Most Popular Piercings for Men

most-popular-piercings-for-menThere are many people who love piercings. Both men and women enjoy a good piercing so it is not surprising that piercings are so popular all around the world. On the other hand, there are certain piercings that are more popular among men.

It is interesting to note that some of the most popular piercings, such as navel piercing, are not really popular with men. On the other hand, some relatively rarer piercings, such as septum piercing, are among the most popular piercings for men.

Here is the list of the most popular piercings for men with recommended jewelry choices:

Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercings are attractive and stylish, so it’s not surprising that they are so popular. Both men and women like this piercing type. In fact, it is one of the most popular piercing types for men. Eyebrow piercings have the advantage of being relatively easy to perform, so it’s easy to get them.

Since they are so popular there are many different jewelry choices made specifically for eyebrow piercings. There is such a huge variety that many jewelry choices are attractive to men. While certain piercing types come with many shiny and richly ornamented jewelry pieces ideal for women, eyebrow piercings have many jewelry choices that are appealing to men.

Depending on the jewelry and placement, eyebrow piercings can be light or very edgy. This gives them more variety than it may seem at the first glance. The only potential problem is that these piercings are actually surface piercings, which means that they have a higher risk of migration, rejection and other problems associated with surface piercings. However, with a good care, eyebrow piercings can last for a long time. They also don’t seem to cause as much problems as some other types of surface piercings.

Eyebrow jewelry for men: Double Disc Curved Barbell, Surgical Steel Micro Curved Barbell, Bone Eyebrow Curved Barbell, Niobium Seamless Ring, Surgical Steel Curved Barbell, Surgical Steel Circular Barbell, Blackline Straight Barbell, Titanium Straight Micro Barbell, Internally Threaded Titanium Circular Barbell.

Nose Piercings

most-popular-piercings-for-men-2Nose piercings are among the most popular piercings in the world. There are two common nose piercings styles: nostril piercing and septum piercing. Nostril piercing is considered a more common and light one. It is done on the nostril, typically in a small gauge. Nostril piercings are relatively easy to do and they come with discreet jewelry. They are a good choice for those who want to have a piercing but don’t want something big and flashy.

Jewelry for nostril piercing is often done to be cute and sparkly. While nostril jewelry pieces are typically small, they usually come with gems and other decorations. Because of this, many nostril jewelry pieces are more popular among women. However, this doesn’t mean that men can’t find a good nostril piercing.

Septum Piercing

There are men who choose nostril piercings but septum piercing is the one that is particularly popular among men. Septum piercings are done on the narrow piece of flesh between the nostrils and not on the cartilage itself. This way, septum piercing is not painful and not particularly difficult to perform. That being said, it is still important to choose an experienced piercer to do it – you don’t want someone who will pierce your cartilage!

Septum piercings come with many interesting jewelry choices, many of which look great on men. It is therefore not surprising that there are so many guys who enjoy septum piercings and choose to wear attractive jewelry.

Nostril and septum jewelry for men: 14K Gold – Seamless Ring, Continuous or Seamless Ring, Surgical Steel Fixed Bead Ring, Titanium Circular Tusk, 14K Gold Fixed Bead Ring, Surgical Steel Circular Tusk.

Ear Piercings

There are many different ear piercings out there. There is a common earlobe piercing, which is the most common piercing in the world. However, this is not the only possible way to have an ear piercing. There are many different ear piercings to try. Particularly interesting ones are ear cartilage piercings.

Finally, if someone really likes earlobe piercings but are looking for something more stylish and unusual than a regular lobe piercing, there are plenty of opportunities, such as vertical lobe piercing, horizontal lobe piercing or stretched lobes.

While many ear piercings are popular with women, they are not reserved for the ladies. In fact, ear piercings are among the most popular piercings for men. Many men enjoy a good ear piercing, be it a simple lobe piercings or a cartilage piercing. Also, many men love stretched lobes.

A great thing about ear piercings is that they are so popular, which means that there are always many different jewelry pieces to choose from. No matter what kind of an ear piercings you pick, you will find plenty o jewelry options. This is particularly important for stretched lobes, since this piercing type requires special jewelry, such as ear plugs, flesh tunnels, earlets, and more. Many of these designs are great for men so they make an effective jewelry choice.

Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings are more popular than people think. These piercings can be very attractive, stylish and edgy. They go one step beyond the usual piercing types into a more significant body modification. This is why it’s important to know if you really want to have a tongue piercing or not.

While this may seem like an extreme option, the truth is that tongue piercings are not really painful at all. There are many other piercing types that hurt more and cause more significant discomfort. Tongue piercings are not one of those. However, since tongue is very sensitive, it is important to find a knowledgeable, experienced piercer to perform this piercing. Never agree to be pierced by an inexperienced piercer! This goes for all piercings, but certain piercings require more care than others. With tongue piercings it is absolutely crucial to find a person who can do it properly and without problems. Doing your piercing in a reliable studio is also a must.

Tongue piercings are among the most popular piercing types for men. While there are many women who enjoy this piercing type, there are actually more men with tongue piercings than there are women. In this sense, tongue piercings are more popular for men.

Since this piercing type is common among men it is not surprising that there are so many great jewelry designs that suit men. With some piercing types, most jewelry choices are  for the ladies, but with tongue piercing it’s a bit different. Most of the jewelry choices available for this piercing type are something men would love to wear.

Tongue jewelry for men: Surgical Steel Straight Barbell, Build Your Own Straight Barbell, Titanium RATTLE Barbell, Big Ballin Straight Barbell, Blackline Rattle Straight Barbell, Blackline Straight Barbell, 14K Gold – Straight Barbell, Titanium Internally Threaded Straight Barbell, Build Your Own Titanium Straight Barbell.

Lip Piercing

most-popular-piercings-for-men-3Lip piercings look very attractive and stylish. A good thing about these piercings is that they are relatively small yet very effective. It is therefore not surprising that they are so popular among both men and women. These are another category of piercings that are more popular among men than people usually think. While there are many ladies with beautiful lip piercings, these are great for men, too. In fact, there are so many men with lip piercings that these are among the top piercing choices for men.

Lip piercings are varied and there are many different ones to choose from. It is interesting to note that certain lip piercing types are more popular with men than the others. Men usually go for a common labret piercings, the one that is done in the middle of the lower lip. Bites piercings are also very popular among men, and so are some other piercings types.

There are many different jewelry pieces you can choose for your lip piercings. Lip piercings typically use a simple labret stud, regardless of the type of the lip piercing in question. Some of these labrets look great on men. However, many men choose to go with other jewelry choices, such as effective Captive Bead Rings or other types of rings for their lip piercings.

Lip piercing jewelry for men: Ball Labret, 14K Gold Fixed Bead Ring, 14K Gold Labret with Ball, 14K Gold – Captive Bead Ring.

Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercings are very popular among women. However, there are many men with nipple piercings. In fact, nipple piercings are so popular among men that they make one of the most common piercing locations men choose.

This should not come as a surprise. Nipple piercings are beautiful, attractive and can go with many different styles. A great thing about men and nipple piercings is that men go shirtless more often than women. It means that a man can proudly showcase his nipple piercings in many social situations where women can’t. This is one of the reasons why you get to see so many men with pierced nipples. While nipples are, along genital piercings, a form of intimate piercings, it is true that men can show their nipple piercings even in not so intimate situations. Whenever they can go shirtless, they can display their nipple piercings. There are many male celebrities who do this and their nipple piercings are very popular, inspiring men all over the world to try nipple piercings.

Also, remember that nipple piercings can be considered functional piercings. They can enhance sexual pleasure and bring more arousal for the wearer. While they may not always be as effective as certain genital piercings, nipple piercings can successfully arouse and improve sexual pleasure. Both men and women have sensitive nipples and piercing improves this sensitivity. It is therefore not surprising that many men choose this piercing type to enhance the sensitivity of their nipples and to increase pleasure.

Nipple jewelry for men: Darkside Acrylic Circular Barbell, Darkside Acrylic Segment Ring, Nipple Whirl, Titanium Circular Tusk, Surgical Steel Straight Barbell, Titanium RATTLE Barbell, Surgical Steel Captive Bead Ring, Easy Pop Bead Captive Bead Ring, Surgical Steel D Ring, Big Ball Chunk Ring, Easy Fumble Free Captive Bead Ring, 14K Gold – Curved Barbell, Porthole Captive Rings, 14K Gold – Straight Barbell.

Prince Albert Piercing

If you want something a bit different, think about genital piercings. They are more popular than some people think. Both men and women enjoy genital piercings. These piercings are not only beautiful but can also enhance pleasure during sex. Yes, many of them are a bit more extreme in terms of pain and procedure, but those who like them claim that it’s not as bad as one might think. In fact, there are some surprisingly painless genital piercings.

One of those is Prince Albert (PA) piercing. This is the most popular male genital piercings in the world and also the most popular genital piercing in general. While not virtually painless, this piercing does not cause much pain or discomfort at all. In fact, many of the other piercings on our list are more painful than PA! The thing is, Prince Albert piercing only goes through a thin tissue on the underside of the penis glans. The other hole for the piercing is a natural hole – urethra. With PA, the piercer goes through a thin piece of tissue only. In other words, there is not so much discomfort. This is good news for those who want to get genital piercings but may be scared of the pain.

The Best Things about PA Piercing

PA piercing is among the most popular piercings for men. It is beautiful and looks very effective. Prince Albert piecing also enhances sexual pleasure for the wearer and his partner, which is one of the reasons why this piercing type is so popular.

Since PA piercings are so popular there are many jewelry pieces to go with it. All of these jewelry pieces are carefully designed to be safe and comfortable to use. It is important to use only jewelry that is high-quality since Prince Albert is a piercing done on the penis. You need jewelry that will not hurt or cause discomfort on such a sensitive body part! At the same time, a good Prince Albert jewelry choices should be designed in such a way to bring more pleasure for the wearer and his partner.

Prince Albert piercing jewelry: Here is a full collection of high-quality PA jewelry.

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