Male Chastity Devices

Penis Chastity Cage

Penis Chastity Cage

Male chastity is a popular concept in BDSM community. While not all people who are into BDSM practice it, the popularity of male chastity is on the rise.

It’s therefore not surprising that you can find many men searching for the best chastity device.

The Excitement and Control

Male chastity brings a lot of excitement for the wearer and his keyholder, which makes for many amazing moments or dominance and subordination. In practice, male chastity often focuses on preventing the man to engage in sexual intercourse, to reach erection or to control orgasm. The keyholder has the key to the chastity device and is in the control.

However, on its core, male chastity is all about the relationship and bond created between people. By being placed in a male chastity device, a man is giving power to their keyholder, which is a great power play and also a great bonding between people.

There are no strict rules on how to practice male chastity. Each couple decides how they want to play it, and there are probably no two identical cases. That’s the beauty of it. Some people use it only for specific scenes and encounters. Others use it for a long-term engagement. Typically, the keyholder decides when to allow the wearer to reach sexual gratification and also the type of gratification he’s allowed to experience.

The dominant partner has a control over the wearer’s erection, orgasm and the type of sexual activities the wearer is allowed to engage in. The keyholder is the one who decides when the wearer is allowed to take the chastity device off. In fact, the keyholder has the key to the chastity device, so they are the ones who can choose when to let the wearer free.

Chastity Devices

There are many different male chastity devices, specially designed to achieve certain sensations and to serve a specific purpose. Penis cages are among the most popular male chastity devices. They typically cover the penis only, though there are models made to cover testicles or the entire genital area.

Each male chastity device is made to prevent the wearer from reaching sexual gratification. Different models and types of devices achieve different effects and may allow for certain type of sexual stimulation but not the others.

Penis cages are made of different materials. The most popular ones are metal chastity devices. They are very sturdy and secure, so they limit most of the stimulation and arousal the wearer can experience with the device on. A penis cage will prevent masturbation in most of the cases, and most models also prevent erection. Penis cages made of other materials, such as plastics, are more flexible and breathable. However, they are, too, designed to prevent sexual arousal and orgasm.

On the other hand, penis cages are made for long-term wear, which means they should be comfortable enough to allow for prolonged wear. They also have an opening on the tip so the urine can be passed without a problem. Many penis cages also have holes or openings to allow for air flow so the penis can breathe. This is important for preventing infections and other problems and it allows the cage to be worn for a long period of time.

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