What Are New Trends for Navel Jewelry?

Trends for Navel JewelryNavel piercing is among the most popular piercings in the world. While its popularity lessened a bit in the last few years, navel piercing is getting trendy once again. This time, there are some changes to the popular jewelry styles for navel piercings. There are new trends for navel jewelry that you might want to follow to make your old (or brand new!) belly button piercing super fashionable. Also, new jewelry is a great way to change something and to make your piercing fresh and attractive again. This is why it is important to know the current fashion for belly button jewelry.

New Trends for Navel Jewelry: The Basics

Curved barbells are a standard for navel jewelry. They are very popular and practical for this piercing type. It is therefore not surprising that curved barbells are still a popular choice for belly button piercing. However, there are certain changes that you need to know about.

Perhaps the first thing you need to know about new trends for navel jewelry is that the size of the jewelry pieces is somewhat changing. Gold navel curved barbells are still the most popular jewelry style for belly button piercings. However, their shape is changing. While many people still wear richly ornamented navel pieces, the new trend calls for a more slender and elegant approach.

Curved barbells for navel piercings are often rich in decorations, thick, massive and contain numerous dangles, gems and other decorations. While this jewelry style is still popular, a new trend calls for a slender jewelry piece. This can still be a curved barbell, but with smaller beads or gems. Also, longer barbells that are slim and elongated also work great. The goal is to create a stylish and elegant jewelry piece for you navel piercing.

Belly Button Gems

Another popular choice is a smaller gold belly gem. This is a very trendy choice for a navel jewelry piece. Belly button jewelry pieces typically come with various shiny gems. The gems are available in many different colors and you can also choose to have a genuine gem or even a real diamond with your navel jewelry piece.

Trendy navel jewelry pieces are smaller and include a central gem or a floral motive. There are also popular curved barbells with numerous gems that you can use. These bigger navel jewelry pieces are ideal for special occasions when you want to attract attention.

Navel Spirals

Beautiful navel spirals are another excellent choice for those who want to be super fashionable. Spiral barbells and other spirals are a very fashionable option for your navel piercing. They will add that something extra to your piercing. At the same time, navel spirals are elegant, stylish and not overly massive so they are ideal even for everyday wear.

Diamond Jewelry

Of course, diamond navel jewelry is as popular as ever. Instead of regular gems, you may get a belly button piece with a real diamond. This is the most luxurious choice and it is very trendy. It is perfect for special occasions when you want to display your navel piercing in all its glory. The diamond will add that special luxurious touch to your navel jewelry.

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