New Penis Plugs to Try

New Penis PlugsThere are many great penis plugs you can use for urethral play. Penis Plugs are excellent urethral toys that can bring a lot of pleasure and touch some of the hidden sweet spots. A great thing about these toys is that they are very diverse: there are many different models, designs, sizes and textures to choose from. The best of all, penis plugs are constantly evolving to give you the best and most satisfying experience. This is why there are so many new penis plugs you can try. 

The Best of the new penis Plugs

There are many new penis plugs you can try. Since there are so many different models, you can make a special list on those you want to use. Some people choose by size or thickness, since this is an important factor. Others choose penis plugs based on the best reviews and customer satisfaction. There also those who pick penis plugs based on the novelty or the newest designs you can find.

In addition to the classic penis plugs and other famous designs, there are many new penis plugs and other sounding devices you can try. Some of these rely on ribbed texture to provide additional stimulation during use. Others have a flexible design with segments, ideal for a perfect comfort. There are also super-modern penis plugs with a pole for a penis piercing. This is a perfect way to combine your Prince Albert (PA) piercing with a urethral toy. Just pick your favorite lube and enjoy!

Here is a list of the new penis plugs and other similar dilators you can use for a perfect urethral play session: 

New Flexible Penis Plugs

Flexible penis plugs are ideal for those who wish to have a perfect comfort. These plugs either have softer, flexible parts or consist of segments that can adjust to the anatomy. This way, the penis plug perfectly adjusts to the shape of your urethra and provides a perfect fit. It makes for a very intense yet surprisingly comfortable experience. It is not surprising that flexible penis plugs are among the most popular urethral toys you can find. Some of these penis plugs are very long so they can reach deep into the urethra to provide all kinds of intense sensations.

Recommended models:

Happy Bubbles Flexible Penis Plug

Knights Dagger Flexible Penis Plug

Bullet Flexible Penis Plug

Torpedo Flexible Penis Plug

Prince’s Wands

Prince’s Wands are special types of penis plug that have an additional pole with a ball. This short pole is made to go through the Prince Albert (PA) piercing. This way, you can have a gorgeous PA jewelry piece and a sensual urethral toy all in one. These penis plugs are very intense and powerful and you can keep them inside while you also enjoy them as a PA jewelry.

Recommended products:

Cock Screw Prince Albert Wand

Prince Albert Wand with Door Knocker

Shower Head Penis Plug

This new penis plug is special because it acts as a shower head. This is a perfect opportunity for those looking for some intense experience in the shower. It is also a highly sensual urethral toy you can use with a partner.

Recommended model:

Shower Head Penis Screw Plug

Ribbed Penis Plugs

There are many new penis plugs with a ribbed or a beaded texture. This texture rubs nicely against the urethral walls to provide additional stimulation during use.

Recommended products:

Penis Tuner Penis Plug

Mini Humper Penis Plug

Other Designs

Here are some other designs of the new penis plugs you can try. All of these models provide something extra to your urethral play experience and enjoyment:

The Bottle Rocket Penis Plug and Glans Ring

Teardrop Penis Plug

Straight Shooter Penis Plug

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