Male Chastity Play

Penis Chastity Cage

Penis Chastity Cage

There are many men interested in male chastity play and self-imposed denial of sex. This is a fantastic way to explore intimacy in your relationship and to fulfill all your fantasies of orgasm denial or perhaps submission and ritual humiliation. More and more men engage in chastity so it’s not surprising if you are curious and intrigued about it.

To achieve your chastity fantasies with your partner (and a keyholder), it’s important to be ready for this sort of experiences and its challenges. The good news is that if you choose to engage in a chastity play with your wife or a partner, there are many quality chastity devices to choose from.

Chastity Devices

Male chastity devices are popular and made in many different designs, materials and sizes, so it’s possible to find the one that suits you best. Generally speaking, all chastity devices are made to control a man’s sexual response, erection and satisfaction. Depending on the model, devices may prevent a wearer to achieve an erection or to masturbate. Intercourse is typically prevented completely, and so are other means of achieving orgasm or even physical arousal.

Many chastity devices are crafted as cages and made in many different materials, usually metals. It’s very simple to use a male chastity cage: all you need to do is to put your penis inside and close it. The thrill of chastity play and lifestyle is that your wife gets the key and she can use it to unlock you whenever she wants. Chastity cages provide you with an opportunity to experience orgasm denial and to be fully submissive to your keyholder.

The Thrill of Chastity

The thrill of chastity is the frustration, anticipation, humiliation – or anything else you and your keyhodler want to experience. Sometimes, chastity play is short-term and it serves only during foreplay. For other people, it’s a lifestyle. There are many “tease and denial” games you can play and experience many exciting moments. Whatever works for you and your keyholder is a good way to go.

Whatever you do, however, keep in mind that you need a quality chastity device. A good penis cage is an essential item you need to fulfill this fantasy. For this reason, it’s important to find the one (or more than one) that truly fits you and provides you with everything you need to experience exciting chastity play.

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