Micropenis With Piercings

Is it possible to have a micropenis with piercings? Is it possible to pierce such a small penis? 

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Micropenis With PiercingsMicropenis is a real medical condition that affects approximately 0.6 percent of men. While there are men who think that they are small in the penis department, it is not necessarily a case of a micropenis. As a medical condition, it is only possible to diagnose by a proper medical doctor. In any case, both men with a micropenis and with small penises sometimes wonder about their opportunities for genital piercings. Is it possible to have a micropenis with piercings?

Piercing a Micropenis

Can you have a micropenis with piercings? The short answer is yes. The size of a penis is not really important when it comes to genital piercings because there are so many piercing needle and jewelry options. However, this may not be true for absolutely all penis piercings so it is important to consult your piercer to learn more.

In many cases, it is possible to have a micropenis with piercings regardless of the size of the penis. However, the piercing itself may work differently than in the case of a larger penis. Keep this in mind if you want to get a genital piercing for the purpose of enhancing your sex life. Genital piercings work best if you know what you want and what kind of stimulation you want to give and experience. Find a reliable genital piercer and discuss your options with them. You might need a specific placement or another alteration to a typical piercing in order to enjoy it to the fullest.

Micropenis with Piercings: Jewelry Options

The good news is that micropenis with piercings works just like any other penis (in more ways than one!) In this sense, you will have the same jewelry options as people with larger penises. For the most part, it will be possible to use the same types of jewelry pieces. The only difference might be the size.

“Size” here doesn’t mean “gauge”. Chances are that the size of the piercing hole (the size of the piercing needle and, consequently, the jewelry) will be the same as the one for men with larger penises. This gauge only tells the thickness of the jewelry (how big is the piercing hole). Genital jewelry should never be too thin because it may cause the cheese cutter effect, which is something you definitely want to avoid. While it may be possible that someone with a micropenis receives a smaller gauge jewelry, this should not happen too often.

The main difference when it comes to jewelry will be the length of the jewelry pieces. For example, someone with a micropenis might need shorter straight barbells or rings with a smaller diameter to accommodate the anatomy. In this sense, micropenis with piercings will generally use the same type of jewelry pieces but different sizes.

The good news is that all reliable piercing studios will be able to find you jewelry sizes that match your anatomy. Remember: genital jewelry is chosen based on the anatomy, so it should not be different for you than someone with a larger penis. However, it would be advisable to write these dimensions down (the length of barbells, diameter of the ring, etc.) so you know what to order when buying new penis jewelry for yourself.

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