Nose Piercings Infographic

Nose piercings are among the most popular facial piercings in the world. A great thing about these piercings is that they are very versatile. There are small and light piercings ideal for those looking for something stylish and cute. However, these are not the only types of nose piercings to choose from.

Many nose piercings are actually bold and noticeable. Some are relatively common, such as septum piercing, while others are rarer. For example, the more extreme forms of piercings go through the full width of the nose. The most popular piercings among those are Nasallang and Erl (Bridge) piercing. There is also a bold Rhino piercing that goes vertically through the tip of the nose.

Piercing Types

There are the three types of nose piercings to choose from: nostril piercings, septum piercings and “full nose” piercings. Each of those can look great so a lot depends on your preferences and style.

  • Nostril piercings go through the nostril (left or right). These are the most popular due to being relatively simple to perform. You can get a regular nostril or a high nostril piercing.
  • Septum piercings go around the septum. A regular septum piercing goes through the small piece of tissue in front of the septum. A less common type of a piercing on this area is a septril piercing, that goes under the tip of the nose.
  • Finally, the full nose piercings go through the width of the nose. The most popular of those are Nasallang and Erl (Bridge) piercing. Another form is a piercing that goes vertically through the tip of the nose: a Rhino piercing. These are the most complex of all.

Infographic: Nose Piercings

Here is a handy infographics showing the most popular types of nose piercings you can choose from:

nose piercing infographic

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