What Men Insert into Their Penis for More Pleasure

Urethral stimulation is a very arousing and pleasurable activity. While it is not an activity for everyone, there are many men who enjoy it to the fullest. It is therefore not surprising that there are so many penis inserts specially designed for urethral play.

Urethral Stimulation and Risks

penis insertsUrethral play is all about stimulating one’s urethra. Since the urethra is a passage inside the body, the only way to reach it for stimulation is with the use of specialized penis inserts toys. These toys are known as urethral toys. Some people also refer to these toys as “urethral sounds”, even though sounds are just one type of popular urethral toys.

These specialized urethral toys are designed to provide smooth and comfortable experience with urethral play. They are crafted with care to allow for safe experience with urethral sounding. Keep in mind that urethral play is an extreme sexual activity in a way that it brings certain risks of injuries and other problems. Before you engage in any form of urethral stimulation it is important to understand these risks and know how to minimize them.

One of the most important things to achieve this goal is to always use toys specially designed for the purpose of being inserted into the urethra. This is a vital thing you should not ignore – remember, urethral play can be very dangerous if you don’t follow guidelines. There is a risk of injuries, creating false passages and other problems. There is even a heightened risk of urinary tract infections, which is one of the most common problems with urethral sounding. Remember, a problem doesn’t have to be extreme in order to be problematic. You want to minimize these issues during your urethral play.

All of this is important to understand before you even begin to think about the right urethral toys. Why? Keep in mind that finding the right urethral toys is only one step you need to make in order to stay safe. There are many other factors involved, such as knowing how to perform the stimulation, going slowly, using a lot of lube and being informed about all aspects of urethral play. You need to pay attention to all of this if you wish to insert toys into your urethra and stay safe.

In short: urethral stimulation brings certain risks, even if you use high-quality toys that are specially designed for the purpose of urethral insertion. Keep this in mind if you choose to engage in urethral play. No toy can guarantee that your urethral sounding will be completely problem-free and without issues. Remember, choosing the right toy is just one thing you can do to protect yourself.

Warning: If, at any point, you experience problems such as sharp pain, prolonged discomfort, blood, swelling or any other issue, make sure to seek medical help immediately. Urethral play can be dangerous so it is crucial to get medical attention straight away. You need to keep yourself safe. In order to lower the risk of problems during urethral play it is best to seek advice from a kink-friendly doctor before you decide to engage in this type of sexual activity. Your doctor can give you advice on how to stay safe during urethral play and other forms of sexual activities.

What Men Insert into Their Penis for More Pleasure: Overview

Before we move to the type of toys you can use for inserting into the penis, it is important to emphasize the use of specialized urethral toys. It may seem like a needless note, but it is extremely important to only use devices specially made for the purpose of being inserted into the penis. This is the only way to minimize the aforementioned risks.

Also, this is the shortest way to answer the question: “what men insert into their penis for more pleasure?” The answer is: specialized urethral toys. These toys are designed for the urethral use, just like G-spot dildos are designed for vaginal use and butt plugs are designed for anal use.

That being said, it is a known fact that some men don’t go this safe way. Instead of toys specially designed for urethral insertion, they use toys made for other purposes or, worse, use random objects. This is extremely dangerous and should never be done. Seriously: it is not even worth the risk. Random objects cannot satisfy you the way a real urethral toy can, because they are not designed for the purpose of urethral massage and urethral pleasure.

In this sense, if you are wondering what men insert into their penis for more pleasure, the answer can also be “anything and everything”. Some people think that any object can be used as a urethral toy.

This is a very harmful way of thinking, not to mention it is very dangerous. Do not ever attempt to insert any random object into your urethra. This is a recipe for a disaster. Instead of household objects and other unsanitary items, the only thing you should be inserting into your penis are real urethral toys specially designed for the purpose of urethral stimulation.

If you are concerned about the price, don’t worry. There are many reasonably priced, affordable yet high-quality urethral toys you can find. It is definitely worth spending that money on a safe, reliable urethral toy instead of going after an improvised object. You will not have to spend a lot of money, either: there are many great urethral toys that don’t cost a lot of money. These toys are affordable so there is no excuse for those who decide not to use them.

In other words, some men insert dangerous things into their penis, which is an irresponsible and highly risky thing to do. Do not be that man. Learn instead how to use proper, specially designed urethral toys made for urethral play and pleasure. Not only are these toys safer and better – they also make urethral stimulation much more comfortable. Why would you risk your health just to try something that will not satisfy you at all? With the affordable, well-crafted urethral toys you can have it all: a safe play and a very enjoyable experience.

For all these reasons, it is clear that the only thing you should insert into your penis for pleasure are special toys made to provide this pleasure without endangering you.

Main Types of Urethral Toys

Urethral ToysNow that you know that proper urethral toys are the only way to go, it’s time to take a look at them in more detail. First of all, what is a “proper urethral toy”? It is an adult toy specially designed for urethral play. It means it is made for the purpose of being inserted into the urethra and as such its shape and materials make for the most comfortable and safe experience possible.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should forget about safety guidelines. It is important to use your toys carefully and by following all safety standards. You need to go slowly and patiently when you use urethral toys. This is why it is so important to be informed about all the aspects of urethral stimulation and to practice step by step until you gain some experience. Keep in mind that urethral play carries certain risks even when you use proper, well-designed toys. In other words, just because you have a good toy doesn’t mean that you can be careless.

That being said, good urethral toys certainly lower the risk associated with urethral stimulation. Furthermore, they are made for the most pleasurable and arousing experience. When choosing a urethral toy for yourself, make sure to pay attention to its size, shape and design. Depending on the desired effect you wish to experience you can use a smaller toy or a bigger one, a smooth toy or a ribbed one. There are many different urethral toys made to provide different types of sensations.

That being said, keep in mind that beginners should use urethral toys made for the inexperienced users. Sticking such things in penis will gain you some experience. This is very important because this is yet another way to minimize the risks associated with urethral play.

A good toy for beginners should be relatively short, since you are not ready yet to try deep urethral stimulation. It should also be of the right diameter: obviously, thick toys are out of the question for beginners but make sure not to use toys that are too thin for your urethra, either. Thin toys are sharper and more difficult to control, which may cause further problems. Ideally, a urethral toy for beginners should be about the same size (diameter) as your urethra. Finally, beginner users should go for smooth, comfortable urethral toys until they gain some experience with urethral sounding. After your body is used to the feeling of urethral stimulation you may try other types of urethral toys, such as ribbed penis plugs or textured sounds.

Here are the main types of urethral toys, many of which are suitable for beginner users:

  • Penis plugs. Penis plugs are a varied group of urethral toys. They come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. As such, they are very diverse so they can suit almost anyone. There are small, smooth penis plugs ideal for beginners who wish to try urethral play for the first time. There are bigger penis plugs made for those who need intense sensations. There are also textured penis plugs with ribs and bumps made for additional stimulation during use. You can also get special penis plugs with a glans ring. These rings serve a double purpose: they keep the plug neatly inside and they provide a bit of extra sensations during use.
  • Penis sounds. These are elegant urethral toys shaped like real urethral instruments that doctors use for examinations. As such, they are ideal for those with a medical fetish who wish to do a special scenario or to play doctor! However, urethral sounds are more than that. In fact, these are the most popular urethral toys in the world. Sounds are typically longer than penis plugs so they can reach very deep. They are great for those who wish to try deep urethral stimulation, including prostate massage or even bladder stimulation.
  • Training toys and stretchers. These are specialized urethral toys made for beginners who wish to stretch their urethra. The so-called “urethral training” means stretching your urethra to be able to accommodate larger urethral toys. These training toys are made to stretch your urethra gradually and without pain. This is a safe and comfortable way to do the urethral stretching.
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  1. Dangerous play. Infections are very painful.
    Also, men can be become permanently sterile.
    Other complications, such as, loss of the ability to erect the penile tissues sufficiently in order to have intercourse. Brainless men experiment with sticking objects into the head of the penis.

  2. When I was 14-15, I worked a golf tee into my penis cimoketely. That’s about 1.5-1.75 inches.I inserted it really nice and slow to minimize discomfort. Many years later I decided to try a pair of tweezers. 3.25″ long. I started late one night, gently and very slowly getting them not quite halfway in. Next morning I went to it again. Knew I’d at least surpass the night before. Took about 15 minutes to return to that point. Over a VERY cautious next 45 minutes, I was totally excited to have fully inserted these tweezers completely inside. A minute trace of blood and minimal discomfort. I actually started beyond the halfway point while pretty erect, but my excitement over my progress of insertion killed my erection,but I found this a good thing. Further insertion was slightly easier in the limp state. Once fully inserted to the end if the tweezers, I was so excited and left them fully onside for several minutes. They did not move the slightest, but on withdrawal there was a sweet coating of pre-cum that I readily licked off. THEN I was quite aroused and coaxed serious wood in less than 5 minutes. Was so worth the time and patience, but I’m done with this kind of risky insertion. But curiosity begs: just how deep can I go?

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