Name of Different Urethral Dilators Types

Name of Different Urethral Dilators Types

Name of Different Urethral Dilators Types

Urethral dilators are adult toys inserted into the urethra for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Different people consider different types of toys to be “urethral dilators”. For many people, urethral dilators are what is commonly known as “urethral sounds”. These are among the most popular types of urethral toys. These are shaped just like real medical instruments urologists use during examinations. As such, they are very popular among those with a medical fetish. However, you don’t have to have a medical fetish to enjoy urethral sounds. These are very popular urethral toys and are great for both beginners and more experienced users.

Another meaning of the term “urethral dilator” is “urethral stretcher” or “urethral trainer”. These are urethral toys made for beginners who wish to enlarge their urethra so they can take larger toys. Urethral trainers allow for a gradual and comfortable stretching of the urethra so the person can use thicker and bigger toys.

Names of Different Urethral Dilator Types: Overview

Here, we will talk about urethral dilators in the meaning of “urethral sounds”. There are some specific types of urethral sounds that are considered standard. If you wish to use urethral sounds (urethral dilators) it’s best to know their names and popular sound types.

The most popular urethral dilator (urethral sounds) include:

  • Hegar dilators.

    Hegar dilators are among the most popular urethral sounds. They have a slightly curved S shape. They are smooth and great for both beginners and more advanced users. Here is a quick Guide to Hegar Sounds.

  • Rosebud dilators.

    Rosebud dilators are straight and thin sounds with a bullet-shaped tip made for additional stimulation. These sounds are great for beginners because they are non-intimidating and can hit all the right spots. Here is a quick Guide to Rosebud Sounds.

  • Dittle dilators.

    Dittle dilators are very similar to Rosebud dilators, except they have a flat or a round end. Flat ends are great for plugging in electro sex devices. These are great sounds for beginners who wish to enjoy urethral stimulation. Here is a quick Guide to Dittle Sounds.

  • Hank dilators.

    Hank dilators are typically intermediate. It means that they are great for people with a big of experience, though there are some beginners who like them. These sounds resemble Hegar sound but have characteristic ribs on both ends. These ribs can serve as stoppers for beginners so the sound is not inside way too deep. Those more experienced can insert the dilator past the rib and use the rib as a texture for additional stimulation and enhanced pleasure. Here is a quick Guide to Hank Sounds.

  • Van Buren dilators.

    Van Buren dilators are ideal for users with more experience who wish to enjoy deep urethral stimulation. They have a curve on one end made to fit natural curve in your urethra. These sounds are great for prostate stimulation. Here is a quick Guide to Van Buren Sounds.

  • Pratt dilators.

    Pratt dilators are great for users with experience. They have endings positioned at an angle. They can produce very intense sensations but may be too sharp for beginner users. Here is a quick Guide to Pratt Sounds.

  • Guyon dilators.

    Guyon dilators are not as well-known as the other types but can produce specific sensations. They are only for users with the most experience who crave intensity and extreme stimulation. These are extreme toys ideal for deep urethral play. If you don’t like too intense urethral play these are not for you, however, those who are into pain or extreme urethral stimulation will love them. Here is a quick Guide to Guyon Sounds.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your article and very interesting site. Last year at 59 years old I remembered an incident in the Emergency Room when I was 17 years old, drunk, high, and had wrapped my GTO around a telephone pole doing about 90 mph, was thrown out of my car, broke most of my ribs on my left side and also had pulverized the top of my right hip bone.
    I was feeling really badly at the time, and yet I specifically remember having an orgasm in the ER when the nurse put a catheter in my penis to check for internal bleeding. I fully ejaculated at the time, and because of it I started researching ‘urethra sounding’ wondering if I could actually stimulate my prostrate with a sound and kind of repeat that experience without all the other pain. So I did purchase a rosebud set and then a complete 14 of Dittel set and have worked my way up to the # 26. I’m going probably to within 2 inches from the bottom of the flat top part of the Dittel so I assume I’ve passed the prostrate, yet no specific positive feelings of stimulation and just read your article on Van Buren Sounds and the sharp curve on the one end for prostrate stimulation and based on your article am under the impression that these are the best for prostrate stimulation, am I correct? I do understand that these are Not for beginning sounding. Thanks for any info you might be able to offer. Also is sounding stimulation to a female in her urethra sexually/orgasmically stimulating as well?

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