Most Popular Types of Urethral Stimulation: Shallow, Intermediate, Deep

Most Popular Types of Urethral StimulationIf you are interested in urethral stimulation you need to know that there are several different types of urethral play you can practice. While each person is different, with unique tastes and preferences, there are some common ways to engage in urethral stimulation. It is very important to know what’s out there and how to use your urethral toys in the most enjoyable and safe manner.

This is particularly important for beginner users who are only starting to experiment with urethral stimulation. It will help you stay safe and it will also make the experience much more enjoyable for you. Keep in mind that there are no strict rules about urethral stimulation, but you have to follow some common guidelines to stay safe and to make urethral play as fun and enjoyable as can be.

Main Types of Urethral Stimulation

When we talk about types of urethral stimulation, we mean on the most common ways urethral stimulation is practiced. This doesn’t directly refer to urethral toys, though certain toys are definitely more suitable for specific types of urethral stimulation and not for the others. Nor do we refer to the exact play scenarios a person may use for urethral stimulation. Rather, we mean on the ways the urethra is stimulated and how deep the toy gets inside the penis. This is an important distinction because if influences many other parameters of urethral play, such as toys used experience level or even the manner in which urethral stimulation is performed.

Generally speaking, there are three main types of urethral stimulation:

  • Shallow urethral stimulation.Also known as beginner’s urethral stimulation, this form of urethral stimulation is the one that affects only the top of the penis, that is, the first few inches of the urethra. With this type of stimulation, urethral toys are inserted only a few inches inside the penis at the most. Some of these beginner toys are so shallow to only affect the urethral opening but do not even go one inch inside the urethra.
  • Regular or intermediate urethral stimulation. This is urethral stimulation that affects the penis only. That is, urethral toys are inserted only inside the penis and not deeper. When this type of urethral stimulation is practiced, no toy is inserted past the base of the penis. It means that the toy never goes further than the base of the penis so only the part of urethra inside the penis is affected. When we refer to urethral stimulation without any specifics we generally mean on this type of urethral stimulation.
  • Deep urethral stimulation. This is urethral stimulation in which the toy goes deeper than the base of the penis, all the way to prostate. This is activity generally reserved for more experienced users and should not be attempted by beginners. This type of stimulation uses long urethral toys, often curved to allow the toy to fit the natural curves in the body. One of the most enjoyable things about deep urethral stimulation is direct prostate massage that can be achieved by using the tip of the urethral toy. Again, this is an advanced activity that is reserved only for the most experienced users.
  • Extreme deep urethral stimulation. This rare type of urethral stimulation is very deep and goes past the prostate. Those who practice this type of stimulation are rare and with specific preferences for urethral play. With this extra-deep type of urethral stimulation, the toy goes through the prostate and all the way to the bladder. It is also considered a sub-type of deep urethral stimulation, but it deserves its own mention because bladder stimulation is a rare and more extreme form of deep urethral stimulation that not all people who practice deep urethral stimulation want to try.

Keep in mind that these types of urethral stimulation mainly refer to male urethral stimulation. Female urethral stimulation exists, but it never goes as deep because female urethra is much shorter. For this reason, what is considered only regular or even shallow urethral stimulation for men may be deep urethral stimulation for women. Also, keep in mind that women’s bladder is located only around 2 inches long, which means that you can reach the bladder even with a small toy. This is what makes female urethral stimulation much different to that practiced by men.

If you are a woman who wish to practice urethral stimulation you need to find specific advice aimed at women, since many of the things that apply to men do not apply to female urethral stimulation. On the other hand, some basic principles and safety guidelines still stand, so you might find articles about male urethral stimulation helpful to an extent.

Here are the main types of male urethral stimulation explained in more detail:

Shallow Urethral Stimulation

Shallow urethral stimulation is ideal for beginners who are only trying this sort of sexual activity for the first time. It is great for those who still don’t have a stretched urethra. This type of stimulation affects only the first few inches staring from the pee hole, so any toys inserted into penis never go too deep. While you may think of this type of stimulation as urethral play that affects only the first few inches of urethra, keep in mind that those are actually the last few inches of the urethra, since urethra starts with the bladder and goes all the way through prostate and into the penis. However, in order not to become too confusing, we will refer to this type of stimulation as urethral play that affects the top of the penis.

This type of urethral play is very shallow: the toys are never inserted deeper than a few inches at most. There are even some toys that get inserted very shallow and don’t go deeper than the pee hole itself. These smaller, shorter toys are ideal for beginners who are only starting to experiment with this type of erotic stimulation. This is also a good activity for those who don’t have a trained urethra. Keep in mind, you can’t insert larger toys until your urethra is properly stretched, so smaller penis plugs and other short urethral toys are ideal for people of this experience level. However, shallow urethral stimulation is not reserved for beginners. There are many experienced men who like this type of stimulation and shorter urethral toys.

It is important to note that it’s vital to start with shorter toys before you train your urethra to accommodate larger and longer urethral toys. Before your urethra is stretched properly you should not insert toys too deep – even a few inches is too much for the absolute beginners.

Some good urethral toys for shallow urethral play include Sperm Stoppers, Tiny Penis Plugs and smaller Urethral Trainers.

Regular Urethral Stimulation

Urethral ToysThis somewhat non-descriptive name refers to the intermediate and common type of urethral stimulation, the one where the toy is inserted deep into the penis, but not deeper than that. In other words, the toy stays inside the penis part of urethra and doesn’t go deeper than the base of the penis. If you want to insert your toy into your penis shaft but don’t want to attempt to put it deeper inside the body to prostate or bladder, you are practicing intermediate or regular urethral stimulation.

This is a very common form of urethral play. Some people even claim that this is the most common form of urethral stimulation. It may be difficult to judge the numbers, but it is undeniable that this is a very popular form of urethral play. There are many toys you can use to practice this form of urethral play and many different ways to move the toy during stimulation.

Keep in mind, however, that you need to have a properly stretched urethra to attempt it. While this is not a super advanced type of urethral stimulation it does make the toy go all the way down the penis. It is more comfortable, not to mention safer, to have your urethra properly stretched and trained before you engage in this type of urethral play.

Indeed, there are different ways to stimulate your urethra with a toy inside the penis. Some men love the feeling of a toy stretching them and find this feeling arousing on itself. Others like to engage in what is called “in and out sounding”, in which the toy is moved an inch or so up and down. It means to essentially “fuck” and penetrate the urethra, which many men find not only pleasurable but also a very arousing sight. However, keep in mind that you should never make sudden and sharp moves, nor should you move the toy up and down for more than an inch or so. This is not a complete equivalent to penetrative sex so it is important to go gently and move the sound or a penis plug only slightly.

Finally, some men enjoy the feeling of a urethral toy being removed during ejaculation. With regular (as in, non-deep) urethral stimulation, toys used are typically straight and these can be safely removed while the penis is still erect. It means these toys are safe for this form of urethral play. That being said, if you wish to remove the toy during orgasm, double check that your chosen toy is safe to remove while the penis is erect.

The best urethral toys for this type of stimulation are shorter and medium, straight urethral sounds and penis plugs, such as Rosebud, Dittle, Hegar or Hank sounds.

Deep Urethral Stimulation

Deep urethral stimulation is defined as urethral play in which the toy is inserted deeper than the base of the penis. It means that this type of urethral stimulation affects more than just the penis part of urethra. It also includes part of urethra located inside the body. This form of urethral stimulation is reserved for more experienced users so you should not engage in it unless you are familiar with urethral stimulation, known safety guidelines and have a properly stretched urethra.

Probably the main reason people choose to engage in deep urethral stimulation is prostate massage. The only way to stimulate prostate directly is through the urethra. Keep in mind that while it might be much easier to reach prostate through the anus, this form of massage cannot be understood as truly direct, because there is always the anal wall between your toy and the prostate. The only way to massage prostate directly is through the urethra, but this is a much more advanced technique than massaging prostate through the anus. However, if you are experienced enough and want to try deep urethral stimulation, it is possible to achieve, but you need to be very careful and use the right type of toys.

Deep urethral stimulation requires specially designed toys, particularly if you want to try prostate massage. Toys made for this activity are not only long, but have a pronounced curve on the end. This curve is made to accommodate the natural curves in the body. These toys can be used for targeted prostate stimulation. You can massage your prostate with the tip of the toy or even insert the toy inside the prostate. This means going super-deep and is a more extreme form of urethral stimulation. If you wish to insert the toy deeper into the urethra (deeper than the prostate), please read the next section.

Toys made for deep urethral stimulation are extra-long urethral sounds, as well as specially designed sounds for deep urethral stimulation: Van Buren sounds and the more extreme Guyon sounds.

Extreme Deep Urethral Stimulation

This is a more advanced and extreme form of deep urethral stimulation. Obviously, it is reserved only for the most experienced users who are very familiar with all types of urethral stimulation. Even then, keep in mind that not all men want to try this type of urethral play.

In this type of urethral stimulation, the toy is inserted very deep, past the urethra. That is, the toy goes inside the urethra, and in some cases even deeper, all the way to the bladder. This way, it is possible to stimulate the bladder and achieve a very intense sensation. As mentioned above, this is definitely not for everyone and it bring additional risks, but there are men who do practice it.

Toys used for extremely deep urethral stimulation are generally the same ones used for deep stimulation, only inserted even deeper. If you wish to engage in this activity the toys to use are extra-long urethral sounds, particularly Van Buren sounds and the extreme Guyon sounds.

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