Navel Piercings – Common and Easy

The Navel Piercing has become a modern way of life. You see them everywhere in magazines, on celebrities, and all over television. This is one of the most popular piercings around now for women even though some men have it as well. The theory behind the navel piercing is sex appeal especially with a long dangle piece like the ones in our 14k Gold line. This piercing is sometimes difficult to heal, because of its location and being a lint collecter, but usually it is a relatively low problem piercing. Clothing, is the biggest complaint and problem with this piercing, because it rubs against the piercing or catches and tugs on the jewelry causing an irritation, and subsequent infection. Now with all the low rise jeans to choose from this is really no longer nearly as big of a problem.
Also there are the young girls trying to do the piercing themselves with safety pins, sewing needles, or ear piercing guns, all of which should never be used for any “Body Piercing”, they are made to do one thing and that is to pierce ear lobes. Any of those ways are just stupid and can lead to infection, scaring, piercing rejection and migration, and even other more serious problems. It is a great piercing, but let a professional do it.

There are many different kinds of Jewelry that can be worn in the navel. A Curved Barbell is probably the most comfortable because it does not stick out the way that a ring does. In Curved Barbell there are several different designs to choose from like dangles, Gems, and different shapes. You can also wear rings in your navel as well, but usually you want to use less then 1/2″ diameter.

You do not need to get fully undressed to get a navel piercing. It is a very simple piercing really. The navel area should be clean with antiseptic solution and the piercing is normally marked. After all the cleaning and marking then a clamp is placed on your navel where the jewelry is to be inserted and a special needle will pierce you and insert the jewelry all at the same time. And in a few seconds you all done with your brand new piercing.

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