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Here is a link to a new piercing article on our website;

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One thought on “New Piercing Article

  1. I have a question!! I have a PA that is is a 6-4g,but am looking at ideas to add to the piercing.. Either adding a hole(which would possibly keep the original one from stretching to far, or unique jewelry that can be worn 24/7 that isnt a ring or curved bar… I have an idea,but have not seen nor heard about.(a bar that has a ring attached that fits over the shaft) the shaft would keep the ring from sliding off while flaccid yet not constrict when erect(too much)….. Also am looking for the proper placing and depth of the scrotum piercing.Also once scrotum piercing is healed can it be used as a somewhat penis ring(more decorative).
    Thanks for your advice and replies.

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