New 40mm Ball Weights In Stock

OK guys, there here! Just what you have been waiting for. We now have in stock size 40mm Donut Ball Weights. This is a great new size we are very excited to offer our customers both new and old. We have in stock and ready to ship sizes 40X28, 40X30, 40X32, 40X34, 40X36, 40X38, and 40X40.

This is a great weight for you guys who have been looking to increase from the 30 donut, or for you guys who have been stacking them. Just think of the possibilities you will have now with the 40mm as an option. And these weights are beautiful. They are highly polished surgical steel, like you are used to from our high quality products but there is just something about these that stand out. Maybe it’s the size. The bigger is better theory is definitely true here.

These guys are sure to get your “hang on”. The 40X40 Donut weighs about 1 lb. 10 oz.. Now that is something to be happy about. If you are new to stretching that might not mean much to you, but you guys that have been stretching for a while, you know what I’m talking about. Just imagine the length you are  going to get out of these weights. I can not “weight” to take one home to my man. He is going to be so excited. It’s what he has been “weighting” on. And of course you can stack these with the other donuts, the 20mm and 30mm will all stack beautifully with these new 40 donut ball weights.

For the best selection of ball weights on the web, go to We have all the sizes you need in stock and ready to ship so you can get your “hang on”. Look them up today, you will not be disappointed in what you find at Great prices, great quality.

About Candys Corner:
Candy is a writer, blogger and a staff author for TheChainGang. She manages online research and provides information about the current standards and trends in body jewelry. She has been with TheChainGang for 3 years now. She feels like this is the perfect place for her to unleash her creative potential. Candy explains: “As a piercing enthusiast, working for TheChainGang is a real pleasure. They are focused on providing the best-quality and body safe body jewelry with great designs and variety. I think this variety has completely won me over right from the start”. She is a big fan of TheChainGang products: she has 16 piercings and a wide collection of items from Body Jewelry by TheChainGang.

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