Why should you opt for Nickel-Free Body Jewelry?

Nickel is a metal that is commonly used and found in eyeglass frames, watches, utensils, paper clips and most importantly in jewelry. Nickel is also one of the most common allergen, i.e many people are allergic to nickel and their bodies react towards the metal, severely. Many people are highly sensitive to Nickel and are in grave danger when exposure to nickel is prolonged. This is a very common problem. Since body piercing involves insertion of jewelry into the body, it is very important that the body jewelry one chooses is absolutely nickel free.

Nickel allergies in body take place mainly due to the contact of wet skin with metal. Water or sweat can break the chemical bonds between nickel ions and cause them to immerse into the body, thereby inducing allergies. People who have body piercings or wear jewelry have to be very careful about the contents of the metal they are wearing. Generally, nickel is mixed with other metals to form a sustainable metal alloy that be converted into body jewelry.

Nickel is basically used in things of everyday use as it is one of the most stable metals at room temperature and is a chief metal alloy. Its inclusion in jewelry metals is mainly due to the fact that it takes a high polish and is a hard metal, as well as cheap. However, its role as an allergen cannot be denied. Its metallic properties though useful for alloys does not make it the best choice for human body. Hence, it is recommended that one always opts for nickel-free body piercing jewelry, to avoid any risk of allergies.

Nickel Allergies generally start as itchy feeling on the place of contact with the metal and gradually it leads to dermatitis which includes rashes, blisters, inflammation of skin, etc. Dry patches may also occur. It is to be noted that if the allergy is not taken care of then it may occur at other places also.

Prevention is always better and cheaper than a cure. Although nickel allergies can be cured, it is advisable to not come in contact with the metal in the first place. Taking into consideration the harm that nickel can potentially cause, EU or European Union, passed a law in 2000 minimizing the use of nickel in jewelry. According to this directive, the skin can be exposed, at the maximum, to 0.05% Nickel. As 316L Surgical STEEL contains 6% – 13% nickel, and 14K White Gold usually contains about 10%, thus they cannot be used for fresh piercings. It can only be used after the healing process is complete. This process is known as Epithelization. Replacement jewelry should also not contain more than 500ppm of nickel. The law announced by EU is not universally applicable but all professional body jewelry suppliers and piercers abide by it and deal only in nickel free body jewelry.

Hence, make a wise decision today and buy Nickel Free Body Piercing Jewelry only. At, The Chain Gang, we provide only nickel free body jewelry in a variety of designs. Even our 14k White Gold is Nickel free as we use Palladium instead. We also encourage purchase of body jewelry made of other materials such as acrylic and other bio-compatible, organic materials. Opt for nickel free body jewelry and get a reliable piece of body jewelry.

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