Which Nipple Piercing Means that the Person is Gay?

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well which side is that which tells the person looking at you that you are gay and want their attention?…

Which Nipple Piercing Means that the Person is GayIt is undeniable that a nipple piercing is extremely popular. In fact, it is among the most popular intimate piercings, if you count nipple as an intimate body part. Both men and women can enjoy a nice nipple piercing and attractive jewelry that goes with it, such as gold nipple bars and other jewelry options. Most people choose to have both of their nipples pierced. However, there are also people who decide to get a piercing on only one nipple. Does this mean anything? There are some people wondering which nipple piercing means that the person is gay. Left or right?

It is important to understand that the choice a person makes when it comes to the side they wish to pierce can mean many different things. Or it doesn’t have to mean anything. It all depends on the context and the person’s individual decisions.

Choosing a Side for a Nipple Piercing

When a person decides to get a nipple piercing, they also choose whether they wish to get a nipple piercing on only one nipple or to get piercings on both. This decision depends on the person and there are many individual reasons why someone might choose left or a right side, or both.

Many times, this decision has nothing to do with deeper motives. Perhaps they simply like the way their nipple jewelry looks. A great percentage of people choose to have a piercing on both of their nipples. Many opt for identical piercings and jewelry on both nipples. Others choose to have only their left or their right nipple pierces. There are even those who have multiple piercings on the each nipple. There is a great variety in nipple piercings as well as nipple jewelry so this is not surprising.

If a person chooses only one nipple for a piercing, does it mean something deeper? Well, it depends. There are people who use their piercings to signal certain things about themselves, especially if they belong to a specific subculture or a group. For example, those who are into BDSM may choose to signal their preferences using body modifications. However, this is not an absolute rule and doesn’t apply to all situations.

There are also old ideas about piercing the right vs the left side of the body (right ear vs left ear, right nipple vs left nipple). Keep in mind that many of these ideas cannot be applied today, if they were ever true in the first place. With such a popularity of nipple piercings today, it is not possible to rely on these signifiers.

This also means that if you wish to have a nipple piercing only on one nipple, you can freely choose the side without thinking about possible implications. Again, there are so many people with nipple piercings and so many variations that it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

How to Know Which Nipple Piercing Means that the Person is Gay?

Which nipple piercing means that the person is gay? The short answer is that it is not possible to know. Keep in mind that the whole idea of choosing body sides based on sexual orientation is an outdated principle that was never completely accurate anyway.

Is it possible to know which nipple piercing means that the person is gay?  This is by far the most common question people ask about choosing one specific body side for a piercing. There is an old idea about men who pierce only their right ear to be gay. This is an outdated concept these days, with so many people who have ear piercings and other types of piercings. Similarly, some people wonder if it men who have a right nipple pierced are gay. It is important to know that these signifiers are old and outdated by now; with such a huge popularity of nipple piercings there are people of all sexual orientations who choose a specific placement for their piercing, including the right nipple piercing. In other words, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

This not to say that a piercing never means anything. Depending on the context and the group, it is possible to signal certain things using body modifications. For example, in certain situations, using a right nipple ring for men and having the right nipple pierced may signal that the man is the bottom or submissive. Similarly, a piercing in the left nipple may signify that the person is top or dominant. A similar principle may be true for women and female nipple piercing jewelry, too.

It All Depends on the Context

However, it is important to understand that this sort of signaling and communication largely depend on the context. Different groups may use similar ways of communicating and it is also possible that people in general population choose a piercing placement without understanding that it means in a specific group. This is why context and situation are so important. These things are very complex and piercings are not a reliable way of communicating a message unless you belong to a specific group that has its ways of communicating these things. Even then, it is also possible for members of general population to use the same piercing placement.

In other words, it all depends on the context. A nipple piercing placement may mean a certain thing or it may not mean anything. This is why it’s impossible to truly say which nipple piercing means that the person is gay or if there is a way to fully communicate this using piercings. Piercings, tattoos or another body modification are simply so popular these days that there is always a high chance of people choosing various piercings without sending any sort of message.

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