My Navel is Pierced now what ?

Well you have finally taken the first step and finally got your navel pierced, now what. Well you have a long road ahead of you of cleaning and taking proper care of your piercing as your navel can take 3-4 month or even a year depending on your body and your aftercare. Everyone is different that is why healing time varies so much.

Cleaning your piercing should be done twice a day. You navel is a place where dirt and lint from your clothing normally hides so cleaning is very important so that your new piercing does to get infected. It is also just important not to over clean your piercing as this will cause problems just as easily as not enough. One of the most important things to remember is to never touch your piercing with dirty hands. You should always wash you hands with an antibacterial soap before you go near your piercing to prevent getting a bacterial infection.
You have probably heard the term crusty’s on your piercing or your jewelry. What is it and how do you get rid of it? The crust that tends to form on your jewelry is dried dead white blood cells from the natural healing process. Do not be alarmed it normal. Before it dries it will be clear or yellowish in color. This is normal discharge from a piercing or any wound in fact. It is part of your body’s normal healing process. To get these yucky crustys off of your jewelry, the best way is to cup you hand and fill it with warm water soaking the jewelry while in the shower and or simply soaking in a tub. This will loosen up the crust and should come right off the Jewelry. You should never move the Jewelry around in your piercing with these crustys on the Jewelry as it will tear your piercing on the inside because the skin that is forming around the Jewelry is very sensitive and somewhat attached to the jewelry at this point. Also this alone make you much more susceptible to an infection in your piercing.

Cleaning solutions will vary from different piercers. They will normally recommend antibacterial soap such as Provon or a sea salt solution such as the H20 aftercare solutions which is specifically formulated for body piercings. Never use alcohol, peroxide, or petroleum based products as these will hinder the healing process. You will need to continue to do this until you are completely healed.

Another thing is that if you do have an infection you should never remove the jewelry unless your doctor tells you to, because the jewelry actually acts as a drain to remove the infection. If you remove the jewelry it can cause you a lot more problems. The piercing can heal up with all the infection inside with no place to go, and is then called an abscess. If you think you have an infection you should seek medical attention as soon as possible so that antibiotics can be prescribed and you can catch it before it gets bad.

Getting you navel pierced is easy now the rest is up to you. Make sure you check the balls daily on a Curved Barbell and check your ring daily so that you do not loss any part of your jewelry. Good Luck From your Friends At Body Jewelry By The Chain Gang.

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