. Also, other designs can be very effective, too, so make sure to try them.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips on how to get the best nose studs that don’t fall out:

  • Some nostril jewelry pieces are more difficult to insert than the others. In these situations, use lube to help you. Apply a drop of lube on your nostril and the jewelry and try inserting the jewelry inside the nostril. Chances are that it will go much smoother.
  • Size is important. Most of the good nose studs that don’t fall out are those that have a bigger and thicker ball on the end. Yes, it makes them a bit more difficult to insert but once they are in they are less likely to slip out.
  • Nose Screws are considered the best nostril pieces to prevent slippage. Keep this in mind when choosing nostril jewelry.
  • What if you want a Nose Screw or another curved jewelry piece but cannot get it in or out? It is best not to force things. You can make a true mess and cause infections or other problems. If you can’t get a nostril piece in or out, consult your piercer. They will be able to help you without damaging your piercing.
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