Nickel-Free Tongue Rings

Nickel-Free Tongue RingsThere are many different jewelry choices if you want to find something attractive for your tongue piercing. While a typical jewelry style for a tongue piercing is a straight barbell, it is important to know that this is not the only option. Rings are also common, and this is why all tongue jewelry is often called “tongue rings”. In order to stay safe, it is important to use only high-quality jewelry for your piercing. This is why you need to use only nickel-free tongue rings if you are allergic to nickel. 

What Are Nickel-Free Tongue Rings?

Nickel-free tongue rings are body jewelry pieces you can use for your tongue piercing, but that do not include nickel. Nickel is present in many different jewelry materials, and it can cause a lot of trouble for those who are allergic or sensitive. While not all body jewelry with some nickel is dangerous, it is important to remember that cheap jewelry will probably be full of nickel.

Many people do not have problems with some nickel in jewelry, but there are also many people with severe nickel allergies. If you are sensitive, the nickel content in the jewelry material can cause rashes and many other problems.

This becomes even more dangerous in the case of tongue jewelry. Any jewelry that goes inside of your mouth has to be double-safe, so keep this in mind when choosing jewelry for yourself. Nickel-free tongue rings are important to ensure safety and full satisfaction.

This is why it is important to choose only nickel-free tongue rings and other jewelry pieces you will use for your tongue piercing. Choose only high-quality jewelry made of safe materials. It is important to know how to recognize these materials when ordering your jewelry.

Safe Materials for Tongue Piercings

Titanium is probably the safest material for tongue piercings because it is an elemental metal. It means that it does not contain harmful alloys. This is a super-safe material that is good for new piercings in healing. It is also an ideal material for those who are allergic and sensitive. As a hypo-allergenic material, titanium is an excellent material for tongue rings and other tongue jewelry pieces.

Another option you may choose is Surgical Steel. Keep in mind that this is a superior material to the regular stainless steel. High grades of Surgical Steel, such as 316L and 316LVM Surgical Steel are safe for piercing jewelry, including tongue ring. With this material, any alloys are trapped inside of the metal and do not come in contact with the skin.

Finally, you may consider gold if you are looking for nickel-free tongue rings. Gold is very attractive and makes an excellent body jewelry material. However, it is important to choose only nickel-free gold. This is crucial for ensuring safety, especially if you are sensitive or allergic. Nickel-free tongue rings made of gold are available, so you can get a super attractive tongue jewelry piece that is also safe to use and enjoy.

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