Will Piercing my Nipples cause problems later?

Many women wonder about this when considering getting nipple piercings. Will piercing my nipples inhibit me to breast feed my children? There are no studies that have proven that nipple piercing will cause any problems. The most important thing that you want to remember is to remove your jewelry when you are feeding the baby. There are a lot of little parts on most jewelry that if they come lose they can cause your child to choke.

The most common side effect to having this done is that milk may leak out of the piercing holes. Some say chose a piece of jewelry that is easily removed so that you can insert it back into the piercing after each feeding so that you do not lose your piercing. Also some women stretch their piercings to larger gauges to make inserting and removing the jewelry easier. The downside to this is there is not a lot of fancy pieces of nipple jewelry made in the larger gauges of body jewelry. Also it is harder to hide the larger gauge piercing jewelry under your blouse.

In summary; Piercing your nipples will not usually harm you or your children, or effect your ability to breast feed. However ALWAYS remove your jewelry at feedings and choose easy jewelry to insert or remove so you can reinsert it into your piercing easily and you don’t lose your piercing.

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