New Trend: Braid Piercings

Braid PiercingsOne of the newest piercing trends among celebrities is pretty striking: many of them sport pierced braids. While this is not, strictly speaking, body modification or a piercing in the strict sense of the word, it is nonetheless something you can try for special occasions.

After all, this trend may not be body piercing but it uses piercing jewelry, which is a creative way to use Captive Bead Rings and other body jewelry.

A Hot Trend

Pierced braids seem to be a hot trend among celebrities, though there are many ordinary people who are experimenting with this look. One of the best things about it is that it’s a generally simple idea that is easy to do, but it looks very effective and memorable.

Christina Aguilera was the first one to sport a pierced braid look back in May and many celebrities followed. Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry could also be seen with pierced braids. It is undeniable that the trend is getting a momentum and it’s a hot new thing for this summer.

It is not so difficult to see why: pierced braids with shiny rings are very beautiful and attractive. It is a great way to enhance your looks without going overboard. Rings make this hairstyle look more stylish even if you don’t wear expensive clothes.

This is also a nice way to try some piercings without being truly pierced, which is a good thing for people who are intrigued by piercings but are still not ready to go through the procedure.

If you like pierced braids you can try this look easily. Simply make you favorite braid and add some nice jewelry to it.

Jewelry for Braid Piercings

While many different decorations and jewelry styles may be used for braid piercings, experiences prove that body jewelry works the best. After all, jewelry specially designed for body piercings is made to be comfortable and to stay in place securely. Both of these things are important for braid piercings because you don’t want to hurt yourself if your braid touches your face, neck or another part of your body.

Also, it is important that the jewelry used is reliable and well-crafted, especially when it comes to staying in place. Hair is very unreliable when it comes to texture: it can get tangled and detangled, and it makes it difficult to keep anything in place when attached on the hair. Body jewelry serves good for this purpose because it is designed to be closed tightly and to stay in place. In addition to this, body jewelry also tends to be light enough not to become overwhelming, which also helps, especially if you want to wear numerous braid rings or other jewelry pieces.

As for the style, classic Captive Bead Rings (CBR) work good for braid piercings, though you need to be extra careful how you open and close them so you don’t lose the ball. These rings may seem simple but they are very effective. If you want something fancier, choose a CBR with a colorful bead.

If you wish to avoid thinking about the beads, choose a different type of a ring. Screwball rings and Fixed bead rings will work great for pierced braids since they are very easy to put on and there is no way to lose the bead since it’s attached to the ring.

If you prefer a more seamless jewelry without a bead you should go after segment and seamless rings. These rings are made of segments that fit perfectly together so there is no bead. A closed ring looks like a perfect, seamless circle, which is a good choice for pierced braids jewelry.

For super-special moments, choose one of the gold rings to make your styling complete. Gold rings look very stylish and are great for more formal occasions when you wish to look elegant but trendy.

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