Niche Sex Toys to Enjoy This Summer

Niche Sex ToysSummer is a great way to try something new and to enjoy yourself to the fullest. If you are bored with your usual sex toys or if you are looking for something more exciting, here are some amazing niche sex toys you can try today.

The Top 6 Niche Sex Toys to Enjoy This Summer

Are you ready for a challenge? Do you want to try something different? Than niche sex toys may be the right thing for you. We all love our vibrators, dildos and butt plugs, but sometimes it’s a great way to try something new.

Here are some niche sex toys you can enjoy this summer:

  1. Cadence Vibrating Silicone Sound

Cadence Vibrating Silicone Sound is an amazing toy for those who are intrigued by urethral play. Your urethra is very sensitive and inserting proper toys inside of it can bring amazing sensations. If you like vibrating toys you may wish to go one step further and try a bit of urethral play.

This silicone sound is flexible and thin enough not to cause pain. At the same time, it is powerful enough to produce amazing sensations, particularly when the vibration is set in. Spice up your summer with this amazing toy that will make you cum over and over again! 

  1. CleanStream Shower Enema System

CleanStream Shower Enema System. Do you like to get nasty in the shower? This powerful toy is a great treat for those who like enema play. It is also a great choice for those who want to try this type of activity for the first time. Also, this is a perfect way to clean up all those hard to reach places and to be super-clean for anal sex.

To use it, simply attach this enema system to your shower and let the fun begin! There are two nozzles you can use to experience different levels of sensations. You may use this device for cleaning only or for having some erotic fun in the shower.

  1. Milking Stick

Milking Stick. Are you a fan of P-spot massage? There are many different prostate stimulators you can use. However, if you are tired of the regular prostate massage you may try something more challenging – milking.

If you want to try milking with a partner, you will need an appropriate toy. This milking stick is specially designed to reach the P-spot easily and to provide the perfect stimulation and pressure needed for milking.

  1. Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weight

Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weight. This amazing ball stretching device is ideal for those who want to try stretching for the first time. If you want to get lower hanging balls or if you simply like testicle play, this stretcher may be a great toy for your needs.

A great thing about this ball stretcher is that it uses magnets. It means that it is much easier to position properly around your balls. This is a great news for beginners who may struggle with conventional ball stretching devices. This toy provides comfort and powerful experience so it may be just what you need this summer.

  1. E-Stim Electro Egg

E-Stim Electro Egg. If the prospect of Electro Stimulation sounds appealing, this may be a great sex toy for you. There are many people who appreciate deep, intense vibrations that an Electro Sex toy can bring. This egg is great for stimulating many different sweet spots, so both men and women can enjoy it. Just make sure to get a proper E-Stim Power Box to stay safe.

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