Do You Need a Kink-Friendly Doctor?

Do You Need a Kink-Friendly Doctor?Body modifications and certain sexual activities (such as BDSM) will often leave a mark on your body. Not to mention that these things also put you at a heightened risk of infections, injuries and many other problems. Some of these issues are minor but what if you cannot solve them on your own?

Or, consider this situation: you want to start experimenting with a specific sexual activity, but you are unsure how to prevent injuries or how to lower the risk of potential problems. For example, activities such as urethral stimulation and ball stretching do come with a certain risk and you want to know how to protect yourself and how to stay safe while practicing these activities.

The Importance of Proper Medical Advice

In these situations, it is important to talk to a doctor. A medical professional is the only person who can answer some of the health-related questions you may have. Your piercer may know some things, but it is not the same as the advice given by a real doctor. Similarly, people in the BDSM community or those practicing urethral play or ball stretching can offer some help but it can never substitute real medical advice.

So, what to do? The best course of action is to talk to a real doctor who can provide advice and help you stay safe during all kinds of activities and body modifications. This is the only way to be sure you are allowed to engage in these activities and the only way to get valid medical advice about any activity you wish to try. Also, this is the only way to get help if something goes wrong. There is no substitute to a medical advice – you need to talk to a real doctor.

However, there’s a potential problem. Not all doctors are open about body modifications, BDSM or unusual sex toys. Many doctors are not trained to talk about these things so they might dismiss them as dangerous and unnecessary. Finally, some doctors are so firmly against any of these activities and modifications that they refuse to give advice or help people engage in these activities.

For this reason, it is very important to find a kink-friendly doctor you can talk to. A kink-friendly and a piercing-friendly doctor is a medical professional who is open about helping people who engage in various sexual activities or body modifications. Such a person is not only open to talk about these issues but is also knowledgeable about the body modifications or BDSM scene. As such, this is a valuable individual who can help you a lot.

Why do You Need a Kink-Friendly Doctor?

Remember, any time you engage in any activity that carries even the smallest risk, there is a chance that you will need medical attention. While all doctors can provide help during the emergency, and while you should never wait to get medical help if you need it, a kink-friendly doctor can provide so much more. Such a doctor can prepare you beforehand, examine you to determine if you are fit to engage in a sexual activity and give you advice on how to prevent problems that may arise.

There are many people who might need a kink-friendly doctor. Even if you don’t see yourself as particularly adventurous, consider a kink-friendly doctor. There are many things a good doctor can help you with. This is particularly important for beginners who are only starting to experiment with their kink.

Some people who need a kink-friendly doctor include:

  • Members of a BDSM community. If you wish to engage in BDSM, you need a kink-friendly doctor who understands your sexual activities and any injuries that may arise from BDSM.

  • People practicing urethral play. Urethral stimulation and urethral toys can cause injuries and other problems. It is important to stay safe during these activities so it’s best to consult a kink-friendly doctor. In this case, it is best to find a kink-friendly urologist who can help you stay safe during urethral stimulation.

  • People doing ball stretching.

    Ball stretching can be a risky activity so you need advice on how to stay safe during the process. It is important to find a doctor who understands ball stretching and can help you prevent injuries and other problems.

  • Those who engage in chastity play. Chastity play, such as male chastity, classifies as a type of BDSM. However, it is a somewhat lesser-known kink so you need to find a doctor who understands your specific needs.

  • People using unusual and extreme sex toys, such as electro sex toys, CBT devices, and more. While these can all be classified as subtypes of BDSM, it is worth to mention people who are into these specific kinks. If you have any niche interests, make sure to find a doctor who understands your kink and can help you stay safe.

Reasons to Get a Kink-Friendly Doctor

Also, remember that there are also doctors who help people with piercings, tattoos and other body modifications. While these are not typically referred to as “kink-friendly doctors” they are often the same people. If you want advice on piercings, seek a piercing-friendly doctor who can help you with your questions. A tattoo-friendly doctor can help people with tattoos. For other types of body modifications, seek a doctor who helps people with general body modifications or extreme body modifications.

You may think that it’s difficult to find a kink-friendly doctor, but it might actually be easier than you think. There are many medical professionals who are open to giving advice about various sexual activities. Some are even members of the BDSM community themselves! The truth is that you never know unless you do your research. Some doctors will openly state that they are kink-friendly or piercing-friendly, but others don’t. There are also doctors who take a special interest in specific aspects, such as piercings, tattoos or BDSM. Again, you might not know this unless you do your research. There are more piercing-friendly and kink-friendly doctors than people think.

On the other hand, it is true that many doctors are just not open to discussing BDSM or body modifications, let alone offering help on how to practice these things. This is ok. It is within their right to refuse to talk about these issues, even though they should still treat you if there is an actual problem.

Kink-Friendly Doctor: The Difference

Kink-friendly doctors know about various sexual activities people engage in. While most doctors will recommend against certain things, they know that they can’t prevent people from doing these things if they wish so. In order to help people, they will offer advice on how to stay safe and prevent injuries. In this sense, yes, you can get advice from a kink-friendly doctor. Don’t expect advice on how to perform a certain act, but you can expect help on how to prevent common problems and pitfalls of certain activities.

Also, a kink-friendly doctor can examine you to see if there are certain underlying medical problems that may prevent you from practicing some activities. For example, men with certain prostate issues are strongly advised against urethral play, particularly prostate massage. This is something your doctor can tell you. It is advisable to seek advice from a kink-friendly doctor before you even start experimenting with a certain sexual activity or a sex toy.

Legal Issues

One might wonder about potential legal issues. Are doctors allowed to give advice about kink and other activities that may harm people’s health? What about marks and injuries caused by BDSM activities?

This is an excellent question. Indeed, doctors are there to help cure people, not help them cause bodily harm. The first thing you need to understand here is that doctors know how to recognize signs of abuse and to report them. They might not tell you this, but it is their job to do it. It is therefore crucial to inform your doctor about any BDSM activity you engage in. Failing to do so may result in an investigation, since your doctor may interpret injuries as a sign of domestic abuse.

Be Honest

This is why it is important to be completely honest with your doctor, even the one who is not kink-friendly. Doctors have seen everything so chances are that whatever you have is not new. However, the person’s behavior can tell a lot about the case. If you are open and honest, there is a high chance that your doctor will understand. Hiding things from your doctor can only make them more suspicious. For these reasons, the best way to avoid legal problems and investigations is to always be completely honest with your doctor.

It is also why it’s important to seek a kink-friendly doctor: such a person will understand BDSM and other kinks better and will be more open to treat you accordingly, without calling the authorities.

So, the first step is honesty with any doctor, even if you suspect they might not be kink-friendly. This is the best way to avoid legal aspects. Doctors are not required to report BDSM and other signs of consensual sexual activities, even when they leave marks. Only abuse is reported. For this reason, it is important to talk to your doctor and explain the situation.

Treating Injuries

Speaking of which, doctors are required to treat any injuries you may have, even if they are caused by BDSM or other sexual activities. So, do not worry about it. Even a doctor who is not kink-friendly will help you with your injuries and any signs that your sexual activities may leave on your body.

What about helping you stay safe during these activities? Is it ok for doctors to give advice of this nature? It is true that doctors are there to heal you, not to help you cause harm. After all, there are huge moral and legal consequences for the doctors who help people cause harm to themselves. This is why many doctors do not even want to give any advice or talk about BDSM, kink or toys such as urethral sounds and ball stretchers.

However, some doctors approach these issues from another point. They are not helping you harm themselves – they are helping you stay safe while doing certain activities. In this sense, yes, you can get advice and help from a kink-friendly doctor without causing any legal harm on them. Keep in mind, though, that you will need to be fully honest with your doctor. Also, some doctors might ask you to sign a form absolving doctor from responsibility. This is not always needed but certain situations might call for it. If you are concerned about legal aspects, talk to your doctor about it and see what kind of a solution you two can find. One thing is sure: there are many kink-friendly doctors out there who will be able to help you without causing legal issues to them or to you.

Warning: Emergency Situations

One word of warning: things mentioned above refer only to non-emergency situations. If you have a medical emergency, you need to seek doctor immediately! You don’t have time to find someone who is kink-friendly. If you have a medical emergency, just go to the doctor straight away. Any delay may cause further issues. Remember, an emergency doctor will be able to examine you and help you even if they are not kink-friendly.

Remember, doctors are doctors. They are there to help you with an emergency. For this reason, do not be afraid to go to a doctor even if they are not kink-friendly. After all, it is an emergency! Keep in mind that all doctors get to see many different injuries and other problems so whatever is happening with you, chances are that they’ve already seen it! Do not be scared or ashamed to visit a doctor who is not kink-friendly in case of an emergency. After all, they are there for you.

Speaking of which: if you do seek medical help in the case of an emergency, be honest. Even if the doctor is not kink-friendly, you need to tell them what is going on with you. Piercings, body modifications, tattoos – if there is a problem with any of them, tell your doctor. The same goes for any sexual act or a toy you might have used: tell your doctor about it! Imagine this: a toy that gets stuck inside the body so doctors need to take them out. You might be surprised how often this happens so doctors (even non-kink friendly ones) are used to these situations. The same goes for body injuries that happen as a result of BDSM activities.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is: whatever is that it’s going on, tell your doctor. Never hide any toy, activity or medication you might have taken. It is important to be honest because this is the only way for your doctor to give you the right treatment and to help you solve your emergency. Remember, these things are important and medical emergencies are nothing to play with. If you happen to have a medical emergency, go straight to the doctor and be as honest as possible. For your non-urgent issues associated with toys and sexual activities, seek a kink-friendly doctor.

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