New Male Genital Piercings ?

Male Genital Piercings have been around a very long time. Many guys think that it is something brand new and totally outside the box, when in fact there are confirmed genital piercings long before today. Examples are the tribes in Borneo which implant bones in either the head of the penis, or just the fact that the most popular Male Genital Piercing which is the Prince Albert ( or PA ) was named after Queen Victoria’s husband the Prince consort from Victorian times. Albert supposedly had it done so that he could a attach the ring to the pants leg and keep his penis where he wanted it. It was then called a “dressing ring”. This was in the time of tights and pre underwear. 🙂
princes wand for a prince albert piercing, custom made body jewelry

There are several different piercings done on the male genitals however the PA is most definitely the most popular one. It is done usually with a ring which is inserted through the urethra and out the bottom of the glans. It is very common for men to have to sit when using the rest room for all occasions due to the fact that with the larger urethra opening it is much more difficult to have sort of accuracy.

Other genital piercings that are very popular among men are;

Guiche – Done behind the scrotum and in front of the anus
Apadravya – A vertical piercing through the male glans
Reverse Prince Albert – Same as the PA except exits through the top instead of the bottom
Dydoes – Done through the ridge of the head
Ampallang – A horizontal Piercing done through the head

Frenum – piercing through the surface of the penis shaft
There are several others as well. In fact the penis can be pierced in more different ways then any other individual body part. Probably the reason for it is the fact that there is a lot of pleasure obtained from these piercings, making them enjoyable for years to come.

There are several different pieces of Jewelry that can be worn in these piercings. Some as simple as a Curved Barbell or as complex as a Prince’s Wand. It is best to talk to your Piercer and see what they recommend for each piercing and for the stage that you are at. And remember you to listen to your Professional Piercers advice and aftercare instructions.

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