Navel Ring Placement

navel-ring-placementNavel piercing is one of the most popular piercing types in the world. Both men and women can enjoy this piercing type. However, there are more ladies with belly button piercings than there are men. Nevertheless, this is a great piercing that people enjoy regardless of gender.

In order for navel piercing to be completely enjoyable and successful, the piercer has to make a correct placement. While it seems easy to achieve, it is still something that requires a lot of professional practice and experience. It is therefore important to choose the right piercer for the job.

Navel Ring Placement Basics

The first thing that you need to know about navel ring placement is that the piercer doesn’t pierce the navel itself. While certain variations of a belly button piercing go through the navel itself, regular piercing doesn’t go through the belly button. What is pierced is the upper rim of the navel. This is a very thin piece of tissue so it makes navel piercing relatively easy to perform.

However, it doesn’t mean that amateurs should ever perform navel piercings. If you wish to get a belly button piercing it is important to choose an experienced professional. It is vital that your chosen piercer is knowledgeable about the type of the piercing you wish to get. A good professional will also be able to find the best placement that will suit your anatomy perfectly.

During navel piercing procedure, the piercing needle goes through the upper rim of the navel. Then the piercer inserts a navel ring or a barbell is inserted. The placement of the hole also determines the navel ring placement. Most navel piercings go through the upper rim of the navel. It means that the top of the jewelry sits on the upper rim of the navel. This is where the top edge of your jewelry will be. Depending on the design of your navel jewelry, it can go down a little or a lot. Some smaller navel rings just make a slight hoop from the upper rim toward the navel itself. Other rings go down to the navel hole and cover it.

Some very long navel jewelry designs go down so much to cover the navel completely. Others start at the upper rim but then go down all the way over the navel hole and under the navel. Some of these rich, beautifully designed navel jewelry pieces are very attractive so they are ideal for special occasions. These barbells have special dangles and gems that attract a lot of attention to your piercing.

Alternative Navel Ring Placements

A hole though the upper rim of the navel is the most common placement for a navel piercing, but not the only one. In theory, you can pierce all parts of the rim, which makes for alternative belly button piercing placements and also for alternative jewelry placements. For example, an inverse navel piercing goes through the lower part of the rim. It makes that any jewelry that goes through this piercing sits differently and has a lower placement than regular belly button piercing.

There is also a horizontal variant of a navel piercing, done along the rim. Jewelry for this piercing has a different placement and it sits horizontally on the navel. It creates very attractive effect and it’s ideal for those who wish to have a bit different navel piercing than the usual one.

There are many ways to perform a navel piercing, which influences the way a navel ring sits on the navel. If you want to know more about a specific navel ring placement, talk to your piercer. A knowledgeable professional will know how to make the best piercing for your anatomy and according to your wishes.

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