The Most Popular Types of Urethral Dilators

There are many different types of urethral dilators you can try. Beginner users who wish to try urethral stimulation need to know that it’s important to stretch your urethra before you start to use thicker urethral toys. The only way to do it properly and safely is to use urethral dilators. In order to know how to choose the best urethral dilator for yourself you need to know all about the different types of urethral dilators you can use.

The Importance of Urethral Dilators

types of urethral dilatorsThere are several popular types of urethral dilators you can use to train and stretch your urethra. Before you choose one for yourself you need to understand what a urethral dilator does. A urethral dilator is not just any urethral toy: it is a special device made for safe and comfortable urethral stretching. Urethral dilators have a specific purpose to train someone’s urethra and stretch it to a wider diameter.

Stretching is a necessary step for those who wish to practice urethral play. Natural urethra is not particularly thick so you can only safely use short and small urethral toys. This may be good for those who just want some light urethral stimulation but if you want something more you need to stretch your urethra. A wider urethra can accommodate thicker and bigger urethral toys. This is the only way to practice deep urethral stimulation or prostate massage.

It is important to perform slow and gentle urethral dilation. Doing it too fast or rough may hurt your urethra and cause injuries. In order to avoid this you need to use a good urethral dilator.

The Main Types of Urethral Dilators

If you want to try urethral dilation you need to know what kind of devices to use. Using the right device is crucial because it is the only way to ensure safety and comfort. It is also the only way to ensure satisfaction with urethral stretching.

Never use random household objects or items for urethral play. You should always stick to proper urethral toys that are specially designed for the purpose of urethral stimulation. Furthermore, those who want to try urethral dilation should not use any urethral toys but only those that are made for urethral dilation. In other words, you should understand what a toy can do and what toys are the best to use to stretch and train your urethra.

There are several popular types of urethral dilators:

  • Beginners’ Urethral Stretchers. Urethral stretchers are special urethral toys for beginners. They are generally short and have graduated segments on the body. You train your urethra by slowly going one segment at a time. One segment per session or per several sessions is enough to stretch your urethra in a slow and safe manner. This is the best way to start your urethral dilation.

  • Long Urethral Trainers. Those who already know the feeling of smaller urethral stretchers will benefit from a bit longer toys. This is a so-called “stage two”, ideal for those who want to stretch their urethra even further. There are many longer urethral trainers that can help you stretch your urethra even further.

  • Penis Plugs.

    Penis plugs are regular urethral toys that are generally not made for urethral dilation. However, many penis plugs are small and non-intimidating so even beginners can use them. They are a good way to try urethral play and to gain some initial stretch. As such, you can use them for urethral dilation if you don’t have proper stretchers and trainers.

  • Urethral Sounds.

    Urethral sounds are longer urethral toys ideal for sensual urethral play. They are generally not good for dilation. However, since they are so popular there are many people who use them to enlarge their urethra. If you wish to use urethral sounds for urethral dilation it is best to use smoother and less intimidating sounds, such as Hegar, Rosebud, Dittle or Hank sounds.

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