Navel Rings, Eyebrow Rings, Nose Rings….What is it About Rings that has Jewelry Lovers Running Around in Circles?

If there is one thing that has not changed over the years, it is that people always want to look their best. In our own unique ways, we try our best to look much better than before, every single day. In today’s times, tattoos and piercings have become the foremost way for people to look nice and different. Adorning body piercings with beautiful and unique jewelry pieces is a style statement for both men and women. Among the most popular body jewelry pieces are rings, all types, eyebrow rings, nose rings, ear rings, etc.

One of the smoothest and most hassle free pieces of jewelry. Also, they look elegant and can be worn in just about any piercing! What exactly is it about jewelry rings that has people running around in circles? Why is everyone’s first choice for jewelry is a ring? Let’s try and find out:

The most important reason seems to be the fact that jewelry rings are easy to wear and change. A ring which is of the right size and worn correctly will never let a piercing go bad. In fact, piercers always prefer rings for fresh piercings, but that may just be because they are also less expensive. 😉

Rings are apt for almost every single piercing. They can be worn in anything from ear piercings to Prince Albert piercings. A piercing which is adorned with a ring is always more easy to manage and clean, provided it is not being interfered with by clothing.

Rings can be worn by both men and women. Depending upon the piercing, and who wears it, they can also be given a unique twist. You can experiment with different designs, patterns and charms which can be added to rings.

The safest jewelry choice for most fresh piercings, rings generally do not scar and also accommodate themselves according to the changes that happen in a piercing during the healing period.

So why do people run after rings? Is it because they look good? Or is it the comfort factor? Maybe a bit of both, or a totally different reason altogether. Whatever it might be, the fact that rings are an important body jewelry piece, which will never go out of style. Thanks to their versatility and comfort, rings were, are and always will be the choice of body jewelry lovers everywhere!

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