How to Make Your Jewelry Fit

how to make your jewelry fit

Gauge Wheel for Measuring

In order to wear jewelry that fits, you need to obtain proper measurements. You should only use jewelry that is nicely fitted to your piercing. Wearing jewelry of the wrong size can cause a lot of discomfort and other problems. This is important to remember when you wish to order and buy your jewelry.

For example, too large jewelry may tear your skin and cause irritation. On the other hand, jewelry that is too small can dig into your skin, causing discomfort and further problems.

All these issues can lead to infection, migration and rejection.

For these reasons, it’s vital to always wear only appropriately-sized and nicely fitted body jewelry.

Measures to Take Into Account

When we say “proper size”, we actually mean on several different things. There are some measurements you need to take into account in order to ensure a perfect fit for your piercing.

The most important measurements include:

  • Gauge.

    This is the actual size of the hole you are pierced with. The jewelry you wear has to be of the same gauge as your piercing. Now, “diameter” in this case simply means the thickness of the metal (or another material) the jewelry piece is made of. This is probably the most vital measurement you need to take into account. It is also crucial to always know the size of your piercing because this is the only way to choose jewelry of the right gauge.

  • Length. Another important measure you need to take into account is the jewelry length. This is important to know because you should never wear jewelry that is too short of too long for you. For straight jewelry pieces, such as straight barbells, this measure is easy to determine. It is simply the distance between balls. Similarly, for jewelry with a curve, such as curved barbells, the length is a distance between barbells, but in the straight line (don’t include the curve). Finally, circular jewelry pieces (such as circular barbells or Captive Bead Rings) will use diameter instead of length.

  • Wearable width.

    This one is applied to jewelry made for stretched piercings. A wearable width is the distance between the front and the back face of the jewelry. Jewelry pieces made for stretched piercings tend to be thick, not just when it comes to gauge or diameter. There is also the width of the jewelry itself. It is important that jewelry sits nicely inside your piercing. For example, some people have very thick earlobes so a thin plug or a flesh tunnel will just not look nice.

Gauge Help

Let’s say that you do not know what gauge you are pierced with, or you don’t know the gauge of a jewelry piece you want to use. How to ensure a good fit in this situation?

A bad way to go would be to just try to insert the jewelry in your piercing and hope for the best. This is obviously a bad idea. Never test any jewelry piece unless you know it is something that will actually fit.

To determine the gauge of any jewelry piece it’s best to use a gauge wheel. This is a handy tool specially made to help you measure jewelry. It is designed for larger gauges, but you may also use it for some smaller gauges. If you have a jewelry piece that fits you can use a gauge wheel to learn what size your piercing hole actually is. Simply take your jewelry and measure it. If this jewelry piece fits perfectly it means this is the gauge of your piercing and you should order jewelry in this gauge.

Tips for Ensuring a Good Fit

Here are some additional tips for ensuring a good fit:

  • Your jewelry should not hurt you or cause discomfort. If it does, it’s usually a sign that it doesn’t have a proper fit.
  • A properly fit jewelry will sit against the skin without digging into it.
  • The most common piercing gauges are 16 g and 14 g, but don’t count on chance alone. Many piercings are done in different gauges so you should not assume you have a piercing of a particular gauge unless you are absolutely sure about it.
  • Never buy dubious jewelry. Chances are that it’s not properly measured so it can’t be fitted.
  • Keep in mind that balls, beads and other accessories also have their own measurements. They might be offered in different sizes, so it’s important to take this into account when choosing replacement parts for your jewelry pieces.
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