Most Popular Female Genital Piercing

The most popular female genital piercing would have to be the the Vertical Hood Piercing. This piercing allows stimulation to the Clitoris as well as decoration. Almost all women are anatomically correct for this piercing. It also heals very quickly due to the blood flow to this part of your body about two to twelve weeks depending on your body and the after care. And because of its location, when using the correct Jewelry there is not a lot of stress on this piercing.
This piercing is very stimulating when done properly with the correct size jewelry because the Jewelry rubs on the Clitoris giving you a great sensation. The Jewelry options are going to be either a Captive Bead Ring or a Curved Barbell depending on the look that you are wanting. After you have had this piercing for a while you will want to change your Body Jewelry because you body will get used to this feeling and your new jewelry that you will get to land in a different spot will stimulate you all over again. So when you lose sensation just switch your Jewelry.

This Piercing you should be pierced with 14, 12, or 10 Gauge Jewelry. The Gauge is the thickness of the wire that goes into the piercing. Also make sure that you follow your aftercare instructions to prevent infections.

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